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Resonant Stones

Resonant stones are a very peculiar type of stone, not easily found as it is native to the Southern regions of the Seris Empire, near the Great Chain. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as creating musical instruments, open special dungeons or searching for specific treasures
— Arwynn Ellayz, elf geographer and alchemist (101 BP- 405 AP)

Myth behind the resonant stones

  The seris have a myth for the origin of these peculiar stones. According to it when the War of the Gods erupted a great battle was fought between the forces of light and the forces of evil in this region of Southern Seria. At the time humans and elves had not appeared yet, as the world was still very young. During this war great duels were fought between the "good gods" and the "bad gods", and many of them became wounded or died (in case of the evil gods), and because the god's blood is made of gold when they bleed, their blood permeated into the earth transformed both into gold veins and the blood that went deeper into the earth, in contact with lava formed the resonant stones, that then expulsed by the volcans alongside lava, resurged again into the surface of the earth.    


  Resonant stones can be founded either as rounded stones or having a more squared shape. They can be yellow like gold with red lines or red with yellow lines. They have to be cut by special hammers made of silver or diamond and when after they've been found and cut, they are considered by law as property of the Seris state.  


  Resonant stones, as their name implies have two properties, they make a sound when hit (ideal for creating musical instruments, especially xylophones with them) and also they light up when they are close to special dungeons that were closed by the elves thousands of years ago and can only be opened with this type of stones. Also some treasures are located in the treasuries or, most commonly, in secret chambers inside these dungeons so the use of resonant stones is necessary to find them as resonant stones light up more brightly the closer you are to the secret chamber and the treasure.


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Aug 14, 2022 09:43 by Secere Laetes

Even the origin myth is unique (gold bleeding gods, wow), but the use of it is not obvious either. Really a beautiful idea.