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Forest Elf Racial Feats

Sage of the Verdant Path:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf Race, ‘Aspirant of the Verdant Path’, Character level 3rd   Effects: You may subtract twice your CONMOD instead of your CONMOD when you use ‘Aspirant of the Verdant Path’, and you may use its effect to subtract your CONMOD from incoming damage twice per combat instead of once. Once per day, by taking initiative from willing allies, you may add 1 point to your initiative roll for every 2 points taken from an ally, up to a maximum of as if you had rolled a natural 20 on the die. If you reduce an ally to 1 this way, they are treated as having rolled a natural 1 and go last no matter what.   Among those few who devote their lives to the way of the Verdant Path and the betterment of the self, the Sages of this path become even more hardy than their brethren and, as they are often inducted into the legendary Clovenguard as powerful legionaries, they frequently turn their power and durability into a potent force on the battlefield that lets them work with their allies in the Clovenguard or otherwise to better their own standing in battle and put them in a better position to move first once things begin.
Traveler of the Feywilds:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf Race, 'Feyscarred' alternate racial trait, Character level 5th   Effects: You gain an effect similar to Deathwatch, but instead of detecting the hit points of a creature remaining, you instead detect which type(s) and subtype(s) a creature is. This effect is always active on you, but cannot function in an area where magic could not normally function. You may also discern if a creature is hostile towards you, friendly towards you, or indifferent.   Said to be the result of Forest Elven children who stray too far from home on nights of the moonless sky, these odd Elves are said to hail from the realms beyond the mortal, shedding off the stigma their kind hold against the lawless, chaotic feywilds to become travelers of its unfathomable depths. Capable of discerning the very nature of a creature, they are ostracized in their homeland, feared as agents of their sworn enemy.
Feybane Batallion:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf Race, 'Feyscarred' alternate racial trait, Character level 5th   Effects: For an amount of time equal to one minute per HD possessed, you may treat the weapon you are current holding as possessing either a +1 enchantment or the Fey Bane weapon magical property. When used, your weapon sheds light as a torch. You may use this ability as many times a day as you wish, but the total time available to you must be spent in 1 minute intervals.   One of the two legendary Forest Elven mercenary legions, the Feybane Batallion is an army-for-hire that travels between the forests of the world, exterminating incursions from the Feywild wherever they can be found. While usually mostly working for fellow Elves, the batallion does make a point to take any contract so long as it has to deal with their hated foe. They are a legion of Elven warriors trained to deliver brutal, supernaturally efficient death to the chaotic denizens of the feywilds. Trained to be the epitome of law and order to combat the chaotic nature of their foe, the warriors of the Feybane Batallion are capable of honing any weapon they wield to supernatural effectiveness against the Fey, and engage in combat against them each time they appear.
Alraune Chosen:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf race, 'Alraune Child' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 13th   Effects: The aura of Alraune Child increases to 30ft. Creatures are no longer immune for an hour once they succeed the save for Alraune Child's calm emotions effect.   Those Alraune Children that survive to adulthood and gain power soon find the gifts given to them by their deadly mothers manifest themselves in terrifying ways, soothing the minds of those nearby and making it harder to resist their inevitable demise.
Fleeting Beauty:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf race, 'Free-running master' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 7th   Effects: A hostile creature whose space you pass through using 'Free-running master' must succeed on a will save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + the higher of INTMOD or CHAMOD) or be affected by a charm person spell with a CL equal to your HD. You may charm others using this ability a number of times per day equal either your INTMOD or CHAMOD, whichever is higher.   Many creatures say that some things are beautiful precisely because they are unattainable - Elves are perhaps the best example of this. And for these free-running Forest Elves, whether intentional or not, as they dash past their foes many cannot help but be enchanted by them - whether it be their beauty as it passes them by, their scent as it travels on the wind, or any infinite other reasons, they find themselves taken with the fleeting beauty of their foe.
Clovenguard Veteran:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf Race, Character level 7th   Effects: You may take a full round movement during any surprise round, and if a surprise round exists, you are automatically included in it. You gain a racial +2 to initiative checks. You gain tremorsense out to 60ft, and on a natural 20 on an initiative check, you get a surprise round even if one would not normally exist.   A long-standing legion of Forest Elves that hires itself out to various Elven and sometimes other Forest and Jungle settlements across Zheng-Kitar, the Clovenguard is the Elven Elite - the royal fighting force trained from birth to deliver swift death to the enemies of Elvenkind...and to any who can pay the extraordinary premium for their services. Though they charge an exorbitant fee for non-elves, they have on occasion been hired to such non-elven settlements to defend them, and do so with all their lives.
Fellspire Wyrdwarden:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf Race, Character level 5th   Effects: All forms of sight you have double in range, you gain a racial +4 to all perception checks, and upon starting combat, each enemy you are aware of and have visual contact with at that moment cannot make attacks of opportunity against you for entering or leaving a threatened area for the first 1d4 + 1 rounds of combat.   The Ever-Vigilant Wardens of the strange silver spires that appear from the depths of the forests on nights of the New Moon where none or some of the moons of Zheng-Kitar have vanished from the sky, the Wyrdwardens of the Fellspires have sight honed beyond mortal limits, their gazes honed from their time spent in the otherwhere the fellspires vanish too when the moons return. Their eyes colored pure colors, they stand staunchly atop the spires on those eerie, Moonless nights, keeping watch on the surrounding landscapes like wide-eyed gargoyles...and any whom make the mistake of engaging them quickly find out that, so long as their watchful gaze is upon you, they will not allow their foes the opportunity to strike them on a retreat or advance.
El'Adri Cryptguard:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf Race, Character level 9th   Effects: As a full-round action, you may turn into a stone statue. While in this form, all forms of speed are reduced to 0, you gain DR10/-, you no longer require food, water, and do not age while in this form. You remain aware of your surroundings but take a -10 on your perception checks, and you may exit this form as a swift action-if you do so to initiate combat, you gain a racial +4 racial bonus on your initiative check.   Denizens of the legendary Fellspires that plague the forests of Zheng-Kitar on nights of the new moon much like their Wyrdwarden kin, the Cryptguards are strange, unfathomable existences within the odd silver spires, and give the faintest of glimpses into where the spires vanish on most days...capable of remaining as frozen, unmoving statues of stone for indefinite periods, forgoing all normal requirements for life in exchange for immobility, the Cryptguards give clues that the Fellspires may be just the merest fragment of a once-might city of their ancestors, spires of proud silver that are trying to come home from wherever they have been trapped within. The cryptguards are said to be the chosen few Forest Elves chosen to take up the mantle of defending the spires, and refuse all contact with outsiders, on most occasions...
Survivor of Shattered Skies:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf Race, Character level 7th   Effects: You automatically detect ongoing telepathic communication so long as you come within 60ft of a creature sending or receiving telepathic communication such as from a Sending or Message spell, a Collective Class feature, or a similar effect or spell (GM Discretion). This does not allow you to hear what is being said, but you are able to pinpoint the creature(s) that are pinging with this feat. 1/day, you may attempt to intrude on such an ongoing link by making a will save equal to the spell DC of the creature that initiated the contact, or who owns the collective. On a success, you hear what is being said unbeknownst to those involved in it. On a failed save, those in the link are aware an attempt was made to listen in but gain no other information as to who did it.   Among the Forest Elves who trace their lineage back to the distant past where the world was beset by a titanic swarm of hive-minded insects simply called the Hive that were intent on stripping all life and material from the world, those that can bring forth the ancient power of their ancestors who fought this invincible insectoid menace find that power greatly to their benefit. What their ancestors once used to locate and listen in to the silent telepathic connections of the hive mind, their descendants now use to find enemies in contact with others of their ilk, and listen in to the secrets they speak…
Wooden Wunderkind:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf race, Character level 7th   Effects: You can use Stone Tell as an at-will spell-like ability, but only on wood instead of stone. You may use Commune with Nature 1/Day.   Born with the ability to speak to wood and nature as easily as with other sentient creatures, these Forest Elves are often the eyes and ears of their villages and homelands - speaking to the trees and to nature itself to learn about trespassers, newcomers, dangerous beasts, and other threats to their way of life.
Splinter Shots:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf race, Character level 5th   Effect: Whenever you hit a target with a ranged weapon attack, you deal splash damage equal to 1/2 the total damage dealt to the target in that attack(Totaled up at the end of a full attack) to all targets within 5ft of the target. Targets in the radius of this splash damage can make a reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + INTMOD or CHAMOD, whichever is higher) for half damage.   Infusing the projectiles or ranged weapons they fire with a shard of the natural mana that flows through their bodies, these Forest Elves can detonate their attacks as they hit their foes, sending a hail of shrapnel into the bodies of those near their target.
Wind Style Shooting:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf Race   Effect: By shooting a ranged weapon at an empty square or by throwing a thrown weapon into an empty square, you may as an immediate action teleport to the square that attack hit as per the spell teleport. The attack must land on a square within 100ft per HD for you to be able to teleport to it.   Another more widely used style of combat used by Forest Elves, Wind Style takes advantage of the Forest Elves innate mastery over nature to call forth the spirits of the air to rush them to the spot their attacks land, moving them in an instant to a far-distant space.
Largeian Neck Drop:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf race, Character level 11th   Effect: When you successfully use acrobatics to move through an enemy's threatened area, you can make an immediate CMB check using your HD in place of BAB if doing so would benefit you. If you are successful, you grapple and pin the enemy by standing on their neck, rendering them unable to speak and breathe if they require air. You use your normal CMB to maintain this pin on all subsequent rounds. You can use this ability on creatures up to two sizes bigger than you, and gain a +2 for each size category they are bigger than you, up to +4. You can also use this ability if you fall onto such a creature from a height greater than 20ft, and doing so means they take 50% of the fall damage you would have taken if the CMB check is successful.   Trained to leap across the heads of enemies to move across the battlefield, many Forest Elves learn to utilize this acrobatic talent for offensive purposes, surprising their foes with sudden changes in trajectory to plant their feet on their neck and take them to the ground, standing atop their throats and silencing them in an invaluable technique that sees use in Forest Elven ambushes against intruders to the forest.
Largeian Neckbreaker:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf race, 'Largeian Neck Drop' Racial Feat, Character level 15th   Effect: Whenever you have a creature your size or smaller pinned, after you initiate or maintain a grapple, you can make an attack roll(ranged or melee) with a -5 on the roll. If you succeed, you crush their neck and deal 2d6 strength or dexterity damage. If the targeted ability score is reduced to 0, any remaining damage is dealt to that opponent’s Constitution score. A creature that is immune to critical hits or that has no discernible head and neck is immune to the effects of this feat. While you have a creature your size or smaller pinned, you can make ranged attacks against other creatures as normal without provoke from that creature. When using 'Largeian Neck Drop', you use your HD in place of BAB for all CMB checks to maintain the pin.   The pinnacle of the Largeian Ambush Techniques, the Neckbreaker is a technique that improves upon the Neck Drop - instead of merely standing on a foe's neck it is instead cradled in the crux of the knee, crushed by the thigh and ankle below to brutally cut off their airflow while the Elf in question can maintain shooting abilities all the while.
Ambush Expert:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf race, Character level 7th   Effects: Three times per day as a standard action, you can cause one creature you can see within 120ft to make a Will Save(DC 10 + 1/2 HD + INTMOD). On a failed save, they are rendered invisible and silenced to all creatures that are within 100ft of the target when they fail the save. For 1 round per 4HD after using this ability, you are affected by invisibility, but it doesn’t end when you attack a creature. Instead, any creature you attack can see through your invisibility.   Another strange technique that utilizes the natural reserves of natural mana within their supple and dexterous bodies, this technique allows for Forest Elves to seclude certain enemies away from their allies, allowing them to pick people off one by one to slowly tear groups of foes apart piece by piece.
Sealing Ritual Master:   Prerequisites: Forest Elf race, Character level 15th   Effects: Once per week, you can duplicate the effects of a Binding Spell as a SLA with up to six allies as normal for the spell assisting you.   Another of the master techniques developed by the Forest Elves to utilize the natural stores of mana that runs within their bodies, the Sealing Ritual is a powerful tool in their arsenal used on the most grievous of offenders or invaders.


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