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The Medallion of Eitnari

Yuya, son of Yeishi, you have something that is mine...
— Zerah to Yuuya after the fight inside Eitnari's dungeon

Origins of the object

  According to Davidovian myths the Medallion was forged at what the Nari peoples called Great Mountain Mei Mei and the Davidovian peoples know as Mount Meikharis ( a volcano in Eastern Karia) by the goddess of Fire Pyra as a gift to her sister, Zerah, the goddess of Thunder, after winning the competition both held thousands of years before the birth of the first heroes. It was so beautiful that even Abbon Shabai and Tyr felt a bit jealous of her daughter.   Inside of it, it was said, were stored not only the highest magic avaliable to non humans, but also were stored the souls of those condemned by the the divine bringer of justice, She who shines in the darkness, whose sword, arrows and spear are made of pure lightning and her eyes shine more than gold. Among the souls captured in the medallion, are the spirits of the Sphenetai ( half human/half lizards) which became the servants of Khair, god of death and evil. If the medallion were lost to the forces of darkness, they will be able to resurrect the Sphenetai and bring chaos and dead to Yeia.   Also according to myth, it was said that when Ikarus died Zerah, because of her grief after being told of his lover's death,tore his clothes and also destroyed the necklace that contained the medallion. And its fragments fell to the earth from the heavens.   


  Only tiny fractions of the neckace were identified but the medallion itself was nowhere to be found. Part of the chain of the necklace is part of the Sun elf royal crown. While other fragments were located in the Seris and Blatian Empires where they are stored and venerated as relics related to both Pyra and Zerah.    But in the early 7th century AP rumours appeared between adventurers that the medallion was not lost, but instead, when it fell, it became the property of Eitnari, the giant  black jackal that according to mythology was a man punished by the goddess Alara for blasphemy against her and turned into this animal. He was later liberated by Khair and became its  servant for a while before being captured and imprisoned in a dungeon by the elf hero Theladryn where he could do no harm with his powers. It seemed that Eitnari had swalowed the medallion and because of that he became able to summon dark magic and grow in size with all the souls that he had eaten.   The location of the dungeon was unknown but in an accident, Yuya, the Seris adventurer  and his friends, guiding by rummours of a great treasure open the seal of the dungeon and entered into the great cave accompanied by an strange new adventurer, a girl called Alira, who had helped them previously. But the place turned to be the home of the terrible mythological monster and Yuya and his friends, despite having taken the medallion (without knowing what it was) and  fighting courageously, couldn't defeat Eitnari, and where only saved when Alira revealed her true self, she was Zerah disguised as a little girl!. She  chained Eitnari and cut his throut (and all the souls he had swalowed returned to the medallion).  
  • So it is you, bearer of thunder and powerfull daughter of the Light, why are you here? did i blaspheme again against the gods?
  • You did, by stealing what belongs to one of them and try to use it to bring chaos to the world by resurrect those who felt the power of divine justice, you dared to steal something so precious for me... Now filthy dog, you will die
    — dialogue between Eitnari and Zerah at the dungeon
  •   Then Zerah ask Yuya to return the medallion to her. The famous adventurer, frightened by the presence of the goddess  agreed. Zerah then, thanked the adventurers for their help and confess she was behind everything (she had it all planed since the very beginning, to lure them to the dungeon and use the adventurers as a distraction for she to kill the jackal). She finally said goodbye saying:    
    "You've helped me recover one of the most precious items i had, made with love from my sister. I apologize for having manipulated you like i did, but you were the only ones brave enough to undertake this mission. And despite not having obtained any riches, you've earned something more valuable, the respect and gratitude of a goddess. And because of that, I'll be watching you and protecting you from now on. Only in case of mortal danger of course, otherwise I would bring chaos to the world if i favoured a couple of adventurers more than the rest of the world"- said Zerah with an smile.
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