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Jovian Culture

As for any intelligent species, cultures are varied, but this article should provide a general idea of some jovian cultures.



Families are fairly important in jovian cultures. Many form close relationships with their family members, and most jovian cultures put family first over absolutely anything else. Family celebrations involve hundreds of guests, some travelling half-way across the planet just to meet and catch up. Family culture is so important to most jovians, and is even stronger in jovians that live in space that can't as easily meet up with family.


Education is less valued for jovians. Because of their somewhat limited intellectual capabilities compared to other sophonts, they have taken a liking to brawns over brains. While they are an incredibly intelligent species, rivalling the human species that once lived on Earth, they cannot compete with other sophonts such as martians or mercurians, both of which have defeated them in conflict because of their superior intellects.


Jovian entertainment isn't particularly entertaining to anyone but themselves. Most of their entertainment is made of insulting others, attacking personal weaknesses and flaws, embarrassing moments one may have made years before. Absolutely anything you do can and will be made fun of by jovians. Luckily, they are smart enough not to act as such in front of other species, and keep their humour for themselves.

Many people make their livings out of this form of entertainment. Specialist entertainers are able to take one look at an audience or an individual and tear them apart, which they find absolutely hilarious. If any other species were to do this they would feel self-conscious afterwards, but jovians are incapable of feeling self-consciousness.


Jovians have very diverse beliefs on death. Barely the majority, about 54%, do not believe in an afterlife and believe that once you pass away, that is your life over. The rest believe in some form of afterlife, however this depends on the region as many isolated locations on Jupiter have formed their own religions and beliefs, many of which have significantly different afterlife stories.



Jovian Ray by Mochi


Animal agriculture is mainly popular in rural areas. Due to the popularity of 3D printed food, the actual raising of animals isn't very common and is only seen in the poorer parts of the planet. Many jovian farmers raised ramstens, a species of aurvad popular for their ability to shed not only wool, but meat.

Jovian rays are a very common domesticated animal, arguably the most common on the planet. These animals can withstand the weight of a jovian on their backs, and comfortably fly for days on end. They are used as transport so that jovians can avoid polluting the atmosphere, which is delicate already as a gas planet. One wrong gas produced and the whole planet will literally explode.

Thanks to the advancements of technology, jovians have created vehicles that can run without causing harm to the environments. Jovian rays have taken a detour from being used as vehicles and are more often kept as cuddly pets.


Flora is less commonly grown, but is still seen fairly often in rural areas, particularly the Wastelands. One common species to be grown are life lilies, native to the River Of Life. Instead of eaten, life lilies are used as decoration. Many jovians believe life lilies will gift their homes with protection from evil spirits and demons, so they will place these flowers in special pots around the outside of their homes.


Jovian cuisine is mostly consistent of 3D printed foods. While urban areas opt for more traditional foods made of actual animals, urban areas with access to more advanced technology have their food made by large printers. These printers come in all shapes and sized - large factory sized 3D printers are able to manufacture tens of thousandsof food products in a day, to sustain a jovian's dense diet. Smaller ones can fit on a table or a desk, absorbing atoms from the surrounding atmosphere to muster up a snack or two.

Jovians typically eat a meat-based diet. They are a very muscular species, and require a diet high in proteins and low in saturated fats. Much of their diet consists of eggs of some variety, 3D printed in an array of forms, mostly for the aesthetic. Smoothies are also popular, as they can be drank on the go, promoting an active lifestyle full of productivity.

Some jovians are strict vegetarians. Despite there actually being no harm to animals with the 3D printing of food, many find that it is unethical to try and mimic what would have been a live animal. Many find it absurd that artificial food is even a thing, and if they are going to such lengths to avoid killing animals then they might as well anyways. Some actively promote against the consumption of artificial meat, and you'll find many large organisations flooding jovian social media platforms on Utopia trying to proselytise and promote the vegetarian lifestyle.


The architecture in jovian settlements is much simpler than most sophonts. Their architecture consists of simple mud housing; small bricks are carved out of hardened mud, stuck together with hardened tree sap, with slanted tiled roofing. These houses choose practicality over aesthetic, however the houses are almost always kept to a high standard of cleanliness, particularly sanitisation. jovians are very serious about their sanitisation, and nobody leaves their houses without wipes to wipe down surfaces that look the slightest dirty.



Various myths and legends from around the planet talk of mythical armies of jovians that rode on aurvadic whales, into horrific space battles against other planets. These legends can be found in countless religious textbooks, all with slightly warped entries of the exact same thing. Many speculate that there could have been a real event of this, since these religions supposedly developed completely independently of each other.

Aurvadic Whale by Mochi


Jovians haven't quite mastered magic. It is something they've only recently come across, and that is only because of their ventures into space. Jupiter is a very magical planet, yet jovians somehow managed to avoid the majority of it. Very few jovians are masters in any field of magic, and those that are have separated themselves from their kind and choose to see themselves as an entirely new species.

The most famous magical master is Han Astheiriisn. This man is a master of zookinesis, or the power of controlling animals. Han is able to speak with animals on a level no other jovian can, and his gift has caused lots of controversy. Many jovian vegetarians see him as a heroic figure, as they want more leverage to stop meat-eating jovians, however Han has shown time and time again that the planet is better off with artificial food.


Solardust is a magical resource found in Jupiter's Edge encasing the entire planet. This material wasn't understood until recent years, but has proven to be one of the most beneficial magical items for jovians. Solardust is a pink powder laced with phosphomagic, also known as light magic. The dust scatters light evenly throughout Jupiter, which benefits ecosystems that rely on flora to survive.

The dust can be manipulated and turned into small crystals, and when placed in a room no matter the location, will illuminate the entire room evenly. Solardust is also sold on markets for high price simply due to their scarcity. It can be artificially manufactured, but the process is lengthy as any 3D printing of magical materials has a few extra steps than what is normal. Solardust is popular outside of Jupiter, and jovians have quickly figured out that this resource sells incredibly in space colonies.

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