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Cloud Elf Racial Feats

Maelstrom Breath:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, 'Vortex Breath' Alterate Racial Trait, Character level 7th   Effect: Your Vortex Breath deals 2d8 electricity damage in addition to the normal bludgeoning damage it deals, its range extends to 50ft, and the damage of the breath gains one additional die for at 6th level and every 4 levels afterward.   Their lungs filling with lightning and growing even more powerful, the cloud elves who master the Vortex Breath technique and find themselves changing utilize their strange new powers to more easily decimate their foes.
Sensetyrant:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, 'Sensemonger' Alternate Racial Trait   Effect: You can use 'Sensemonger' as a swift action that does not provoke, and you may target any ally within 1 mile per HD instead of 120ft. While you are doing this, you can choose to bestow that ally with any of the sight or senses you have for as long as you maintain the connection(See in Darkness, Darkvision, True Seeing, Low Light Vision, Etc.). You hijack the senses of a creature within your line of sight instead by forcing them to succeed on a will save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHAMOD). On a successful save, they are not aware they were the target of an effect, but they are immune to Sensemonger for 24hours.   Honing their tyrannical control over the senses of their servants and followers to unparalleled heights, the Sensetyrants are masters of long-distance viewing and can even force their imperious will upon those not allied with them at but a glance...even through the senses of their servants they can exert this unnatural control.
Will of the Cloud Giants:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, 'Mongrel-blooded' alternate racial trait, Iron Will   Effect: You gain immunity to enchantment effects that target only humanoids, such as charm person and hold person.   Born of Cloud Giants, many Cloud Elven mongrels are no mere humanoids, and after embracing their giant heritage, find themselves impossible to be toyed with by petty enchantments.
Storm Soul:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, 'Storm Shroud' Racial Trait   Effect: Your electricity resistance from the 'Storm Shroud' racial trait increases to 30(And returns to this number accordingly at dawn each day). Additionally, you double the amount by which you lower your electricity resistance to 10 when using stormsoul to lower the action cost of producing the bolt to a swift action.   Their veins pulsing with liquid lightning and their eyes crackling with bolts of blue electricity, many Cloud Elves are born with an almost unnatural attunement to storms which grants them immunity to some of their effects.
Cloudmage:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, Character level 5th   Effect: Whenever an allied creature takes damage, as a reaction you can immediately switch them with another allied creature within line of sight, changing the two creature's positions instantly without provoking AoO. You can use this a number of times per day equal to your CHAMOD. You can also freely control the location and position of Fog Cloud and Obscuring mist spells by concentrating on them as a standard action. You can cast Fog Cloud 1/day.   Able to summon clouds from thin air at a moments notice to switch the location of allies creatures, these cloudbending Cloud Elves can similarly channel their control over the clouds when spells consisting of them appear on the battlefield.
Flawless Skin:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, Character level 9th   Effect: You gain SR 11 + HD. You gain a racial +4 to AC versus ranged touch attacks and ray spells.   Their skin perfectly unmarred by blemish or scar or marks, some Cloud Elves have such beautiful and flawless skin that even spells and rays sometimes refuse to strike them, as if ashamed to dirty their skin.
Favored of the Old Sand Shah:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, Character level 9th   Effect: Your fly speed doubles, and you gain Hover as a Bonus feat. A number of times per day equal to 1 + 1 for every 5 HD you possess, when a spell (4th level or lower) that targets you fails to penetrate your spell resistance(If any) or fails to hit you or affect you, you can reflect that spell back onto the caster or another creature within 10 feet of the caster as an immediate action as if they were the original target(Or could be a valid target, GM Discretion). They must make the save for the spell as normal.   With bodies that gleam like silver sanded to polish and boasting an even more robust control over the power of flight, some rare Cloud Elves count themselves the blessed of the Spirit King of Air...and from this blessing, magical effects slide off their skin like rain and fall back upon their attacker or their allies.
Strike not my treasures, fool:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, Character level 5th   Effect: Three times per combat, you may, as an immediate action in response to an allied creature(not yourself) is targeted for an attack by an enemy, subtract your CHAMOD from the foe's attack roll. If the attack would still hit, you can subtract your CHAMOD from the damage the foe would deal to your ally.   Viciously protective of their allies, or "treasures", Cloud Elves are wrathful creatures to the extreme when a foe dares to insult them by attacking one of their treasures...for to do so is to invite the wrath of their protector and lord.
Blinding Perfection:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, Character level 3rd   Effect: 3/day as a standard action that does not provoke AoO, you can force all hostile creatures within 40ft to make a reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHAMOD) or be blinded for 1 round. On a failed save, they are staggered instead. Additionally, you can choose to shine light from your skin as a torch, turning it on and off as a free action. This light can count as daylight for 1 round per day.   Some Cloud Elves are so obsessed with physical perfection that they become radiantly beautiful, so much so that their bodies not only shine light as proof positive of their perfection, but they can also intensify that light to blind and stun their enemies.
Move Mountains, Shift Earth:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, CHA 17+   Effect: Gain the 'Rock Throwing' and 'Rock Catching' Universal Monster Rules as if you were a large sized creature, using your CHA score for attack and damage rolls as well as instead of DEX for the reflex save to use rock catching if doing so would be beneficial to you. You can throw rocks up to medium size, and they deal 2d4 + 1.5x CHAMOD damage.   Where other Giants use their immense brawn to throw boulders across canyons to hit targets miles away, some rare Cloud Elves learn how to use their force of personality alone to move boulders as large as themselves, standing imperiously as they toss Rocks around just as deftly as their Cloud Giant kin.
Purity Incarnate:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf   Effect: You generate new and clean fresh air in a 30ft bubble around you, granting you and all within this radius a +4 luck bonus on inhaled poisons and airborne spells and spells vulnerable to wind such as fog cloud, cloudkill, stinking cloud, etc. You count as emanating moderate wind for such purposes.   With bodies so pure and beautiful that they are the envy of all lesser races even in ways that are much deeper than the exterior, Cloud Elves are beautiful inside and out, in the flesh and in the mind. Some are so much so that they radiate clean, fresh air such that poisons and other foul vapors refuse to approach them, as if too meek to sully their greatness.
My Word is Law, Mongrel:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, Character level 7th   Effect: All creatures with an INT of 3 or more understand your words or general meaning even if you do not share a language. The DC for Language-Dependent spells and effects you cast is increased by 2. Additionally, a number of times per day equal to your CHAMOD(Minimum 1), whenever you succeed on a diplomacy check to convince another creature of something or to increase their attitude, you can weave a suggestion spell into your words, forcing them to make a will save or be affected by the suggestion spell. On a failed save, they are not aware they were the target of a suggestion spell once it wears off.   "Mongrel" is a manifold term in the Cloud Elven lexicon...generally used to denigrate or insult another for being lowborn, barbaric, or uncouth. To be called a mongrel is the worst insult a Cloud Elf can give out, and it is not one they dole out lightly...only when they are gravely insulted, when another being dares to refute them, or when their authority is flouted or denied...only then is a creature assuredly going to see the wrath of a Cloud Elf.
Fogwarden:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, Character level 7th   Effect: 3/day as an immediate action, you can summon thick fog and give ALL creatures within 60ft a 50% miss chance against attacks for 1 round, and reducing all visibility within the same radius to 10ft for 1d4 + 1 rounds. While inside of any fog or cloud effect(GM Discretion), you can teleport to any square within its radius on your turn as a swift action that does not provoke.   As most of them dwell upon the tallest mountaintops and even in cloud citadels far up in the sky, it is little wonder almost all Cloud Elves are familiar with fog and inclement weather, particularly clouds. What is a wonder, however, is how expertly some among them learn to manipulate and wield that same fog and the same clouds they live within or trod upon, summoning it to confound and distort the battlefield as they move freely within it.
The Duty of the Perfect:   Prerequisites: Cloud Elf, Character level 5th   Effect: You may choose to automatically donate HP to allies within 30ft when they would be hit for damage that would take them to 0HP or below to keep them at 1HP. You may reduce yourself to 0hp and below this way. Once per day, you may redirect a spell, attack, or other hostile effect that targets ONE ally within 60ft that could also target you, and automatically redirect that effect to you and have it take hold or hit automatically.   Seeing themselves as the most divine and purest of all Elvenkind, Cloud Elves see themselves as the perfect beings who have retained their blood's sacred purity and maintained their position as the most perfect of all the Elven races, and possibly of all other races as well...and as the perfect beings(or near enough), they see it as a natural duty of theirs to do good, oversee and shephard the lesser beings of the world, and lead them on the path they believe leads to good and justice. To do so, they believe, is simply the burden of the perfect, and nothing more.


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