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Solace's Refuge

This is a tavern in the western edge of Juterra, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. In truth, it is an entrance to the hidden city of Watchhollow. It is a squat, rounded building with a pointed roof overlooking a cliff. It is staffed by the owner, Haero, a tabaxi mage, who frequently makes use of the "Unseen Servant" spell. He is acompanied by a halfling named Aaron, who is often drunk. In layout, is has a central area with several sets of tables, a bar, and a door behind the bar which leads to Watchhollow. It has no visible rooms to stay overnight, however, asking for a room for the night is the "code phrase" to gain access to Watchhollow. It's signature drink is "The Storytellers Bane", which is so intoxicating, that one mug eliminates the ability to speak clearly, and the only way to communicate is with an ability that allows one to understand or speak with anyone, even if they wouldn't understand the language you are speaking in.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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9 Mar, 2022 05:38

You have a good start for a concept, I hope some of my questions will help expand it a little.   If its in the middle of nowhere does anyone ever accidentally gain entrance to Watchhollow? Is there perhaps more to the code phrase to prevent a random explorer from getting in? or is it located on a trade route where people not looking for Watchhollow would only pass through at midday, stopping for lunch then moving on. Is Aaron just a friend of Haero, or does he serve another purpose (bodyguard/melee fighter)? Can they call for help from the city, and if so how fast can it get there? Do people from the city frequent the tavern, or is it just visitors and travelers?   The fact that the signature drink makes you incomprehensible and that there are no rooms for people to sleep it off also seems a bit strange

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9 Mar, 2022 06:19

I hope you will expand on this article. It is a interesting concept!, But you have a good start that i hope you will continue to work with and expand on it!

19 Mar, 2022 06:46

As a GM I value the information and puzzle-like elements of the location! However I would agree with the two other comments that I really see there to be great potential in expanding this - What is the local menu and what other drinks and dishes are they offering? Has anyone gotten through by accident? Is the interior decor furnished with elements from Watchhollow?

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23 Mar, 2022 21:19

Even without the detailed info on each section, I can glimpse what this place feels like.   A nice handful of information for a plot or a game. Are you planning to write more details?

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