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Forest Elf Alternate Racial Traits

Racial Variants

Pale Elf: Take the "Urbanite", "City Vision", and "Secretive Socialite" Alternate Racial Traits.   Full Set Bonus: You can apparate a single weapon with which you are proficient as a standard action that does not provoke. You can tie this ability to a specific weapon you own to apparate and vanish it instead - once bound, however, the weapon cannot be un-bound safely, and is instead lost if un-bound.   As mysterious as they are reclusive, the Elves of Axiom, the greatest city in the world, are a strange lot that have abandoned the ways of forest life for a life lived among the stone and granite buildings of civilization - and while almost all Pale Elves are traced back to Axiom, a few lesser varieties may be found in other big cities throughout Zheng-Kitar, leading to a larger classification of Pale Elves as "City Elves". These Elves are so named for their pale complexions and secretive natures, and the masks they don in all but the most private of situations that hide their skin from the outside world.
Mountain Elf: Take the "Cragtop Travelers", "Fleet-Footed", and "Monastic Scholar" Alternate Racial Traits.   Full Set Bonus: Gain a bonus language for each rank put into linguistics.   Disciplined and monastic, the Zelthuro, better known as the Mountain Elves, are a people who live among the highest peaks of the world, building small communities around large monasteries and shaving their heads and bodies bare in a display of their dedication to their lives led in pursuit of the spirit world's teachings, and the teachings of their honored ancestors. Ordered, respectful, but brusque and brutally honest with others, these Elves can come off as prickly and uncaring to outsiders due to their seldom displayed emotion, but they are generally a well-intentioned people who place more importance on the gathering of knowledge and the betterment of one's soul through collection of knowledge, experience, and wisdom than they do on morality or social contact. They believe that, through careful refinement and dedication, each life brings them closer to spiritual perfection, as they are reborn anew in bodies after their death and eventually reach 'perfection' after many lifetimes. It is this that they strive towards, and seek out their entire lives; It is not uncommon to see Zelthuro traveling outside of their homes on monastic quests, or to simply explore and gather a deeper breadth of experiences to perfect their souls.

Alternate Racial Traits

Forest Elven Sage: Ability Score Bonuses because (+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution). Modifies Racial Ability Scores.   Born with even more beauty than others of their ilk, these Forest Elves possess a wisdom and force of personality few can match, and fewer can resist.
Aspirant of the Verdant Path: Ability scores become (+2 Strength, +2 Constitution). Gain a racial +4 on acrobatics checks, and once per combat when you are struck and dealt lethal or nonlethal damage, you can reduce the damage you would take by your Constitution Modifier before the damage resolves but AFTER any DR or Resistances would be applied. Replaces Elven Immunities and alters ability scores.   Though many Forest Elves are content to sit in their villages and cities and waste away the years of their incredibly long lifespans, there are countless among their number that refuse to sit still as their peers and elders sit and waste away like statues. These Forest Elves strive to find the old greatness of their Race, and embark from their homes onto the fabled ‘Verdant Path’, which sees them travel across their forest homes with nothing but sack trousers and a sash on a quest to find their inner strength and identity. In this way, they toughen themselves by exposing their bare bodies to the elements and enduring whatever may come their way. In this way, they become strong and durable, their bodies reflecting their steely resolve as they fight wild beasts, Sleep bareback, Live off the land, and train themselves to new martial and spiritual heights. Often, these Aspirants find themselves recruited into the militaries of their Forest Elven homelands, or recruited into other armies or militias as soldiers or mercenaries.
Feyscarred: Gain DR 5/Cold Iron and 10ft of extra overland movement per 5 levels. Replaces Elven Immunities.   Owing to their close connection to nature, the elves are naturally creatures who closely sit close to the otherwordly fey in the eyes of the outside world. However, some forest elves take this groundless connection to the extreme, and after a brief period where they tend to vanish or go missing, they return with bodies tinged with the very essence of the chaotic forest. They are capricious, and more tricksy than their brethren, and fleeter of foot as well. Even the other forest elves treat these beings with suspicion and confusion, as they usually appear after going missing for months, years, and sometimes even centuries at a time, speaking of living in a forest far removed from their own, an infinite forest where reality itself works in mischievous, odd ways…
Timeless Ancestral Memories: Treat all Knowledge skills as class skills. Replaces Elven Paragons.   Much like the odd Ghorans, Ents, and other races of the forest, some forest elves are not only in possession of an innately massive lifespan, but are said to have been able to store their most important memories, knowledge, and recollections in their very bodies to pass onto their descendants. Owing to this, their long lifespans, and habitual recordkeeping, it is no exaggeration when they claim to have a written or spoken record going back to the birth of their species.
Legacy of Peace: Gain +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy, Sense Motive, and Bluff, one is always a class skill; replaces Elven Paragons.   Polar opposite to their Sand Elven brethren, who they frequently regard as barbarians, the Forest elves were once regarded the world over as ambassadors capable of stopping any conflict in its tracks. They were envoys of peace, of harmony, and stopped even the arrogant, high-handed ancient humans from genocide on more than one occasion. Some Forest Elves today carry a trace of this former magnificence inside them, and hold an innate ability to persuade and sense the motives of others.
Monastic Scholar: Gain two Knowledge skills of your choice as class skills, instead gaining a +2 bonus on two if you have all Knowledge skills as class skills. You gain darkvision 120ft. Replaces Elven Paragons.   Students of the great ancestral wisdom, the teachings of the Zelthuro, better known as the Mountain Elves, are things that are open to all who come with openness in their hearts and are willing to learn and study beside the Zelthuro as kin. And after years studying in the mountaintop cave-libraries of the Zelthuro, one's eyes naturally adapt to the dark.
Secretive Socialite: You gain a racial +2 on Diplomacy and Stealth skill checks, getting one of them as a class skill(Player Choice). Replaces Elven Paragons.   Personable but secretive, many Elves are well-versed in the ways of the masquerade, and of wearing a 'face' to others while they hide their true nature beneath it. Sneaky but charismatic, they know when to talk and when to move unseen.
Ancient Elven Craftsmanship: The chance for failure of moving parts in the Wood Shape Spell is reduced to 15%, if you did not replace the 'Wardens of the Green' racial trait. Gain +4 to a Craft() skill of your choosing. You can innately sense the location of natural deposits of special materials that are organic(Ironbark, Worldbark, etc.) that are within 400ft of your location. Replaces Forest Elven Magic.   Said to be amongst the greatest creators of natural beauty in the world, the Ancient Forest Elves were said to have carved the branches, boughs, houses, and stores of their forest cities from the very trees themselves, with naught but willpower. Some elves today are evidence these rumors are fact, and find themselves able to shape the wood of their forest as easily as they breathe..such forest elves frequently pursue the arts, using their gifts to create amazing sculptures, works of art, and countless other inventions and creations. While others still use it to shape the wood of their forest homes into battlements and engines of war, the Forest Elves universally regard those of their kind who possess such an ability to be living expressions of Elven Creativity.
Elven Charms: You add +1 to the DC of any saving throws against enchantment spells that you cast. Replaces Forest Elven Magic.   Becoming aware of their beauty and how they are perceived by other races, these Forest Elves learn to wield their ephemeral beauty as a weapon to warp the minds of others.
City Vision: By touching a worked stone or wood wall no more than 1ft thick + 1ft thick per HD, you can see through it as if it weren't there for as long as you remain in contact with the wall. Replaces Animal Whisperer.   One of the rare and odd talents practiced by the Pale Elves of Axiom, the ability to see through stone and wood walls such as those one would find in a city or town has afforded the Pale Elves a quiet but fearsome reputation as the invisible eyes of Axiom and its mysterious ruler.
Witness of Genesis: A number of times per day equal to (1 + INTMOD, Minimum 1), may spend a standard action studying a creature or person to learn one of the following: Replaces Animal Whisperer.  
  • Their Vulnerabilities, if any.
  • Their highest or lowest save.
  • Their Resistances, if any.
  • A random fact or bit of information about them.
  The Forest Elves are more ancient than most races alive in the world today can even fathom...and fewer still can truly, truly fathom just how long one of them can live. Some of the oldest amongst them can claim to remember stories of the beginning of the mortal plane, of the wondrous struggles between the newly born gods and their rambunctious creations, of myth and legend, of heroes of old and climactic showdowns atop the clouds. Such Elves are infinitely wise, and are capable of drawing upon their knowledge of all things to learn about those they face.
Greenwalker: Gain ability to cast tree stride as an at-will spell-like ability 1/day. The caster level of the spell is equal to your HD. You can no longer be hindered by non-magical difficult terrain. Replaces Animal Whisperer.   The most in touch with nature amongst the forest elves have been seen melding from within the very depths of the trees that comprise their forest homes. Though little is known by the outside world of these mysterious elves, they frequently appear from the trees and bushes of the forest when travelers stray too far from the paths, their faces serene and peaceful as they escort them back onto the path. To the other forest elves, they are engimas: they are the very images of tranquility and serenity, and embody the timeless beauty of nature itself...infinitely patient and charming, not even their brethren quite know why or how they come into being.
Alraune Child: Any hostile creature that starts its turn within 10ft of you must make a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + INTMOD or CHAMOD, whichever is higher) or fall under the effects of calm emotions for 1 round. Creatures that could be attracted to your gender take a -2 on this save, while all other creatures gain a +2. Once affected, a creature cannot be affected again for an hour. Replaces Wardens of the Green.   Whether their parents were consumed by one of the deadly alraune and the plant-woman saw fit to raise them as their own child or they themselves were perhaps just an elf born from the womb of an Alraune under exceptional circumstances, these Forest Elves emit a supernaturally sweet perfume that calms the nerves and blunts aggression in a small radius around them.
Vine Whipper: You may, as a move action that does not provoke, animate and attach a vine to yourself, which acts automatically at the end of your turn to strike a hostile target up to 100ft away as a tentacle natural attack dealing 2d4 damage. You may alternatively summon the vine from the ground in any space within 100ft, whereupon it attacks foes within reach automatically, dealing 2d4 damage and using your BAB to hit. This vine, when summoned from the ground, has 10HP, DR 5/Slashing, and a break DC of 21. In both cases, the vine lasts for the combat or one hour, whichever passes first. By focusing as a full-round action to summon it instead of a move action, the tentacle appears with the Grab Universal Monster Rule. Replaces Wardens of the Green.   With an innate connection to the ground and the vines that cover the forest, these Forest Elves can inject some of the natural mana that runs through their bodies into the surrounding foliage, animating it to do their bidding for a short time.
Cragtop Travelers: You gain a +4 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks when you are in the Mountain terrain. Additionally, when traveling normally you leave no trail and cannot be tracked (though you may leave a trail if you so choose). This functions as Favored Terrain for the Mountain Terrain. If you would get Favored Terrain from a class ability, it replaces this one once the bonus to these terrains rises higher than listed here. Replaces Wardens of the Green.   Though a rarity compared to their forest-dwelling brethren, the Zelthuro, better known as the Mountain Elves, lose their acclimation to the forest in exchange for extreme familiarity with the mountains and rocky areas of the world.
Urbanite: You gain a +4 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks when you are in the Urban terrain. Additionally, when traveling normally you leave no trail and cannot be tracked (though you may leave a trail if you so choose). This functions as Favored Terrain for the Urban Terrain. If you would get Favored Terrain from a class ability, it replaces this one once the bonus to these terrains rises higher than listed here. Replaces Wardens of the Green.   Having grown up in cities or civilized areas, some Elves are simply more accustomed to life in the streets and on paved roads than they are in the forest.
Leafgrower Gaze: By focusing on a patch of greenery as a full-round action that you have line of sight to, you can replicate the effects of a Plant Growth spell with a CL equal to your HD. You may only use the overgrowth effect to reduce speed to 5/10ft once per day. Replaces Plantsight.   Their eyes glowing with natural power, these Elves possess eyes so powerful that they can cause plants to grow rapidly with but a single glare.
Farsight Eyes: Gain +1 to the DCs of any Divination spell you cast. You may at-will count as looking through a x10 magnification telescope if you wish to. Replaces Plantsight.   Their eyes infused with magical power, these Elves are so perceptive that their eyes can let them gaze at distant objects as if they were right beside them, their divination spells more powerful and potent.
Thrown Weapon Mastery: Double the range increment for thrown weapons. You can alter their trajectory once while in flight once per round as per 'Master Archers'. Replaces Master Archers.   Focusing their training on thrown weapons rather than bows and arrows, these Forest Elves are masters of the thrown weapon and can use their mystical mastery to alter the trajectory of such weapons in flight as easily as their kin can with arrows.
Sakuya style shooting: Once per combat, you may form an arrow from your own arm bone and fire a shot that travels in a 30ft line, dealing double your arrow damage + DEXMOD to any creature who does not succeed at a Reflex Save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + INTMOD or CHAMOD, whichever is higher), taking half damage on a success. This shot can ricochet and alter its trajectory once in flight. Replaces Master Archers.   A shooting style designed by a legendary Forest Elven family long ago that utilizes one's own arm bones as lethal javelins, this style is rarely practiced in the current day but nonetheless holds immense power...and though it regrows the bone shot rapidly the fatigue leaves the shooter unable to use the technique again for a day.
Fleet-footed: You gain Run as a bonus feat and gain a +2 racial bonus on initiative checks. Replaces Weapon Familiarity.   As fast as lightning and twice as reactive, these Desert Elves are so incredibly nimble and light of foot that others of their kin cannot hope to match their speed.
Free-running master: Gain a climb speed equal to your base land speed. You may pass through the squares of enemies as if they were willing allies. Replaces Weapon Familiarity.   Their dextrous steps allowing them to parkour up trees and over their enemies heads, these Elves are deadly masters of shooting and attacking while on the run, making them deadly guerilla warfare experts.
Acrobatic Savant: The DCs for both high and long jumps only go up by 1 for every foot instead of 4 or 5. Gain acrobatics as a class skill if you did not already have it and you gain a racial +2 to it. You gain +5 on acrobatics checks to move through threatened squares, and do not increase the DC to do so at full speed. Replaces Weapon Familiarity.   Their nimbleness and deftness the stuff of legend, the Forest Elves are so nimble on their feet that they can not only hop from tree branch to tree branch across great distances, but leap across their foes like stepping stones, using their faces and bodies as launching platforms to move themselves around the battlefield.


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