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High Elf Racial Feats

Member of the Court:   Prerequisites: High Elf, One of the '-kissed' alternate racial traits   Effects: You gain one of the below effects, depending on which of the '-kissed' racial traits you have.  
  • Summer: You permanently emit sunlight, and raise the light level within 30ft of you by one step. This light counts as sunlight against any creatures within 10ft of you. You may suppress and active this ability as a swift action.
  • Winter: You may inflict the calm emotions effect granted to you by the 'Winter Kissed' alternate racial trait through any attacks you make, not just touch.
  • Spring: You may inflict the effects of Slow instead of haste through the effects of 'Spring-Kissed'.
  • Autumn: Unless you wish it, a surprise round which is initiated against you and your allies is automatically negated and combat begins as normal.
  Though it isn’t altogether uncommon for a High Elf to become touched by one of the infamous Courts of the Feywilds, it is much rarer indeed for one of their number to gain the respect of their respective court enough so that they are granted the full-fledged status of Court Member. These High Elves are direct emissaries of their Queen, and are granted additional powers so as to better serve her in whatever tasks she may require.
Maddening Rondo:   Prerequisites: High Elf, 'Chaotic Capriccio' alternate racial trait   Effect: When you succeed the DC of a perform check by 10 or more, you may designate a number of enemies within 60ft who can hear you (one for every 4 HD possessed), all of which are the immediate targets of the Confusion spell, with a +4 DC. If you only succeed the check by 5 or more, you may only select one enemy within the same range with no bonus to the DC for the Confusion effect.   Among those High Elves who internalize and master the chaotic, maddening music and sounds of the Feywilds, a few among them become one with the insane melodies, each second they play their chosen instrument with the skill and finesse of a grandmaster, the sounds produced sending even the most sane into the depths of insanity.
Mask of Many Faces:   Prerequisites: High Elf, 'Chaotic Changeling' alternate racial trait, Character level 5th   Effect: Your 'Chaotic Changeling' alternate racial trait now gives you Alter Self instead of Disguise self. In addition, by attaining a live skin sample( patch of skin at least two inches by two inches in diameter which must be sampled while the creature is not dead) from a creature, you may mimic their form for 10 extra minutes, and you automatically gain a +10 to mimic that creature's voice and mannerisms.   Though rare, some High Elves take the natural, inborn gifts of shape changing that they are occasionally born with to even greater heights. Embodying the very essence of the chaotic, ever-changing Feywilds and the beings that call it home, they learn the ways of perfect mimicry, changing their physical form as easily as breathing…for this ability and one other, where they may mimic their target even more perfectly so long as they have but a patch of their skin harvested while they yet draw breath, they are highly coveted by many organization as assassins, saboteurs, and spies.
El'Adrian Epitaph:   Prerequisites: High Elf, Any Alternate Racial trait with '-El'Adri-' in the title   Effect: Any creature that has Hatred or Favored Enemy bonuses against creatures of your type does not receive them against you. Any time you are attacked by a source that has a Bane effect against creatures of your type, you halve the damage from the bane effect.   Some High Elves were unfortunate enough to survive the Calamity that befell their one true home countless Eons ago, survivors of a people scattered and a city that no longer wanted them…doomed to carry the Epitaph of their one and only home within them forever, these High Elves roam the planes in an eternal mission to remember what transpired on that fateful night…and to them, who carry the last fragments of El’Adri inside them, no petty Hatred, no trained Hunters, nor even magical bane effects can find purchase on them like it can on others, as if they great immensity of their mission protects them from such things.
El'Adri Archon:   Prerequisites: High Elf, 'El'Adri Battlemaster' alternate racial trait, Character level 7th, cannot have the 'El'Adri Bodhisattva' racial feat   Effect: You may occupy the same space as any allied creature regardless of their size. When you do so adjacent to an enemy, you count as flanking them, and you as well as all allies within your square now count as having the Combat Reflexes feat for as long as you remain within the same square.   Special: If you and all other beings in your square have the 'El'Adri Battlemaster' alternate racial trait, you all gain a +1 luck bonus to AC and gain +1 AoO so long as you remain within the same square.   While their number was said to never reach more than a scant few, the legendary Archons were said to be the martial grandmasters of the armies of El’Adri, trained in the role of the Battlemaster to such extremes that with but a glance, they were said to be able to comprehend an entire battlefield. They gaze was imperious, their footfalls were powerful and purposeful, and each action they took carried weight and intent behind it. Said to be the pinnacle of the martial arts of El’Adri, the Archons mastered the art of group tactics, hunting together with their allies and heightening their reflexes with their mere presence, even proving effective fighting alongside untrained combatants…though, their power was said to shine when they fought alongside others of their kind.
El'Adri Bodhisattva:   Prerequisites: High Elf, 'El'Adri Peacewarden' alternate racial trait, character level 7th, cannot have the 'El'Adri Archon' racial feat   Effects: Once a day at the beginning of each day, you may duplicate two of yours class skills and their ranks to your allies.(Give your allies spellcraft and bluff as craft skills, and make their rank in them yours, etc.) This effect lasts a number of hours equal to 1/2 your HD. You can only bestow this blessing to a number of allies equal to 1/4 your total HD. This bonus lasts until the end of their next turn.   The Peacetime counterparts of the Archons, these legendary figures of El’Adri society were said to be the most ultimate of paragons of peace and harmony. Able to heighten the skills of their allies with their mere presence, the Bodhisattvas learned the infinitely valuable lesson and technique of absolute tranquility…the art of forgoing their attack power to grant themselves the ultimate defense…a power which their allies put to excellent use.
Mercenary of the Sunbolt Brigade:   Prerequisites: High Elf, 'Summer-kissed' alternate racial trait, Character level 8th   Effect: Gain hatred against humanoids with the Elf subtype, and gain a racial +2 to your CMD against all combat maneuvers made against you. Creatures that end their turn adjacent to your must make a reflex save(DC = 10 + 1/2 HD + 1/2 CHAMOD) or take one point of fire damage that bypasses all immunities and resistances.   Special: If you have the 'Member of the Court' Racial feat, your full 30ft light aura counts as sunlight and raises the light level within the radius by two steps. The Fire Damage for being adjacent to you becomes 2d4.   While the infamous Courts of the Feywilds prefer to keep their fighting from devolving into open warfare, and some Courts being more opposed to open conflict than others, it is only natural that the brash, bold, and extreme Summer Court would maintain a standing force. A force composed of those High Elves who carry the touch of Summer within them, the Sunbolt Brigade is one which traces its roots and history back thousands of years…they have a long, notoriously effective track record of being the Summer Court’s foremost weapon in the wars within the Feywilds and against their fellow High Elves while doing so. Yet, their patron Queen of Summer holds no issue with mercenary work so long as all are made known they work for her, and the Sunbolt Brigade, wielding their inner light and heat as weapons with which they strike their foes, have engaged in countless conflicts across the planes as a deadly, elite fighting force that carries the brightness of the sun alongside them as they stride into battle, their inner heat scorching those near them. Rarely, full-fledged members of the Summer Court join this Mercenary Brigade, and the radiance of their sunlight-clad forms brightens and expands…as if they carry the blessing of their queen and summer itself.
These Elven Eyes See All:   Prerequisites: High Elf, Perception ranks 5   Effect: You may treat a perception roll as being a 20 Twice a day. You can make this decision after the dice is rolled, but must do so before the outcome is determined.   Special: If you possess the 'Hyper-Keen Senses' racial trait, you may roll perception checks twice and take the better result twice a day, on top of the normal effects of this feat.   Some High Elves have perception so heightened and powerful that with but a glance, they can count the number of sand grains on a crowded beach.   Some High Elves are so perceptive they can see the world as it truly is.   What do your Elf eyes see?
Attuned to Nature:   Prerequisites: High Elf   Effect: Gain one type of favored terrain as per the ranger class feature.   Even more in tune with the natural world than their later Elven descendants, the High Elves, despite their nature as wanderers, frequently became so close to nature that they found themselves more effective when inside certain types of terrain.
High Elven Envoy:   Prerequisites: High Elf, Linguistics Ranks 5   Effect: You may bestow any language you speak and understand to those around you through touch. The Touched creature retains this language for a number of hours equal to the modifier of your primary casting stat. If you do not have a primary casting stat, you use INT.   A technique developed by the High Elves who chose to serve nations and kingdoms as diplomats and envoys to foreign and tribal lands, the way of the High Elven Envoy is one that allows you to bestow the languages you speak to those you touch, for a time….which is useful when you need to communicate with those who share no common language with you. It was this technique which let the High Elven Envoys secure their spot in their respective nations and kingdoms as irreplaceable peaceworkers.
Flexible Magic:   Prerequisites: High Elf, Character level 4th   Effect: You may treat a 'Detect ' spell you cast as any other 'Detect ' spell.(official Paizo or Ea Homebrew Spells only, no other 3pp spells)   Being practitioners of the notoriously hard to control wild magic, High Elves who deign to cast normal magic find it much more flexible in their hands…and are capable of twisting spells they cast and producing similar, yet different ones.
Veteran of the Scalewar:   Prerequisites: High Elf, Character level 7th   Effect: Gain either Draconic or Humanoid(Reptilian) as a favored enemy. Additionally, you gain a racial +5 CMD against checks made to grapple and swallow you, you automatically lower all swallow whole damage dice done to you by one step, and you have +5 to checks made to escape after being swallowed.   Special: If you possess the ‘Primal Void’ racial trait, you gain a racial +2 to resist gaze attacks.   Though it has been so long since the Scalewar that all but the most ancient records of it have passed from memory, the High Elves and their timeless archives recall the horribly bloody conflict. A conflict where the High Elves returned to the mortal plane to assist their Elven descendants to break the tyrannical rule of the legendary Lamia Tyrant known as Loscivia Aenai, who held nearly the entire continent in her grasp, the High Elves who fought in such a war and survived her Lamia minions and her stone gaze recall their intense training to escape swallows and grapples…and how to best avoid a deadly gaze.


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