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House Daramond

"Since I mastered my letters, every waking moment of my life has been dedicated to schooling and to study, to learning and enlightenment. When other children were being read tales of fantastical heroes and beasts to lull them to sleep, my mother would instead recite a simplified version of the day's news in Curieux. In the lessons I did have with him, my father always emphasized, to both my sister and I, the value of one's mind and its capability to overcome even great odds. No doubt, this dogma taken to the extreme led him on the ill-fitted foray to oppose our political rivals, in battle, nearly two decades ago. And, I admit, seeing his lifeless body draped over the ancestral throne does skew one's perspective. However, I cannot deny that I maintain, or rather must maintain, a similar mentality as I continue with my rule, albeit enriched with wisdom."
— —Edgar I of Daramond, King of Conais


Following the norm of the Conaisan nobility, House Daramond follows a patriarchal hierarchy wherein the males receive priority to the family's titles and assets. As the royal family, the lord of House Daramond also becomes the king of Conais. Due to this position, all the noble houses in Conais serve as vassals to the Daramonds through fealty. However, there are a select few lineages which possess a more direct bond to the royal family either through blood or marriage, such as House Trow.

Public Agenda

The Daramonds, or at least the current sovereign, has been explicit through both words and actions in their focus on maintaining peace with extraterritorial powers and strengthening Conais from within its borders. The royal family thus invests a substantial portion of the treasury in business enterprises, scholarly pursuits, and in patronage for the arts. Edgar I has also maintained a series of peace treaties and alliances bent on keeping the kingdom out of the conflict with the Rysmarckian Empire while also upholding trade with states neighboring the nation and beyond.


House Daramond possesses complete ownership over the Chateau de Curieux on the eastern banks of the city. They also have access to a substantial treasury including metallic currency, jewelry, and other valuables. As the royal family, they also have the service of the Order of the Blue Rose and especially their sub-section, the Azure Guard.


The ancestors of the Daramond family numbered among the many Conaisan nobility who vied for the throne after the fall of House Conas. However, they did not find success until 3383 3E when Edward I of Daramond succeeded as king of Conais by right of appointment. At the present, House Daramond has maintained their grip on the Conaisan throne for over two centuries, making them the second longest ruling family in the kingdom's history.

Political, Family
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations

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