Goblin Alternate Racial Traits

Supremely Self-Confident: Ability scores change to (+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Strength). Modifies ability scores.   Rather than carrying an intense hatred for their own kind within them, some goblins instead brim with unending wellsprings of self-confidence and ego, so happy and proud of their new lifestyles that their worldview and sense of self inflates because of it.
Saintly Goblin: Ability scores change to (+2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength). Modifies ability scores.   As more and more goblins seek to throw off the yoke of the Witch-Kings, more and more turn to faith to escape - seeking refuge in that which they once destroyed, many goblins have begun to grow wiser than before, their minds that previously had no need to develop now slowly burgeoning with knowledge and expanding to grant them better capacity to understand the world around them.
Goblin Statesman: Gain a racial +4 bonus to Diplomacy and Bluff. Replaces Hiders and Riders.   As they flock to civilization to escape their old lives, it isn't uncommon for Goblins to abandon their helter-skelter lifestyles of the past to become a well-dressed, sharp-talking statesmen serving in the Political Machines of their new homes as a way to prove themselves to their new fellows. For these goblins, talking smooth is an artform they strive to perfect, and their appearances are often meticulously crafted to be as well-groomed as possible, as they often quite enjoy looking fancy - and as a way .
Goblin Homescout: Gain a racial +4 bonus to Acrobatics and Climb. Replaces Hiders and Riders.   Goblins who often spend time darting through the rocky, uneven terrain of their home terrain find themselves more nimble and adept at climbing to compensate for the difficulty they often have finding stable footing.
Goblin Stomach: Gain a racial +4 bonus to Survival Checks, and on all saves versus effects that would cause the nauseated or sickened conditions. Replaces Hiders and Riders.   As creatures used to filth and squalor, many goblins have learned to survived by eating whatever they happen across and can digest nearly anything without getting sick.
Spirit King’s Faithful: Gain a +4 to Knowledge Religion and Knowledge History, and both are always class skills for you. If you are a divine spellcaster and possess either the Good or Community domain, you count as 2 levels higher for determining when you access that domain’s powers. Replaces Hiders and Riders and Tinkerer.   Though many goblins yet serve the Witch-Kings, either directly or of their own volition, many Goblins have begun to embrace the ways of civilization - and in doing so, have begun to embrace the ways of the spirit kings. Serving their new gods who preaches a more wholesome belief, the Goblins who truly embody this faith more often resemble men of the cloth, and become highly learned about the ways of religion and history...and, they also find themselves gifted with a shard of divine might.
Lightning Legs: Base land speed increases to 40ft. Replaces A Race seeking Redemption.   Perhaps the truest personification of the goblin free spirit, the goblins who hone themselves and their legs to move as fast as possible find themselves sprinting across the plains as quickly as lightning, their small size belied by their incredibly quick movement.
Seeker of Nothing: You gain survival as a class skill and gain a racial +2 bonus to it. Replaces A Race Seeking Redemption.   Not every goblin has such a grand notion of 'redemption', as some of their kin do - for many, it is simply a fact of life that they live out in the wilderness as rabid animals, hunting and killing any they can to survive.
Cave Crawler: Gain a climb speed of 20ft, and gain a racial +8 on all climb checks due to having a climb speed. Replaces A Race seeking Redemption, and your base land speed decreases to 20ft.   Born in the caves below the mountains of their home, some goblins are born and raised inside of these caves and rarely see the light of day...and as a result, soon learn how to rapidly clamber across the walls to survive.
Shadowcap Initiate: Stealth is always a class skill for you. 1/day, you may cast darkness as an at-will spell-like ability. You may use DEX in place of STR for two skills of your choosing. Replaces A Race seeking Redemption and Tinkerer.   Though the goblins of Zheng-Kitar have hardly united and have only just begun to escape the yoke of the Witch-Kings, some among them stay unforgiven within the shadows to hunt the enemies of the those goblins who would seek freedom with impunity. The initiates to the mythical goblin commando unit are always adept at stealth, can darken an area at will, and find themselves capable of utilizing dexterity instead of strength for their skills.
Sharp Teeth: Gain a primary bite attack at 1d6 base damage. You may use Dexterity in place of Strength for both damage and attack bonus for this Bite Attack if doing so would be beneficial to you. Replaces Tinkerer.   Their maws full of razor sharp teeth, some goblins develop a nasty bite attack to attack their foes with rather than devote their time to tinkering and crafting.
Goblinsinger: A perform skill is always a class skill for you and gain a racial +2 on all perform checks. Replaces Tinkerer.   Though not as beautiful as the goliaths nor as eloquent as the elves, Goblin performances are things of odd, tribal beauty. Their tiny vocal cords shrieking and bellowing, the goblinsingers who howl out the song of the goblin people have a unique melody all their own, and with its unique cacophony of grunts, shouts, and yells, can sound oddly appealing to one's ears.
Well-Acclimated: Gain a racial +2 on Disguise checks, and it is always a class skill for you. Replaces Tinkerer.   Thanks to their time in civilized society, many goblins have learned how to better pass themselves off as something else, and how to better hide their goblin appearances.
Object of Shame: Gain Cold Resistance and Acid Resistance 5. Gain Abyssal as a starting language, and telepathy out to 30ft. Gain hatred against all Humanoid creatures with the human and dwarven subtypes, and your type changes to Outsider with the native subtype. Replaces The Fire Inside, Witch King Scions, and Martial Discipline.   A representation of all that the modern goblin people despise and resent about their past, there are yet goblins out in the world that hearken back to a time when the Goblin people willingly served the Witch-Kings of yore, serving as hordes of fodder to tear down and destroy the spirit kings and all who followed them. Regardless, these Goblins yet carry the touch of the Witch-Kings directly within them, and are often hated and reviled by their Goblin kin, and despised intensely should they ever decide to come near civilization at all.
The Fire's Gone out: Gain Cold Resistance 5, and add +1 to the DC of any spell with the [cold] descriptor/subschool, instead adding an amount to the damage of the spell equal to 1/2 their current HD if the spell has no DC or saving throw. You start play speaking Giant in addition to any others. Replaces The Fire inside.   Though it is rare enough for goblins who wish to start a new, more civilized life to find others that so readily accepts them for who they are, it is not unheard of for goblins to venture to lands afar in search of forgiveness, or a better life. The ones that find themselves in the frigid lands of the northern tundras find that the fire that once burned inside them sputters out and dies, replaced by a whirling blizzard. They are more resistant to cold, and find cold magicks easier to bend to their will. Oddly, they are often accepted into the Dai-Yukai communities quite readily, the massive titanesses accepting the small goblins and giving them a home, and a place to live, in exchange for work and labor...almost as if they see a kindred race in the goblins, both races ones that are recovering from intense persecution...
Blessed and Protected: Gain Acid Resistance 5, and once a day, you may reroll any d20 roll AFTER the roll is made but before the results are made clear, though you must take the second result even if it is worse. You start play speaking Celestial in addition to any others. Replaces The Fire Inside.   Perhaps due to the almost fanatical diligence with which some of the goblin race pursues forgiveness, redemption, and mercy for their ancestors and past lives, the normally secluded and quiet Sanctor, often mistake for angels themselves, take it upon themselves to bestow upon a certain goblin their protection and blessing, wishing that goblin to see his redemption attained and willing to grant a small blessing to support them in that goal. These goblins, due to these guardian angels, become capable of cheating fate on occasion, and gain the smallest shard of a celestial's resistances.
Self-loathing: Gain hatred against all creatures with the Goblinoid subtype, and gain a +2 to resist all spells and effects with the [mind-affecting] descriptor. Replaces Witch-Kings Scions.   As they grow more and more attached to leaving behind their old ways and joining the ways of civilization, many goblins realize just how other races view them - and look at their kin with nothing but loathing for giving them such a foul reputation. None are more aware of their own reputation, it is said, more than goblins.
Stardreamer's Faithful: You no longer leave tracks when you move across the ground, and you are never lost and always knows your location as long as you can see the sky, though magical effects can still cause you to be lost(Such as maze). Once a day, no matter the height from which you fell, you can choose to remain at 1 hp. If there are hazards on the ground such as spikes where you hit, you may be reduced below 0 as normal, but with this ability mundane fall damage cannot reduce you below 1hp when you use this power. Replaces Witch-King Scions.   Of all the myriad races, cultures, and creatures that flock to the banner of the Stardreamer and his eldritch faith, none are perhaps more suited for the eldritch god than the goblins. With his unseeable touch, they desperately dream of better days, closing their eyes at night and weeping as they are given visions of a future they so dearly strive to reach. So strong is their devotion, sometimes, that not only can they magically survive falls that would normally slaughter other creatures, their very feet also seem to glide across the earth, as if they were already being gently tugged upwards towards the sky…
Battle-Savvy: A number of times per day equal to (1 + DEXMOD, minimum 1), whenever you are successfully grappled, swallowed, trampled, or hit with any similar combat maneuver that would deal damage and constrain you, you can choose to take MAXIMUM damage from such an attack to automatically escape on the next available opportunity(which counts as a move action), or, in the case of a trample or other combat maneuver, automatically avoid the next attempt with no save needed. Replaces Martial Discipline.   Having developed a military and fighting style all their own, the goblins that fight for their kind to have freedom have found it necessary to develop a method of escaping the grip or avoiding the maneuvers of those that grab or otherwise harm or constrain them, feigning absolute weakness by taking maximum damage to trick their foe into releasing them.
Fire! Boom! Hunt the Heretic!: Gain exotic weapon proficiency(firearms) and exotic weapon proficiency with Stake Drivers(homebrew weapon). Can use Perception checks to hear, notice, and smell arcane spellcasting that has been done within the past round. Replaces Martial Discipline.   Born in the tyrannical empire of Numiastra far across the ocean, the goblins who hail from such a horrible place are said to be taken in and trained as serfs to the Inquisitors who so avidly hunt magic and those who practice it...able to smell arcane spellcasting and having proficiency with firearms, they are a feared lot.


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