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Dirge Racial Feats

Hated Outcast:   Prerequisites: Dirge race   Effects: You may reroll a failed will save and take the better of the two results twice a day.   Typically seen as terrible omens and pitiable abominations by their dwarven kin and rarely treated with respect by the humans, who see them as odd, unnerving half-breeds and the stuff of myth, plenty of DIrge walk the path of the outcast, and call no place or location their home. These Dirge are quite adept at beating back the influence of others upon their mind, and are very hard to seduce or enchant through magical means.
Solitary Existence:   Prerequisites: Dirge race, Character level 5th   Effects: You are immune to all scrying effects, and gain a racial +4 on all saves made versus divination effects. Whenever you are hit by a "detect-" spell, you are made aware of the rough distance and direction to as well as the first name of whatever creature cast or used the effect.   Due to their typical inability to find a home in either of the cultures of their heritage, many Dirge instead resign themselves to solitude so as to avoid the prejudice and mistrust which drove them from their homes. They are so adept at their solitary lifestyles that even the powerful scrying and divination magicks have a harder time finding them...as if the universe itself recognizes their desire to be left alone.
Neither Dwarf nor Human:   Prerequisites: Dirge, Character level 7th   Effects: You are considered to be a monstrous humanoid and a humanoid for the purposes of typing for spell effects, using whichever benefits you most for each effect.   To the Dirge who travel the path of the outcast and solitude, some soon become something...else. Changing not in appearance or the physical but in the soul, and spirit, these Dirge, it is said...succeed at defining their own path. No longer human or dwarf, they become something else entirely...
Dwarven Secret Senses:   Prerequisites: Dirge race, Character level 3rd   Effects: You automatically know the worth in GP, SP, and/or CP of an item by touching it and focusing for one minute while remaining in contact with it. For magical items, you gain the worth of the base item if it were unenchanted(For example a +1 longsword would only seem as valuable as a masterwork longsword). You gain tremorsense out to 30ft that triples for the purposes of detecting valuable mineral deposits, ores, buried valuables, and similar deposits.   A rare, rare case of the offspring showing greater ability than the parent race, some very rare Dirge find that the traditionally spoken of greed of their dwarven heritage has manifested itself in odd and unpredictable ways...they find themselves capable of intrinsically sensing the location of valuables minerals, gemstones, and even other items that possess great worth, magical or not. They are coveted by all races for this ability, and even the normally stubborn dwarves soften a bit when seeing this odd, powerful ability. It is not rare to see such Dirge employed as miners or surveyors.
Halfbreed Camoflauge:   Prerequisites: Dirge race, Character level 1st only   Effects: Gain Disguise self and Alter Self as at-will Spell-Like Abilities with a CL equal to your HD.   Much like the malformed Stone-Warped, some Dirge find themselves born with an innate ability to hide their frequently unwieldy, unnatural forms, and treasure such a power...as it lets them more easily blend into their parent cultures.


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