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"The Van lands are some of the most beautiful from Valenrath and it's magnificent snow capped mountains to the deep forests of Arinoth and the ancient beauty of Lisepia. Though I have traveled many lands the magic that permeated those is so all encompassing as to make all else seem meaningless. Why the Van have ever left will forever be beyond me." -Wrisben Ambassador of the Riza, Kings Mage.
"Though the Aizir, and Drakir had long lived side by side in the lands they shared it was well known that only the Erivir dared the treacherous mountain tops. The nomadic Aizir tribes taking more to the plains, deserts and forests than the mountains as the Drakir formed more permanent homes within the forests and swamps." -Wrisben Ambassador of the Riza, Apprentice Mage.
"When I first set foot in Essithas I was reminded of all the tales I had heard of a lawless land. And found that though true it was not for the reasons I had thought. Trapped between the warring lands of Risarea and (insertlater), the Nordlings we're suffering far more than they would admit. The warriors that marched across their borders intent in reaching the other side led to war within their land even though they had no part in it. And all of Essithas suffered for it." Wrisben Ambassador of the Riza, Kings Mage.-
  The world of Zerkai is filled with both peace and war, where the Human lands of Risarea and Cyronai are engaged in a bloody war that has already led to the murder of the High King of Essithas who stood between the two countries the Van lands retain there peace, won after thousands of years. The Zireth retain their distance from both.