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Greygore Tribe

The brutal, blood-drinking savages of the wilderness, who rule over Ogrekind

Greygore Orcs are believed to be an all-female tribe of Orcs - little is known about them, and their males, if they exist, have not been conclusively found. They are seldom found in the company of other orcs, and instead prefer the company of ogres, their preferred mates.   They are often found ruling over inbred Ogre Families in the wilderness, and are typically subordinates to various kinds of True Giants - rarely do they interact with other Orcs, who view them as brutal, blood-drinking, untenable madmen even by their already savage standards due in large part to the Greygore's habit of attacking most all other creatures on sight - even other Orcs, who at least tend to view other Orcs as kin if not rivals to prove one's dominance over.

Racial Traits

Towering Brutes: Greygore Orcs are Large-Sized Creatures. They count their strength as 8 higher for the purposes of carrying capacity and lifting weight.   Unwashed Savages: Even moreso than their Orcish Brethren, Greygore Orcs are notoriously vile - nearly as much as as the Ogre company they prefer to keep. Greygore Orcs gain the Stench Universal Monster Rule out to 30ft, causing creatures who fail a fortitude save(DC 10 + 1/2HD + CONMOD) to become sickened for 1d4+1 rounds. A delay poison or neutralize poison spell removes the effect from the sickened creature. Creatures with immunity to poison are unaffected, and creatures resistant to poison receive their normal bonus on their saving throws.   Freehand Fighters: Capable of grabbing anything within range to fight with when enraged, Greygore Orcs take no penalties for using any items as improvised weapons and upgrade the damage dice on such weapons by one step. This trait can count as both Throw Anything and Catch Off-Guard for purposes of feats.   Salvation through Desecration: Greygore Orcs must consume a full meal's worth of fresh blood, viscera, gore, or the like from a still-living or recently deceased intelligent (INT 3+) creature(Within 3 days) each day. If they go 24 hours without doing this, they must make a Will Save (DC 15 + 5 per time triggered, resetting after 24hrs) either after reducing a creature to death or near death, or upon seeing a creature in such a condition, or immediately attempt to consume them by biting, ripping, and tear at their bodies to devour them until less than 10% of their original body mass remains.

Alternate Racial Traits

Creatively Cruel Savages: Racial Ability Score Bonuses become (+4 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma).   Though many assume them as brutishly dumb as the ogres they keep as companions, Greygore Orcs are actually incredibly intelligent as well as strong - though their nimbleness and personability drop due to their size and sheer barbarity.
Brutal Bite: Gain a bite attack that deals 1d8 points of damage, and has the Grab and Constrict Universal Monster Rules with the bite ONLY. They inflict an amount of bleed each time they hit with their bite attack equal to 1/2 the damage dealt on the damage dice only. Replaces Unwashed Savages.   With a massive maw full of razor-sharp teeth and a penchant for devouring gore, blood, innards, it is little surprise that many Greygore Orcs have such terrifying biting power - capable of letting them bite a fully grown adult human in half inside of six seconds.
Thickskin: Gain a racial +2 bonus to your natural armor. Your attacks ignore an amount of Hardness on objects equal to your HD + 5. Increase the hardness of any object you wield or wear by 50%. Replaces Freehand Fighters.   Their bodies a mixture of thick, oily skin similar to their ogre subordinates and iron musculature that can deflect even the hardiest of strikes, many Greygore Orcs are not only better protected thanks to this, but can use their thick skin and powerful muscles to better smash through objects and prevent their own belongings from being destroyed.
Hlodvi's Manipulation: By spending one minute in concentration, you can replicate a passwall effect on a surface within your natural reach, creating an opening suitable for your size 10ft deep plus 5ft for every 3HD you possess. Replaces Unwashed Savages.   A technique gained from their masters the Yanadanians, the hyper-dangerous and mysterious True Giant masters of the wilderness, the Greygore Orcs have learned to wield a fraction of their power to manipulate the blessing normally reserved for True Giants to pass through objects and barriers rather than shrink when entering smaller spaces.

Racial Feats

Nightstalker:   Prerequisites: Greygore Orc   Effect: While you are in areas of shadowy illumination or darkness, you ignore all size penalties to Stealth checks and instead gain a +2 bonus to Stealth checks, which becomes a class skill if it was not already.   Taking a page from the book of the ogres they keep as subordinates and minions, many Greygore Orcs learn to hide better in areas of dim light and darkness, sneaking up to mutilate and dismember their foes with suprising ease.
Ogre Inbred:   Prerequisites: Greygore Orc, Character level 7th   Effect: Grow to Huge Sized, gaining a racial +4 to strength but taking a -2 to dexterity and -2 to intelligence.   Special: Half-Orcs who take this feat instead grow only one size category up, but keep the ability bonuses and penalties.   While unfortunately not a trait of their orcish heritage, some Greygore Orcs do manage to reach truly impressive proportions - but in the process become bulbous, misshapen mutants warped by generations of inbreeding in the style of the Ogre Families they rule. These inbreds usually do not display such beneficial mutations, but once in a blue moon some manage to appear who swell in size and power, though their dexterity and intellect suffer from the inbreeding as their minds decay and joints rot and lock up with tumors.
Hair, Eye, and Body Coloration
Greygore Orcs appear as a strange crossbreed between Ogres and Orcs - they are towering bands of muscle with grey skin coloration, with often milky or dim-colored pupils. Their hair is often shaggy, oily, and long, and is typically a darker/earthen color such as brown, black, or the like in hearkening to their Ogre mates and their Orcish heritage. Most Greygore Orcs stand as relatively rugged but good-looking parallels of humanoids(Appearing rather brutishly beautiful, similar to other Orcish tribes), though many who fall victim to the Ogre customs of Inbreeding become warped, misshapen monsters with appearances more closely aligned to Ogres.
Typical Home Environments
Nearly Any
Naming Standards
Greygore Orcs most commonly use the hillbilly, brutish, backwards naming schemes of Ogrekind, though a few keep the more stereotypical names of their Orcish brethren.


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