Bonesmolder Tribe

The flaming orcs who mastered the mysterious blackwater

Racial Traits

Burning Bones: Whenever a creature hits a Bonesmolder Orc with a natural attack or an unarmed strike, that creature takes 1 point of fire damage per 4HD you possess. A creature in a grapple with them takes double this damage at the end of each of its turns.   Masters of the Blackwater: Gain Fire Resistance 10.   Fiery Fury: While below 0HP and using the ferocity ability, a Bonesmolder Orc automatically deals 1d6 fire damage at the beginning of each of its turns to all hostile creatures and flammable objects within 15ft of them. Given prolonged exposure, Flammable Objects may catch fire(GM Discretion).

Alternate Racial Traits

Flamesoul: Racial Ability Scores become (+2 Strength, +2 Charisma). Modifies Racial Ability Scores.   Born with a fiery passion in their hearts altogether different than many other orcs, these Flamesoul Orcs are charismatic and passionate, creatures of burning desire, and often rise to leadership positions in their tribe.
Blackwater Charred: Gain DR 5/Magic and Bludgeoning. You are treated as an undead for the purposes of positive and negative energy. You no longer need to sleep. Replaces Masters of the Blackwater.   Their bodies charred and burnt by the mysterious Blackwater their tribe is notorious for using, these Bonesmolder Orcs are bespeckled with black and burned to the bone, their skin melted off in places to reveal smoking bones that burn eternal.
Burning Infusion: All metallic weapons you wield as well as natural attacks gain the flaming property for as long as you wield them. Replaces Burning Bones.   Their bones burning so hot that their natural attacks and the weapons they wield glow white-hot, these Bonesmolder Orcs literally ignite the weapons they wield with the heat of their own bodies.
Enenra Corruption: You may, as a swift action that does not provoke, become a cloud of ash and soot as per the Gaseous Form spell. You can only spend a number of minutes in this form equal to 1 min + 1 min per 4HD you possess. You no longer need to breathe. Replaces Fiery Fury.   Visited by the legendary Enenra as children and corrupted by its horrible, choking power, these Bonesmolder Orcs are smoky and translucent, as if ready to evaporate at a moment's notice, their skin cracked, pebbly, and broken like stone.

Racial Feats

Volcano Skin:   Prerequisites: Bonesmolder Orc, Character level 7th   Effects: Gain immunity to fire.   Special: If you replaced the 'Masters of the Blackwater' racial trait, you gain Fire Resistance 10 instead.   Their bodies hardening to flame even more than normal, these rare Bonesmolder Orcs become completely immune to fire's touch upon their bodies and can walk through lava as easily as breathing.
Magma Vomit:   Prerequisites: Bonesmolder Orc, Character level 5th   Effects: As a standard action once per combat, you can launch a ball of magma to fill a square plus one additional square within 30ft with magma, though not enough to cause total submersion. This magma lasts for 1d4 + 1 rounds.   Special: At 11th level, you can instead select one square only to cause total immersion magma damage to all who enter it instead, which lasts for 1d4 + 1 rounds as normal.   Their lungs swelling with burning magma, these Bonesmolder Orcs are incredibly feared for their ability to discharge flaming piles of lava onto the battlefield.
Enhanced Burning Infusion:   Prerequisites: Bonesmolder orc, 'Burning Infusion' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 7th   Effects: The flaming enchantment from 'Burning Infusion' becomes a Flaming Burst enchantment instead. Your weapon attacks ignore hardness when attacking objects as if they were made of adamantine.   Their bones burning so hot they glow white-hot, these Bonesmolder Orcs infuse the weapons they wield with such terrifying heat that they can melt through objects like butter through the legendary blackwater, exuded through their pores to coat their weapons and claws and fangs in roiling flame.
Hair, Eye, and Body Coloration
Bonesmolder Orcs tend to have skin that is dark green or grey, though burnt black or obsidian isn't uncommon either. Their eyes are often fiery reds or oranges, and their hair is often short-medium length and tends to be mostly a darker color such as black or brown with brighter accents near the ends, such as red or orange. Their hair is often thick and easily braided.
Typical Home Environments
Deserts, Arid Wastelands, Savannahs, Hot Climates
Naming Standards
Orcish Standard Names, though many tend to incorporate fire based adjectives or words in their names(EX: Flametooth, Blastbone, etc).


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