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Kitsune Alternate Racial Traits

Racial Variants

Kitsune Islander: Take the "Tā moko Sealscript", "Open the Inner Gates", and "Islander's Grit" Alternate Racial Traits.   Full Set Bonus: You become capable of predicting natural weather patterns up to a week in advance by studying the open sky for one full round. You become capable of breathing under water as easily as you can breathe air.   Though much of the Kitsune civilization is concentrated around the elusive and mysterious Cabals based out of the most frigid and inhospitable reaches of the Glacial Drift, not all Kitsune raised in those ancient Birthing Chambers under the watchful eye of the Cabal Witches seek such a life - instead, many strike out and free themselves from the Cabals of their birth and throw their lot in with the Yatsimoan islanders of the Drift, dedicating themselves to the simple, hard-working lifestyle of the people they once were wary enemies with in pursuit of a better life for themselves free from the rule of the mysterious Cabals they once called home. Tough, proud, strong, and hard-working, these Islanders are broad-shouldered and often muscular, their skin adorned with the beautiful Tā moko tattoos of the Yatsimoan islanders as proof of their dedication to truth, simplicity, and a life forged with their own two hands. They are often less duplicitous than most Kitsune, preferring honesty and a good day's labor over machination and magical trickery.

Alternate Racial Traits

Ancestral Form: Replaces ability scores with (+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Strength) Modifies ability scores.   A more traditional form for their people that has fallen by the wayside with millennia under the thumb of their Cabal Masters, these Kitsune are nimble and personable, but lack in physical strength. Typically derided with the term "Natural" for their origins as coming from normal live birth instead of the secretive birthing chambers of the Cabals of the Glacial Drift.
Kitsune Islander: Replaces ability scores with (+2 Strength, +2 Wisdom). Modifies Ability Scores.   Born in the harsh, unforgiving islands of the Glacial Drift, not all Kitsune can afford to or even desire to live their lives relying on their mystical Yokai power and intellect to survive - many must rely on their bodies to survive the harsh, unforgiving realm in which they live, building boats and living off the land with their bare hands very much as their neighbors the Yatsimoan people do. They are strong and wise, though less skilled at sorcery, and endure through these talents honed over decades of unforgiving islander life, climbing trees and swimming against raging currents as they embrace more of the Yatsimoan way of life than others of their ilk.
Blade Mystic: Choose a singular melee weapon - you gain proficiency with that weapon and may use a mental ability score of your choice on attack rolls for that weapon. You gain Weapon Focus as a bonus feat for that weapon. If you could somehow change the ability score that applies to its damage(Such as the Agile Weapon Special Quality), you can add the chosen mental ability score to damage instead of the typical ability score. Replaces Profane Secrets.   Deep within the birthing chambers below the tundra cabals in which they are born, a select few Kitsune are chosen for a higher calling - their bones carved with ancient sigils invoking warrior spirits as the spirits of ancient Yokai are bound to their soul, these Kitsune grow up armed with a wealth of combat experience that few can truly fathom, their hands guided as if by a mind independent of their own...
Tā moko Sealscript: You gain a +2 racial bonus against spells, spell-like abilities, and any effect that would force you to perform an action against your will. Each time you gain a level, you gain a stacking and permanent 5% chance to automatically join a surprise round if one exists with your full range of actions available to you. Once per combat, you can channel the power of your Sealscript Tattoo as a swift action to halve a target's speed for 1 round so long as they are within 30ft and you have clear line of effect. An evil outsider is instead locked in place for a round and cannot move. Replaces Profane Secrets.   A unique practice done by the Kitsune Islanders who have forsaken the ways of their Cabal Masters and thrown their lot in with the Yatsimoan islanders of the Glacial Drift, the way of the Tā moko Sealscript comes from the Yatsimoans these Kitsune have joined with; originally taking its name from the ancestral tattoos of the Yatsimoan Warriors, these Kitsune are covered in beautiful tattoos that grow across their bodies as they do, each designed and inscribed uniquely to seal the unholy power within their bodies to allow them as normal lives as possible. A unique ability possible only by combining knowledge from ancient Kitsune Cabals and Yatsimoan Shamans.
Yokai's Conquering Gaze: Gain a racial +4 to all Intimidate and Perception checks, and you gain one of your choosing as a class skill. Replaces Unseen Adepts.   Sharp, unyielding, and domineering, this gaze, when used by proper and true members of of the nefarious Kitsune Cabals, is said to be able to silence others with but a look and cause others to fall to their knees in humiliation, overtaken by their otherworldly weight in their eyes.
Yokai Singer: Gain a racial +4 to all Perform checks and they are always class skills for you. All charm or compulsion effects you cast have a +1 added to their DC. Replaces Unseen Adepts.   With throats and voices born from the mysterious Yokai Realm, these Kitsune have voices that are enrapturing and mesmerizing to those who hear their unnatural timbre.
Tailstriker: Gain a tail attack appropriate for your size as a primary natural attack. If you possess any other natural attack from other sources, it is a secondary attack. Gain the ‘Grab’ universal monster rule for this tail attack and gain a +2 to the Grab Attempt for every 2 tails you possess after the first two. Replaces Shifter's Guise.   A technique used by the more martially-inclined Kitsune who learn to strike out with their tail(s) and attack their foes with them, these Kitsune also in time learn to wrap their tails around those they strike and pull them in close, grappling them and holding them close as they continue their assault in the ways that the Witches who lead their frozen cabals do.
Enhanced Aspects: Gain the Scent ability out to 60ft and a +4 racial bonus on Fly Checks. You may additionally use your tails to hover in place as a free action, though you cannot fly or otherwise move while hovering other than to gently descend. Replaces Shifter's Guise.   Losing their shapeshifting aspects either by choice or by accident at birth, these Kitsune forgo the ability to hide their natures to channel more animalistic and supernatural gifts into themselves - sharpening their senses and learning to utilize their massive tails to hover in place.
Diverse Skillset: Gain additional skill rank at 1st level and one additional skill rank whenever they gain a level. Replaces Moisture Control.   Focusing instead of diversifying their skillsets to better themselves or their cabal, many Kitsune instead hone various skills rather than go through the often grueling training sessions to learn the ways of moisture control as most others of their kind do.
Witch Eyes: By focusing on a creature you can see for one full round, you can determine the name the creature is currently going by, their biological age, and a faint reading of their emotional state. Thereafter, until you examine another creature, you may throw your sight into the gaze of the creature you last examined using this ability so long as they remain within 100ft + 10ft per HD. A successful will save(CHA-Based) made by the target alerts them that something or someone is watching them. Replaces Moisture Control.   An insidious gift typically associated with the Prismatic Tailwitches who lead the secretive cabals of the Glacial Drift, the Witch Eyes are eyes of Yokai that are implanted into the heads of those who have performed some great deed in service to the cabal, or those who have been chosen for some great destiny by the tribe's Witch masters, which grant their owner sight that grants them several unholy abilities.
Open the Inner Gates: As a standard action, you can call down a Yokai spirit to inhabit your body to grant you incredible resiliency in combat - while this spirit is inhabiting your body, you take 1d6 points of unavoidable damage each round but gain +10ft to your base land speed and deal an amount of magical B/P/S damage equal to your HD+2 to creatures that strike you in melee or ranged which ignores DR as your skin shifts and peels to reveal demonic spikes. Ranged attacks do not damage the attacker, but a random enemy who has you within their melee reach. Additionally, your death threshold is doubled and you gain the ferocity UMR while the spirit is invoked. However, when below 0HP, the damage you take each round doubles. Replaces Throw Wide the Yawning Gate.   Another technique that has arisen as a unique blend of Kitsune Cabal Magicks blended with and "purified" through the methods of Yatsimoan Shamans, the Inner Gate openings are a technique used by the Islander Kitsune who wished to divest themselves of the nefarious blessings of their Cabal birthplaces. While unable to truly leave their Yokai spirits behind, the Islanders managed to alter their gift to allow it to enhance themselves rather than disrupt the bodies of others.
Tail Masseuse: By spending 10 minutes with a creature held in your tail(s), you can cure 1d4 points of ability damage, heal 2d6 nonlethal damage, remove the fatigued condition, affect the target with an effect similar to the Keep Watch Spell, or affect them with a charm person spell you can cast that is treated as being affected by the Still and Silent metamagics. You may only provide one of these benefits once a day per creature, and that creature must be willing, unconscious, or restrained and unable to resist. Replaces Throw Wide the Yawning Gate.   Kitsune tails, being what many believe to be the softest and most heavenly fur in all the world, are a commodity that often goes for a premium rate if it is sold at all. While many Kitsune may believe others of too low a standard or simply dislike the idea of letting anyone else touch them, there are many Kitsune who make a fairly lucrative living running Massage Parlors where all who enter are charged but a simple fee so they may experience the soothing, stress-relieving powers of the heavenly fur of a Kitsune's tails. It's not an uncommon saying/belief that to visit one of these massage parlors regularly is enough to extend one's natural lifespan, so warm and pleasant are their ministrations.
Yokai Conduit: By spending a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you can regain an expended spell slot you or an ally within 10ft of you have cast of either 1st or 2nd level. You may use this ability for free once per day, but afterwards you may use it up to three additional times by offering part of your body to the Yokai spirit within you and taking 10 points of damage per level of the slot regained. Replaces Throw Wide the Yawning Gate.   The rare and blessed Kitsune who is born with a sliver of power from the Yokai Realm is almost predestined for splendid heights in their life. Their tails naturally store latent magical power, which allows these powerful Kitsune to recharge their innate arcane spellcasting with the energy gathered from their tails once a day. More than any other sign, this is seen as a sign of partial divinity on top of nobility and these Kitsune often become the new leaders of their Cabals.
Islander's Grit: Gain 4HP and a 15ft swim speed upon gaining your first tail. Each tail thereafter adds an additional 4HP and adds 5ft to your swim speed. You count as having a Cold-Weather Outfit and as being one for a number of adjacent creatures equal to their total number of tails - 1. Replaces Prismatic Blessing.   Turning the power inherent to their tails towards their own benefit to survive the harsh environments of the Glacial Drift, the Kitsune Islanders are a hardy bunch who use their tails to grant themselves unnatural durability and to help them traverse the frigid waters of the Drift in which they live.
Prismatic Tailblades: You automatically add an additional 1d6 points of elemental damage of an elemental damage type of your choosing to all natural attacks and attacks made with metallic weapons when you gain your first tail. Upon recieving your 3rd tail and every odd-numbered tail afterward, this damage is increased by one step. You may choose to forgo a damage die increase to gain Resistance 5 to the elemental type chosen, or increase a pre-existing resistance to that elemental by the same amount. Replaces Prismatic Blessing.   A Variation of the Prismatic Blessing inherent to many Kitsune who originate with the Cabals of the Drift which sees the usually protective Prismatic Energy turned towards a more violent end, these Kitsune wield the Prismatic Energy inside of them as a scalpel to harm their enemies with radiant light.
Kishin's Concoction: You gain the stench universal monster rule out to 10ft, plus an additional 5ft for each tail you possess. Creatures within the aura of your stench are sickened for 1 round. Upon recieving your 3rd tail, the sickened duration increases to 1d4+1 rounds. Upon recieving your 5th tail, you can instead choose to affect the minds of those who fail to resist this stench and either erase their memory of their interactions with you for the past minute, or force them to answer one question of yours truthfully to the best of their knowledge. Upon recieving your 7th tail, you can choose to enact both of the alternate effects. Upon recieving your ninth tail, poison immunity no longer protects targets from your stench. Creatures that successfully save cannot be affected by your stench for 24 hours. Replaces Prismatic Blessing.   An extremely rare and much-reviled blessing that has only appeared in recent months and years, this "blessing" is a technique pioneered by outcast Kitsune who once found themselves exiled from the Cabals and refused by the Yatsimoans; with no where else to turn, these ancient Kitsune found themselves a new patron that allowed them to thrive in the darkest corners of the Glacial Drift, teaching them ancient and esoteric means by which to endure the cold and Prismatic Skylights. To honor their new patron, these Kitsune imbibe a special concoction which stimulates production of a clear but pungeant liquid from their tails which emits an odor so intense it turns the stomach of those who merely inhale it. Those who master this concoction not only throw their enemies off their guard, but can use the strange pheremonic secretion to warp the minds of others who stray too close to them. Their fur is often white with red accent lines criss-crossing their bodies, and they are shunned by Cabal-born and Islander alike.


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