Lamia Alternate Racial Traits

Lamia Warrior: Racial Ability Scores replaced with (+2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence). Modifies Racial Ability Scores.   With bodies trained for frontline combat rather than backline seduction, these lamia place more emphasis on power and strength than beauty and guile, allowing them easier access to martial abilities.
Thick Scales: Gain a +2 natural armor to your AC. This natural armor applies to your touch AC and applies in full to your swallow whole internal AC. Replaces Overwhelming Beauty.   Some lamia are born with thicker than average scales, and many patches of scales appear on their back, arms, and chest where no scales are supposed to be. Due to this quirk of birth, they are more resilient than the rest of their kin, but a bit less charismatic due to their odd appearances.
Advanced Physique: Gain a racial +2 to any physical ability score of your choice. Replaces Overwhelming Beauty.   Whether they were born with it or whether they gained it through repeated consumption of other creatures and adding them onto their own bodies, many Lamia possess incredibly robust physiques instead of excessive physical beauty.
Apostasy Lineage: Gain Hatred and Ancient Foe against Humanoids of the Human subtype, granting a +1 to attack rolls against such creatures, and a +2 dodge bonus to AC against monsters of that type and a +2 racial bonus on combat maneuver checks made to grapple creatures of that type. Replaces Overwhelming Beauty OR Weapon Proficiencies.   Tracing their roots back to the Age of Apostasy and the subsequent Age of Cleansing, these Lamia recall their campaigns waged against the other races of Zheng-Kitar at the behest of their God-Queen Kyra...and though they may now be peaceful and nonviolent, the training endures.
Overwhelming Scent: All hostile living creatures and those enemy creatures with the ability to smell within 30ft must succeed on a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + CHAMOD) or be sickened for 2d4 + 2 rounds. A delay poison or neutralize poison removes this effect from the sickened creature. Creatures with immunity to poison or resistance to poison do not get either on this save. Once affected by the aura, a creature cannot be affected again for 24 hours. This counts as the 'Stench' Universal Monster Rule for the purposes of feats. Creatures with 4 or more less HD than you are fascinated instead and become open and accepting to reasonable requests(GM Discretion), treating you one step friendlier than normal. Replaces Pheremone Aura.   Their bodies exuding an overwhelmingly powerful smell that varies from Lamia to Lamia, from pleasant to foul, many Lamia have mutated Pheremone Auras that are so potent that being near them is enough to have their potent smell erode their minds, crawling into their minds to erode away their willpower from the mind-numbing intensity.
Undying Warrior: Gain the Ferocity(Ex) universal monster rule, allowing you to continue fighting if your HP total is below 0. You are still staggered below 0HP and lose 1HP per round, but remain conscious and capable of actions, though you still die when you reach an amount of a negative HP equal to your CHA score. You use CHA determine the negative HP threshold for death. Replaces Pheremone Aura.   With beauty unmatched and ferocity rivaling the most powerful of Orc Warlords, many Lamia cling to life with a tenacity matched only by their beauty.
Mindwash Aura: All hostile sentient creatures within 30ft must succeed on a concentration check (DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHAMOD) to cast a spell with the emotion or fear descriptor. Failing this check causes the spell to be lost with no effect. In addition, any spellcaster casting spells with the emotion or fear descriptor on targets inside this aura must succeed at this check or the spell fails to affect targets within the aura (although others outside the area are affected as normal). You are immune to this ability's effects and can cast spells normally. Replaces Pheremone Aura.   Though not always intentionally, the beauty of a Lamia can be a terrifying or nerve-inducing thing - the beauty of her upper half can be off-putting and confusing, especially when a cunning lamia learns to wield it like a weapon, though her snake half may make her beauty strange to some. But with the right cues and training, these Lamia learn techniques not dissimilar to hypnotism, using their beauty, words, and bodily movements to confuse, arouse, or otherwise disrupt the thoughts of those attempting to cast certain spells near them. After all, to many, an overly beautiful woman is a nerve-wracking thing, and these cunning Lamia excellently capitalize on that.
Deadly Combatant: Gain the Rend(Ex) universal monster rule, dealing an additional 2d4 + 2 + 1.5x STRMOD damage if you hit with both your bite and tail attack in a single round. If you replace both or one of your natural attacks, gain one or two claw attacks appropriate for a creature of your size to use rend with instead. Replaces Swallow Whole.   Abstaining from swallowing other sentient life whether by choice or biological defect, these Lamia focus instead on dealing raw damage to their foes - ripping and tearing with their natural attacks to deal tremendous damage to a foe.
Inner World: As a full-round action that provokes AoO, you may enter a portable-hole sized space that only you can access, that lacks the usual exit of a portable hole. You may stay in this space for as long as natural breathing and air limits would allow. You can exit this space as a move action, emerging in an unoccupied space within 30ft of where you entered the space. You may bring people along with you to this space, but they cannot enter or leave without you. This is an extraordinary ability, and you may enter and leave this space even in places such as Dimensional Lock. Replaces Swallow Whole.   A strange concept that can only be sufficiently explained as "Swallowing Yourself", these strange Lamia are those particularly affected by the touch of Kyra, the God-Queen of the Lamia, and by "Swallowing" themselves they can gain access to a small interior dimension they can hide and emerge from as needed.
Acid Glands: Your natural attacks and those attacks made with weapons deal an additional 1d6 acid damage. This dice increases by 1d6 at 7th level and every 5HD afterward. Replaces Swallow Whole.   Rather than storing creatures inside of them for rapid digestion, these Lamia instead excrete a deadly acid from their pores that allows them to break down and disintigrate flesh to melt foes down while they still live.
Lamia Twintail: Gain an additional tail, which grants you an additional tail natural attack with all the same bonuses and rules as the 'Thick Tails' Racial Trait, both of which count as your primary natural attack. You qualify for the multi-attack feat. If you would gain other primary natural attacks from other sources than the Lamia race your tail attacks count as secondary natural attacks. You cannot take this if you replace your 'Thick Tails' racial trait. Replaces Swallowing Bite and Modifies Thick Tails.   Born with an additional tail that intertwines and snakes around their other tail, these rare Lamia are seen as gifts from the divine - beings blessed with power and beauty in excess of the norm, destined for great things in life...whether those be a life of culture and civilization in the God-Queen's kingdom or a life as a Demon or Bandit Queen, raiding towns and villages.
Hypnotic Lips: A number of times per day equal to your CHAMOD(Min 1), you may as an immediate action against a creature attacking you with a melee or ranged attack or targeting you specifically with a spell, make a diplomacy or intimidate roll using the DCs for making an intimidate check to demoralize. If you succeed the DC, the creature is momentarily beguiled by your words, allowing you to choose another valid target for its attack or spell. You cannot force them to attack one of their allies, but can make them attack an empty square and waste the attack. If you beat the DC by 10 or more, they lose their attack and must succeed on a will save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + CHAMOD) or be fascinated for their next turn. Replaces Swallowing Bite.   Rather than violently bite and devour their foes, many Lamia instead focus on wordplay and diplomacy, using their guile and charm to confuse enemies on the battlefield into missing their attacks or even, in rare cases, stand hypnotized as their hypnotic speech patterns and voices wash over their minds momentarily.
Draconic Affinity: Treat their charisma score as being 2 points higher for all sorcerer spells and class abilities if you are a Sorcerer with the Draconic bloodline. If you are a cleric with the Scalykind domain, treat your caster level as +1 for all domain powers and spells. Replaces Swallowing Bite.   Born with draconic power pumping through their veins, these Lamia hold immense innate power and potential, and when properly used can be truly terrifying foes.
Lamia Chosen: Gain two additional arms and hands, which may be used to wield weapons and objects but are treated as off-hands. Only one hand is a primary hand, as normal. You qualify for the multi-weapon fighting feat. Replaces Swallowing Bite or Thick Tails.   Born with two extra arms, these Lamia are rarely born among their civilized kin for some strange reason - almost universally, these Lamia are born and heralded as queens of their barbaric kin, destined to lead them to greatness. Oftentimes, these four-armed terrors become the scourages of small towns and villages, and on more than one occasion has a Four-Armed Lamia single-handedly devoured an entire village.
Crushing Constrict: Gain the Constrict Universal Monster Rule at 1d8 base damage. Each time you deal constriction damage, you lower the creature's natural armor by 1 to a minimum of 0. If you roll max damage, lower their natural armor by 2 instead. If the target has no natural armor to begin with, you begin applying penalties to their AC up to a max penalty equal to their HD. Replaces Thick Tails.   With tails so thick and muscular they are akin to solid bands of steel, these Lamia are masters are peeling off the plates and scales of their foes and exposing their vulnerable forms within - making them natural enemies of hardy races such as the GuÄĞmogoa.
Steelband Muscles: Gain DR 5/Adamantine. At 9th level, this increases to DR 10/Adamantine. Replaces Thick Tails.   Though lacking the dexterity to grab and crush their foes, these Lamia are veritable powerhouses, their thick muscular tails and bodies so powerful that weapons have an incredibly hard time piercing their incredibly thick, banded muscles.
Dimensional Tail-Tearer: You can, as a move-action that does not provoke, swap places with one creature within 30ft. An unwilling creature gets a reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + CHAMOD) to avoid this ability. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your CHAMOD(Min 1). Replaces Thick Tails.   The tips of their tails glowing with strange magical power, these Lamia can use this odd power to tear a small gap in reality and slither through, exchanging spots with a nearby creature either willingly or otherwise.
Master Diplomat: You gain scent out to 60ft and gain a racial +2 on all Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks, treating one as a class skill. By focusing on a creature as a full-round action with scent, you can get one of the following pieces of info about them. Replaces Domineering Alpha.  
  • A single mechanical vulnerability or weakness.
  • One special ability the creature has.
  • Their current "boss" or "master"(Where their loyalties lie). You learn what the TARGET knows about their loyalties and who they serve, so if they have incorrect information you learn that as well.
  • Whether they have any family, spouses, or children and if so how close is one of them.
As masters in the ways of negotiation and diplomacy, these Lamia are masterminds on and off the battlefield, using their innate senses to read a creature to learn very private or personal information about them through their supernaturally strong sense of smell.
Air of Command: As a full-round action, you can make a booming demand of a creature within 30ft, forcing it to make a will save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHAMOD) or be affected by a command spell, with the below commands replacing or adding on to the list of commands. Replaces Domineering Alpha.  
  • Move: You may dictate how the target moves on its next turn. This movement provokes as normal. Replaces the Approach Command.
  • Interact: The target moves to and interacts with an object such as a lever, opens a door, or some other simple and easily achievable interaction(GM Discretion).
  With a force of presence and a demanding, powerful attitude that would make even the most hardened generals be hard-pressed to resist, these Lamia are natural born leaders and bosses, ordering around friend and foe alike with equal bossy zeal.
Desert Bandit: You may always act in the surprise round when one exists, and gain a racial +2 to initiative. Your movement speed is doubled on the first round of combat or in the surprise round if one exists. Replaces Alluring Beauty.   Roaming the blistering deserts of the world as one of the apex predators, Lamias are one of the most feared threats in the desert for their speed, gluttony, and ability to completely devour all evidence of their assault and vanish into the desert winds.
Belittling Beauty: All charm and compulsions spells cast by enemies within eyesight of you take a -2 on their DC. This does not affect saves for such spells already affecting a person(Such as making a new save to resist being made to do something you wouldn't normally do thanks to a charm or dominate spell). Replaces Alluring Beauty.   Though most Lamia wield their natural beauty like a finely sharpened dagger to better conquer and warp the minds of their foes, some Lamia use their beautiful bodies to denigrate and belittle those who face them so that the magical effects of their foes have a harder time charming and enacting compulsions upon them or their allies, using their own beauty to lessen the desire to obey their foes.
Primal Digestion: You heal 1d8 per 2 HD a creature you successfully reduce to 0 or below HP with Swallow Whole possesses. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your CONMOD(Min 1). Replaces Alluring Beauty.   Proof of their ancient heritage and seen as a sign of High Lamia lineage, Primal Digestion allows creatures eaten to be put to use to heal their devourer, further humiliating them even after death.
Sandwurm Lamia: You gain a burrow speed equal to your base land speed. Replaces Alluring Beauty or Chef Savants.   A favored tactic of desert lamia, the ability to burrow and lay in wait for unsuspecting fools to move atop them hidden beneath the sand grants Lamia an unparalleled advantage in the sandy desert, where they can emerge from the sand and gobble a travelling creature up whole, vanishing back below the sand before they even are detected.
Slithering Menance: You gain a climb speed equal to your base land speed +20ft and a racial +4 on acrobatics checks. Replaces Chef Savants.   Capable of using their long, slithering bulk as true snakes do, some Lamia learn how to use the natural serpentine shape of their bodies to slither up walls, over obstacles, and up sheer cliff faces with a speed unrivaled in most other Lamia.
Gorgeous Voice: Gain the sound mimicry(Ex) universal monster rule. Gain a racial +2 bonus on all Perform(Sing) checks and gain it as a class skill. You may use Profession(Sing) in place of diplomacy checks. Replaces Chef Savants.   With a voice smoother than silk and more beautiful than gold, these Lamia are well-renowned for their gorgeous singing voices and awe-inspiring vocals, though they possess an oft-hidden or forgotten ability to mimic the voices of ability that serves them excellently as saboteurs and monsters.
Ancestral Weapons: Become proficient with all non-exotic bladed weapons and one exotic weapon of your choice, and treat any weapon with the word 'Lamia' in its name as a martial weapon. Replaces Shapeshifters.   Trained from birth in the art of swordplay, these Lamia are veritable weaponmasters who hone the use of weapons to an artform, becoming divine blademasters capable of outfighting even the most seasoned samurai and warriors.
Molting: Once per combat, you may shred your skin as an immediate action and take an immediate 5ft step in any direction as a response to being attacked. If this would make you an invalid target for the attack, the attack fails. Replaces Shapeshifters.   With a bit of training, Lamia can learn to make even their natural process of molting into a useful technique in combat - using it surprise their foes and move out of the range of strikes. Thanks to a few magical aids, they may use this molting technique daily, something that would normally be biologically impossible.


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