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Pet Diamond

In times of peace, when the wealthy and the powerful of Varia have nothing better to set their attention or fancies to, beyond the usual...selections. They give into the greatest strokes of indulgence, falling prey to the machinations of opportunists, and consume the most absurd forms of entertainment and recreation grace the vogue of the upper classes. If only for brief stints of popularity. However, what is worse than having to satisfy the whims of adults is to have to satisfy the whims of their children. In this regard, the pet diamond, for whatever reason, became a staple of noble, if not affluent, upbringing for a brief time.

Pet diamonds are a luxury "pet" commonly found in the southern regions of Varia during the early 3000s 3E. They possess no active known capabilities and literally do nothing. However, the simplicity of their care while still being vulnerable in certain aspects made them a popular, albeit short-lived, fad amongst noble and wealthy families who wished to teach their children basic responsibility. Derived from diamonds of certain sizes, pet diamonds cost as little as five-hundred gold pieces to as much as in the thousands.

Basic Information


The pet diamond appears as a small chunk of diamond gemstone. Size varies between each pet diamond. On average, the pet diamond is no more than an inch or so at its widest and appear chiseled into circular or triangular shapes. Different pet diamond "breeders" may opt to produce pet diamonds that possess small sockets where other gemstones may be inserted to create the appearance of eyes. While their bodies are extremely hard, they are also very brittle and can shatter with enough bludgeoning force.

Genetics and Reproduction

Pet diamonds do not reproduce on their own. They are meticulously "raised" by pet diamond breeders from regular diamonds.

Growth Rate & Stages

Pet diamonds do not grow. Instead, they are often shaped or chiseled into their forms.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Pet diamonds do not require any sort of nutrition or sustenance.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Pet diamonds do not see, feel, or actually do anything. Perceiving their environments is impossible for pet diamonds.

Conservation Status
Pet diamonds are almost never seen in the wild, though they are often mistaken for regular diamonds that are either mined from the earth. However, jewelers, collectors, and magical institutions have utilized pet diamonds as components in their crafts, though no sort of protective measures has ever been taken to conserve pet diamonds.

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