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Kobold Alternate Racial Traits

Dragonforged: Racial Ability Scores become (+2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength). Modifies Ability Scores.   Their bodies steeped in the ritualistic Draconic bloodpools in the deepest bowels of the Kobold Worm-cities where they are born, some Kobolds take to this baptism especially well, their bodies toughening up as their sinews become as durable as iron and their minds become as keen and wise as those of their True Dragon ancestors.
Kobold Blood-Scion: Treat your Charisma score as two points higher for all sorcerer spells and class abilities if you have the Kobold or Draconic Bloodlines. Replaces Masters of the Desert.   Though many of their small kind train endlessly to prove mastery over their inner Draconic might, few are the Kobolds who truly manage to tap into the reservoirs of Draconic might within themselves...those that do are given incredible power as a result of their labors, and are heralded as proof of their great ancestry.
Wormgut Engineer: You can hold your breath for 1 hour in addition to the normal duration you could hold your breath due to your CON score. You gain a racial +2 on Profession(Engineer) and can make Diplomacy checks to improve the attitude of creatures with the Magical Beast type ONLY as if you had the wild empathy druid ability. Replaces Masters of the Desert.   Although a glamorous job it certainly is not, the Kobold Engineers play a vital role in Kobold society by communing and maintaining the harnesses and equipment that bind the titanic worms to the Kobold Cities atop their backs. Communing with these mighty beasts is a dangerous job that often involves moving about within noxious innards and outside the protective walls of the traveling Worm-cities, and as such these Engineers must hold their breath for extended periods to perform their jobs.
Shoulder to Shoulder: You can share the space of small-sized allied creatures without penalty. If you share a space with another Kobold with this trait, you both gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC and a +1 racial bonus on aid another rolls. Replaces Masters of the Desert.   Living their lives in cramped cities perched atop the backs of worms as they burrow and tear across and beneath the sands, for many Kobolds living in close proximity to their own kind and other small creatures is just a way of life to them, and fighting alongside them is almost second nature.
Ancient Ways Practitioner: Gain a +2 racial bonus on Craft (trapmaking), Perception, and Profession (miner) checks. Craft (trapmaking) and Stealth are always class skills for a Kobold. Replaces Desert Worm Riders.   Considered a distant memory and a displeasing one at that, the memories of the ways of the Kobolds of yore are a thing considered obsolete by many, but there are still a select few that believes in the power and righteousness of underground life.
Witch-king: Gain a racial +2 bonus to Spellcraft, Use Magic Device, and Diplomacy. Spellcraft and Use Magic Device are always class skills for you. Replaces Desert Worm Riders.   Whether descendants, children, or direct scions of the Witch-Kings that lead the worm-cities of the Kobold tribes, the Kobolds who carry this magical legacy in their veins are more glib than most, and carry an innate understanding of spellcraft few of their kind can match.
Dragon's Eye: Gain a racial +4 bonus on Appraise checks, and a +2 and Craft(Trapmaking) checks. Craft(Trapmaking) and Appraise are always class skills for you. Replaces Desert Worm Riders.   Possessing a keen eye for gold and other valuables as well as the time-honored tradition of Trapmaking and crafting, these rare Kobolds have eyes that gleam like the brightest coins and can discern the value of an item with but a glance.
High-Class Kobold: Gain a racial +2 on Knowledge(Nobility), Sense Motive, and Bluff checks. Knowledge(Nobility) is always a class skill for you. You may change the primary stat of two CHA-based skills to be based off another mental stat of your choosing instead, that isn't CHA. Replaces Desert Worm Riders.   Reviled by their kin, some Kobolds embrace the ways of life beyond their worm-cities and go out into the world to become Nobles, Slaver-Kings, or other figures of renown or repute. These not altogether uncommon Kobolds develop a great liking for the finer tastes of civilization and often look back on their tribal lifestyles as a boorish fact of their youth, and often see their more barbaric kin as uncouth savages who have not truly understood what it means to be 'Dragonkin'...which they see as being more innately noble and civilized than what Kobolds are normally capable of.
Wyrmbellows: Gain a breath weapon as per the Dragonborn Breath Weapon Table. You may only choose from the scale colors and types listed in the Kobold Racial Trait 'Dragonhide'. The save DC for the breath weapon is based on INT, not CON, as is normal for the Dragonborn. 'Carnation' and 'Gold' are a 5ft by 30ft line, while 'Purple' is a 15ft cone. Replaces Dragonhide.   Incomparably rare but equally valuable to the Kobold who are zealously proud of their Draconic heritage, and make much of the physical similarities they share with those regal monsters, the ability some develop to breath as the Dragonborn and their Ancestors did makes these Kobolds paragons of their kind.
Ghost-obold: Gain +1 natural Armor, which increases to a +5 bonus that applies to attacks made by Incorporeal Creatures or creatures that bypass armor as Incorporeal creatures do. Gain a racial +2 to all Stealth checks, and you can move through walls and other barriers no more than 15ft thick, but can only move 5ft per round while doing so. You cannot attack or cast spells that target another creature while moving through a barrier in this way. Replaces Dragonhide.   A secretive and rare variant of Kobold-kind which are hardly ever seen, Kobolds with translucent scales possess thinner scales but are better defended against strikes made by intangible creatures...and despite their freakish looks, they are naturally stealthy and can move through walls and barriers as if they were ghosts themselves.
Jormunganda's Maw: You gain a bite attack that deals one step higher than normal for a creature your size. By eating objects or helpless creatures, you can swallow them into an extra-dimensional storage space similar in size and function to a Handy Haversack. At 6HD and every 4HD afterwards, this bag increases to a Type I, II, and so on Bag of Holding to a maximum of a Type IV at 18th level. Replaces Ancestral Biology.   Although the normally zealous Dragon-worshiping Kobolds rarely stray from this zealous belief, some occasionally turn to different reptiles they see as Gods...one of which is the World-Serpent, Jormunganda. Turning to this colossal reptile and venerating them with blood-sacrifice and prayer, these Kobolds find their maws growing deadlier and capable of holding objects in a strange extra-dimensional space.
Elemental Biology: You gain a bite attack that deals 1d6 damage of the element type of your scales. You gain a tail you can use to make attacks of opportunity with a reach of 5 feet. The tail can be used to carry objects. They cannot wield weapons with their tails, but they can retrieve small, stowed objects or hidden weapons carried on their persons as a swift action. It is also a natural attack that deals 1d4 points of the same elemental damage as your bite attack plus your Dexterity modifier. Replaces Ancestral Biology.   Their bodies strange and mutated, these Kobolds teeth and tail do not hit with physical force, but rather with supernatural power that hits with the power of the element of their ancestry.
Pharaonic Soul-Ward: Gain +4 on all saving throws made to resist effects that effect or manipulate the soul, such as Trap the Soul, and on saves made vs death effects. Replaces Dragon Emperor's Durability.   Used as footsoldiers in ancient wars waged against the Pharaohs of the Endless Sands and the devilish master that once ruled the Pyramidion, some Kobolds retain the protection gifted to their ancestors that warded them against the wicked soul-magics of the ancient Pharaohs.
Wormwrangler: Gain +4 to your CMD to resist grapple and swallow whole checks, and gain Acid Resistance 10 that stacks with the resistance gained from 'Dragonhide' if acid was chosen. Replaces Dragon Emperor's Durability.   Despite being one of the most dangerous professions for any creature in the world much less for a Kobold, the sacred Kobold art of taming and wrangling the legendary worms that burrow beneath the sands is an incredibly lethal one that claims hundreds of Kobold lives every year, if not more. However, due to the importance of these worms to Kobold society, it is a task that must be done...and these brave souls who volunteer to fit and bridle these colossal beasts eventually learn to defend themselves against their assaults and the acid that drips from their maws.
Mixed Scales: Gain two scale colors of your choice, gaining the abilities and resistances of both. Two scale colors of the same element stack resistances. Replaces Dragon Emperor's Durability and Dragonhide.   Their scales a multicolor rainbow, some rare Kobolds are born with scales that shine with more than one color as proof of a multi-faceted Draconic heritage...though often mocked for their often ridiculous color schemes, their mixed parentage means these feisty Kobolds can draw on a great well of power, though they are a bit weaker and with thinner scales because of it.
Aenorian Lineage: Gain telepathy(120ft) and Wild Empathy(As the druid class feature) with creatures with the reptilian subtype, and such creatures begin one step friendlier to you than normal to a maximum of neutral. Gain any two skills as class skills or instead give any two skills a +2 racial bonus each. Once a day as an immediate action, you can force an allied or hostile creature within 30ft to reroll a d20 roll and take the second result. Replaces Dragon Emperor's Durability.   Though many outsiders are all too quick to forget, the Kobolds remember better than anyway the days of the High Lamia...but, they remember them not as vicious and bloodthirsty murderers, but as generous Goddesses that uplifted them from barbarity and gave them a purpose. It is High Lamia, they know, who all of Kobold-kind have to thank for their current status as a civilized race, for their techniques on how to train and ride worms, and many, many other gifts. For those who still honor the good done to them by the High Lamia, they learn to commune with reptiles, gain a shard of the knowledge bestowed upon their ancestors, and inherit a spark of the High Lamia Queen's favor, which they can use to bend the winds of fate.


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