Githzerai Alternate Racial Traits

Ironmind Disciple: By focusing on a creature or object you have line of sight to within 30ft, you can use your immense mental might to root them to the ground. Using this ability is a swift action that does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity, and a creature you focus on with this ability cannot move until the beginning of your next turn through any means aside from teleportation. Hostile creatures are entitled to a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + INTMOD) - success means their movement speeds are halved for one round. You can only have one creature or object affected by this ability at a time. Replaces Mental Discipline.   One of the only remaining monastic disciplines left to the Githzerai of Zheng-Kitar after they broke from the ancestral conclaves in the plane of Limbo, the Ironmind Discipline involves projecting the natural mental discipline of the Githzerai into one's surrounding terrain - anchoring and stabilizing a given creature or object in place and preventing its movement with crushing mental power.
Vathomi Brainborn: Gain the Occultist's 'Object Reading' class ability with a CL equal to your HD. Replaces Mental Discipline.   A technique learned from their cephalopodic allies of the Vathomion Isles, the Brainborn are the select few among the Githzerai selected to participate in a cultural exchange with the Illithids - exchanging their own monastic disciplines and techniques for training in the more psionic and psychic methods of their allies the Illithid. The first step of this cultural exchange saw the Githzerai learn to utilize the strange object reading techniques of the Illithid - an ability seen as quite useful to many.
Unseen Pariah: Gain the use of the Detect Psionics(All Gith count as having Psionic Auras) and Psychic Bodyguard psionic powers with a Caster Level equal to your HD. At 5th level, you may cast Nondetection 1/day. Replaces Githzerai Mental Might.   A caste of Githzerai only found on Zheng-Kitar within the shadowed halls where the outcast Githzerai intermingle freely with the Illithids which they've allied themselves with, the Unseen Pariahs work in defense of their unique union to defend the Elder Brains of the uncorrupted Illithids - and to that end, work to uncover the raids launched by the Githyanki and stop them before they can wreak untold harm upon the Githzerai and their allies.
Githzerai Catapulter: As a standard action that provokes Attacks of Opportunity, you may target a creature within 30ft and move them about as per Telekinetic Charge - though without the immediate action to make a melee attack against creatures they land beside. Unwilling creatures are entitled to a Will Save(DC 10 + 1/2HD + Highest Mental Stat). You gain a fly speed equal to your base land speed with good maneuverability. Replaces Githzerai Mental Might.   A unique use of the mental power of the Githzerai, this adaptation of a long-lost discipline allows Githzerai to control the battlefield by wielding their mental power to throw friend and foe alike across the battlefield with equal abandon.
Planar Exile: By spending 10 minutes, you can create a magical "home" sigil upon the ground - once created, you may henceforth once per day spend 10 minutes crafting an identical, secondary "travel" sigil upon the ground that, once finished, allows you and any others nearby to pass through the newly created sigil to travel back as per greater teleport to the location of the first, original Sigil. Once the second sigil is created, it lasts for 1 round and is visible to all other creatures. You may only have one "home" sigil created at a time - inscribing another instantly destroys the first one. Replaces Primordial Connection.   Though many of their kind were cut off from Limbo by order of the ancestral Githzerai Enclaves after their alliance with the Illithids, many Githzerai have turned their nonfunctional gateways to Limbo into pseudo-teleportation circles that allow them to get around Zheng-Kitar incredibly quickly.
Planar Sculptor: Once per day, you may spawn a field of chaotic energies drawn straight from the plane of limbo - this field acts as a 30ft aura that lasts for a number of rounds equal to your HD + 1(Min 2), in which space adopts the "Subjective Directional" Gravity Planar Trait, the "Wild" Magic Planar Trait, and the "Erratic" Time Planar Trait. This counts as being in Limbo for other Githzerai with abilities that work only in Limbo. Replaces Primordial Connection.   Able to channel what remains of their chaotic home plane of Limbo even after their connections have been severed, these Githzerai can draw upon what little remains of Limbo's energies within themselves to create a chaotic, whirling field of energy that distorts time, gravity, and magic around them to confuse their enemies and aid their allies.
Monastic Knowledge: Gain Improved Unarmed Strike as a Bonus Feat and gain two class skills of your choice. Replaces Timeless Knowledge.   Spending most of their time studying within the halls of their monastic fortresses focusing on their monastic perfection, many Githzerai learn to better utilize their own Ki pathways and bodily abilities, thus unlocking newfound wells of power within themselves.
Ultimate Knowledge: Gain the Bardic Knowledge Class Feature. Replaces Timeless Knowledge.   Focusing on learning above all else, many Githzerai become unparalleled masters of learning and knowledge itself during their time spent studying in their timeless citadels.
Zerthimon's Death Trance: By spending one minute in total concentration, you can slip into a Death Trance - during this trance, you appear to all outside observation as being dead, and no longer need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe. You can maintain this trance for a number of days equal to three times your HD. Awakening from your death trance takes one full hour to accomplish safely - alternatively, you can awaken as a full-round action and take one negative level. Replaces Always Ready.   One of the few techniques that has survived the Githzerai 'split' that saw them ally with the Illithids and come to Zheng-Kitar, the art of the death trance is one practiced by few Githzerai in the modern day - though it undeniably has a plethora of uses.
Eyes of Tranquility: By focusing on another creature within 20ft as a full-round action, you can tell what kind of weapons they have on their person(Including extradimensional spaces whose source is on their person), and what weapons they wield - even if those weapons are their fists or unarmed strikes, magic, or so on. You gain a racial +4 to sense motive checks. Replaces Always Ready.   A technique originating from a Githzerai sage who lived a life of peace to attain enlightenment, the Eyes of Tranquility allow a Githzerai the useful ability of identifying any and all deadly weapons a creature is carrying, to better inform them how on-guard they should be around those they meet.
Psionic Armaments: Your attacks can bypass magic and EITHER two metal-based special materials OR one Alignment for the purposes of overcoming DR. Replaces Psionic Defenses.   Sheathing their attacks in psychic energies, these Githzerai learn to better tear apart their foes with their powerful mental energies supporting their attacks.
Mental Barrier: You gain resistance 5 to Untyped and Force Damage. Replaces Psionic Defenses.   Having studied and learned how to wield their formidable mental prowess to create an intangible "barrier" around themselves to shield themselves from a select group of energies, these Githzerai are rare indeed - and are well protected against the more esoteric attacks of the world.


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