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When the Scourge swept across the continent, it swallowed not just civilizations but also the wilds. The creatures that were not destroyed became corrupted by the same powers which consumed humanoids all over. Not all became Scourge themselves, however, assimilating more the aspects of that ancient evil than outright transforming. Some became more feral, more monstrous, and adopted a sense of violence to rival that of any other Scourge. Others expressed a greater alignment towards the powers which warped them. The helwulf is an example of the latter. Take the predatory, pack-minded beast but then infuse them with an otherworldly physicality and a magically-driven loyalty to the destructive creatures of the Scourge. Regarding their loyalties, they were not unlike other pseudo-Scourge. However, the associations forged between the helwulves and the legendarily notorious Dread Knight, like the hounds of a hunter, made them the heralds of misfortune in a time when destruction and despair were in no short supply.

Helwulves were a type of beast corrupted by the same powers which created the Scourge, typically presumed to be, if not some variant, of the Grip of the Scourge. They first appeared during the War of the Scourge. They anatomically resembled lupine creatures, specifically wolves, but possessed more substantial physicalities and sport supernatural physical prowess. Some variants of the helwulf exuded a corrupting aura or had necrotic, life-harming energies infused in their bites.

Helwulves supposedly lived and operated in packs led by an alpha. However, they became known for their loyalty to the Dread Knight, a sapient member of the Scourge who became a leader over the ancient evil horde's forces. Supposedly, the sighting of helwulves indicated the nearby presence of the Dread Knight, and other Scourge soon followed their appearance. Since the end of the War of the Scourge, helwulves presumably have become extinct through the efforts of the Varian Coalition.


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