Illithid Racial Feats

Burrowing Ohrwurm:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, 'Psychic Ohrwurm' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 11th   Effects: 'Psychic Ohrwurm' is now an extraordinary ability, and once a creature has been subjected to the Ohrwurm, even if it saves out, all that ends is the damage. Each night afterwords, they must succeed the same save again or be affected by a Nightmare Spell with a CL equal to your HD. The Ohrwurm can now only be removed from a creature by effects such as modify memory, miracle, or wish, to unlearn the ohrwurm's hideous secrets.   Increasing the power of the Ohrwurm technique, these Illithids refine their powers by adapting the powers of devils into their words, whispering blasphemous thoughts to others inside their heads to slowly unmake them from the inside out.
Mindthrow Prodigy:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, 'Mindthrow Specialist' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 7th   Effects: You may alter the trajectory of projectiles and thrown weapons show by allied creatures that pass within 10ft of you, sending them off towards another target valid as if you had fired it yourself, though it still counts as coming from the actual shooter for the purposes of its range and range increments. Projectiles and thrown weapons that pass within 10ft of you deal half of their base weapon damage as untyped damage. You and allies within 10ft of you gain a +2 to their AC vs projectiles and thrown weapons.   Enhancing their psionic amplification powers, these Illithid are veritable beacons of projectile-enhancing power on the battlefield, redirecting projectiles with perfect expertise.
Inquisitorial Training:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, 'Illitharian Inquisitor' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 5th   Effect: 3/day as a standard action, you can teleport as per Dimension Door to any square within twice your movement speed, so long as it is not within line of sight of any hostile creatures. You can detect any and all telepathic communication that occurs within 100ft per HD of you, and by focusing as a full round action you can listen in on it if you can see one of the creatures listening or sending things telepathically - this only allows you to listen in on that side of the conversation, however. You must concentrate as a full-round action each round to continue listening in. The creature you are listening to does not realize it is being listened in on unless it passes a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + INTMOD).   Trained in some specialized techniques by the masters of the Illitharian Inquisitors, these Inquisitors learn some of the greater secrets of the order - best used to listen in on the goings-on of their brethren and others, and to sneak up on others when they don't expect it.
Mind-Body Unification:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, Character level 1 only   Effects: Racial Ability Score Modifiers become (+2 to either Strength or Dexterity, +2 to either Intelligence or Wisdom, +1 to the ones you didn't pick, -4 Charisma). Once per day, you can psychically stimulate another creature's muscles by spending one minute in direct contact with them, granting them a +2 Bonus to one of their physical ability scores that lasts for a number of hours equal to 1 + HD. When this effect expires, they are fatigued until they get a full rest. You no longer need to sleep but must instead rest in a meditative trance for 4 hours per day.   The way of the mind-body unification technique has been passed down by ancient Illithid ascetics who believed that, to stave off corruption, they must instead embrace the power of the self over the protections of an Elder Brain. These Illithid who follow the teachings of these ancient masters believe that infinite potential lies within their own minds and bodies - and while they don't blame nor shun their kin for embracing the Elder brains as saviors, for it is the easier path - they travel the path of monk-like asceticism, believing that if they bring they mind and body into balance, they will unlock the key to everlasting freedom from the eldritch damnation that threatens them always.
Part the Psionic Seas:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, Character level 5th   Effects: You gain the ability to avoid damage as if you had evasion. Whenever you make a Will saving throw to determine whether she takes half damage or a partial effect, a successful save results in no damage or no effect. You may also use this on reflex saves made vs breath weapons.   Special: At level 11, this becomes improved evasion for will saves instead of reflex saves.   With the power of their immensely psionic minds, many Illithid learn to use this strength to their advantage to shrug off mental effects that would be otherwise harmful to them even when resisted.
Infiltration Agent:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, Character level 5th   Effects: You gain disguise self as an at-will spell-like ability. While in this disguise, you appear to all detect spells as the type of the creature you appear as, and as an alignment different than yours on no more than 1 step on either axis.   Special: At level 9th, disguise self becomes Alter Self.   Capable of creating a psionically-charged disguise, these Illithids are prized as diplomats and spies, serving to disguise themselves as other creatures to infiltrate and put others at ease with less brutal appearances.
Eldritch Frostweaver:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, Character level 7th   Effects: You can turn a number of dice equal to your 1 + your HD of cold or negative energy damage to the opposite of cold or negative energy damage, whether you are dealt the damage or deal the damage. You may also half the cold or negative energy damage you deal in one round to make it untyped once per combat.   An ability seen as one of the initial signs of imminent corruption, this ability allows the Illithid in question to channel the Eldritch doom that comes to claim them into their attacks, corrupting others through the frost they weave with insidious negative energy.
Mental Bastion:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, Character level 7th   Effects: You may use INT to determine your bonus HP instead of CON if it would benefit you, and you may use INT for 2 STR skills instead if doing so would be beneficial to you. Once per combat, if you fail a fortitude save, you can reroll it with INT instead of CON, but must take the second result even if it is worse. Once per day, when you are struck with a critical hit, you can take 1d4 points of INT damage to turn it into a normal hit.   Able to affect the physical world with the power of their mental strength, Illithids are fearsome creatures - their mental strength can translate into literal, actual physical strength and resilience.
Item Infusion:   Prerequisites: Ilithid Race, Character level 9th   Effects: By focusing on any object small enough to fit in your hand for 30 minutes, you can imbue it with a shard of your psionic power and create a 'totem'. When held by another creature, they can do a number of things, listed below. They are used as a swift action unless otherwise stated. You can only have one totem active at a time until Level 11, at which point you may 2. At level 15, you may have 3. You maintain a telepathic link with the holder of the token regardless of distance.  
  • You can swap places with the current holder of the totem. So long as the totem is on their person directly(Not in a bag of holding), this happens involuntarily on their part. Doing this breaks the totem.
  • The holder of the totem can gain a Cure/Inflict Moderate Wounds effect cast at the creator of the totem's HD. This breaks the Totem. The holder of the totem decides whether to cure or inflict. At 13HD, this becomes a Cure/Inflict Serious, and at 17HD, a Cure/Inflict Critical.
  • Reroll a save after the results have been revealed. This can be triggered by either the holder or the creator. This breaks the Totem. This can be used as an immediate action.
  • Teleport to a nearby space within 30ft as a swift action as if using dimension door. This movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity. You must be able to see the space that you are moving into. You cannot take other creatures with you when you use this ability (except for familiars). This can be activated by either the holder or creator of the totem - if it is activated by the creator, the holder gets a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + INTMOD) to resist the movement if they are unwilling. Doing this breaks the totem.
  An extension of their talent for Psychometry, Illithids frequently learn a unique art to their people that allows them to create infused tokens known as 'totems', through which they can affect the holders in various ways.
Mindflight:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, Character level 9th   Effects: Gain a flight speed equal to your base land speed with perfect maneuverability. Creatures adjacent to you that are willing can be carried along on this flight. You also gain the jet universal monster rule while in flight, and can go forwards or backwards as a full round action at 250ft. Hostile creatures that you pass within 15 feet of while jetting in this way must succeed on a Fort Save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + INTMOD) or be deafened for 1d4+1 rounds and shaken for 1. A successful saves negates the shaken and reduces the deafened duration to 1 round. A creature cannot be affected by this ability more than once per hour.   Capable of lifting themselves up into the air and generating thrust with thought alone, these Illithid become powerful scouts and messengers, capable of jetting through both the inky voids of Space and the Astral Seas as well as the skies of the Material with ease.
Ulitharid Seed:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, Character level 9th   Effects: Become a large size creature(Your tentacle natural attack does not increase in damage). Gain Telekinesis and Mass Suggestion as 1/day SLAs. You become aware of the presence of creatures within 2 miles that have an INT of 4 or higher. You know the distance and direction to each creature, as well as their INT score, but cannot sense anything else about it. A creature protected by a mind blank spell, a nondetection spell, or similar magic cannot be percieved in this way.   While not a typical Ulitharid that forms from its inception, these Illithids undergo a sort of "Evolution" at a certain point in thier lives to ascend into one of these legendary creatures - a phenomenon mostly observed among uncorrupted colonies.
Ulitharid Evolution:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, 'Ulitharid Seed', Character level 11th   Effects: Your tentacle attack deals double damage(2d4 => 4d4), and you gain a +2 on all saves made vs spells and spell-like abilities. If you establish a psychic link with an Elder Brain, that Elderbrain can form a psychic link with any creature you can detect using your INT sense from 'Ulitharid Seed' - this link drops if it falls out of range of either both the Ulitharid and the Elderbrain. The ulitharid can maintain its psychic link with the elder brain regardless of the distance between them, so long as they are both on the same plane of existence. If the ulitharid is more than 5 miles away from the elder brain, it can end the psychic link at any time (no action required).   The final step of the rare evolution into a powerful Ulitharid, these Illithid finish their transformation by sprouting additional face tentacles and forming a powerful psychic connection with the Elder Brain, as well as an innate resistance to all forms of magic.
Ascendant Mind:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, Character level 15th   Effects: Once per day, if you are about to suffer damage that would result in your death, as an immediate action, you can shunt your mind into the body of a creature within 30 ft., effectively granting you the benefits of mind switch (Will save negates DC 10 + 1/2 HD + INTMOD) and your original body is left stable, but its hit point total is left one point of damage away from death. This ability lasts a number of rounds equal to your HD. You must secure a permanent body for your mind, either by healing your original body, through the use of a power such as true mind switch, or some other means to permanently inhabit a body, by the end of the effect’s duration or die. This is considered a mind-affecting effect. You can take this action even if you are unconscious. This ability cannot be used against effects that outright kill or that deal ability damage, only against effects that deal hit point damage.   With minds so powerful they can exist outside their physical bodies, extremely powerful Illithids can become so psionically powerful they learn to exist outside the realm of the corporeal and become a kind of psychic ghost, capable of possessing others in their final moments.
True Ascendant Mind:   Prerequisites: Illithid Race, 'Ascendant Mind' Racial Feat, Character level 17th   Effects: The mind switch effect from "Ascendant Mind" becomes a true mind switch effect.   The final step on the path of the Ascendant Mind, these Illithids are among the lucky few who can truly claim to have escaped the Eldritch Oblivion that chases their species - by inhabiting the bodies of other races, they can escape their cursed bodies and live relatively normal lives.


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