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Discovery of the Altar of the Prince of War

Niromath is known, as all Mir are, by many names. She Who is War, The Battle Queen, The Prince of War. And all of these names entail some part of her, and a reminder that the Mir are not mortal and therefore not constrained by the laws all mortals find they are inherently required to follow.   To recieve something from a Mir, always remember; first, you must give something and hope that something is returned.


The journal taken by the Three, They Who Were Children of War. Entailing the story of their travel to the cavern that would later be known once more as Dothral Malrath Morgothnin. The First Temple of War.

Document Structure


This account of the search for the shrine of the Prince of War is told by Saffir Sendu, Amrchmage of the College of Gilraven. Warrior Mage of the Queen's court, Daughter of War.

Publication Status

Kept by the College of Mages in Gilraven.

Historical Details


This entails the journey to The First temple of War, in the land of Essithas. The three Children of War, Saffir Sendu, Amrakhu Kessave, and Rasa Aveldel. And the gift that would change the tide of the War of the Fallen Kingdom and once more place the Anrel, Daughter of Edward High King of Essithas, on the throne that was taken from her father.


The death of the High King and most of his court at the hands of the Rizarean assassin's led to the war now known by those in Essithas as the War of the Fallen Kingdom. Though the Rizarean and Cyronai armies where at the time at war, using Essithas as their staging ground, hte few forces still remaining of Essithas military scattered. They were later brought together by the White Wolf, who begin the War of the Fallen Kingdom to return Anrel to her throne.
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