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The saurians were a sapient reptile species from Earth. They lived in the Late Jurassic Period, 142 MYA to 135 MYA before they were wiped out by an asteroid.


Saurians had a human-like figure, standing upright on two feet. The biggest difference between humans and saurians, aside from one being a mammal and the other being a reptile, was the shape of the head. Saurian heads were much smaller, with a smaller brain. Their mouths better resembled beaks, lined with serrated teeth for tearing flesh, as well as molars to chew plant and fungi material. Saurians were covered in thick scales, which were about half a centimetre in diameter, and were a greenish-brown colour. They had small feathers on the backs of their arms and legs, and small feathers on their tails.


Saurians were omnivores, mostly feeding on fungi they grew on the trees of their homes. During their annual hunts which took place in late Autumn, saurians would kill as many dinosaurs as they could, drag them back to their villages, prepare them into meals and then freeze them for their winter hibernation.


Saurians were located in what is now known as Germany and eastern France. In the time period they lived in, these were a collection of islands north-west of the Tethys Ocean. Different cultures of saurians were found on different islands, having adapted differently to the unique conditions of the various islands.


Saurians were the first native sapient species to exist on planet Earth. Living alongside the dinosaurs, saurians were experts at survival. Their most advanced technology was in the form of weaponry, to hunt down and kill dinosaurs, both for sport and for sustenance.

Civilisations & Culture

Various saurian civilisations were cultivated depending on the islands they lived on. Each village had little to no contact with other villages, so cultures never mixed, and so they developed very differently.

Villages & Architecture

Saurian villages were suspended from ropes and built attached to tree trunks, high up in forests to avoid the threat of ground-level dinosaurs. They were made from planks of wood forming circles around the tree trunks, with roofs made of giant leaves that could block any water from reaching inside the house. Most houses also had a water collection system in the roof, to avoid wasting precious water.


All saurians wear short dresses made of scales and feathers, fashioned together with hardened tree sap. Different cultures will wear dresses of varied patterns and compositions, but generally, they are made of the remains of dinosaurs they hunt down. The clothing depends on the dinosaurs found in the area and how easy they are to kill; the arborian from Permari made clothes of archaeopteryx feathers and small sauropod scales.
40 years
Average Height
2.5 metres
Geographic Distribution

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May 27, 2024 16:00 by Doug Marshall

I have a very strong fondness for sapient dinosaurs, and the Saurians are no exception! I'm intrigued by the descriptions of their culture- how are these facts known? Artificial structures like their tree houses wouldn't fossilize very well, if at all. Is this speculation or were there preserved artifacts found in Solnhofen?

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May 27, 2024 16:05 by Mochi

Thank you! <3   This is explained far better in another world of mine, Late Jurassic Earth. In simple terms, the people responsible for cataloguing sophonts of the Yonderverse discovered time travel, and used it to study the people of the past. Saurians were the first prehistoric people to be studied using time travel :) Besides, humans never really knew much about saurians xD   I still need to actually write all of this stuff in this world, but I will eventually!

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May 27, 2024 16:28 by Doug Marshall

Oh that's AWESOME!! Time travel would definitely resolve the incomplete picture given by the fossil record XD

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