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"Light" Magic

You must only use the power of magic to do good, or, in case someone attacks you, to defend yourself and protect your loved ones. Magic is a source, a blessing the gods've put in our path to help us solve the problems and the mysteries of our world, it is not a source for world domination or conquest.   If you use magic for helping your neighbour or someone who needs it, then you are fulfilling the gods will and by doing so, you find harmony with nature and the cosmos. This is the only way to use magic and not becoming corrupt by his enormous power.
— Yemmu the sorcerer, from the book "The Wisdom of our Master" written by the Seris monk Togash in 450 AP
    For many of those who believe in magic and use it the true nature of magic in Yeia is the "Light" or "Good" Magic. The one that is done not to do harm (initially, but it can be use for personal defense or defense of your beloved ones). This is the kind of magic that is though in many sorcerer schools and academies across Yeia (and the only kind of magic allowed in the Adventurer Guilds).   Many cultures in the past and in the present have dealt with the issue of magic use (its origin, the ethic of using it). Most of them have reached to the conclusion that Light magic is bestowed by the gods to certain individuals (in case of the human realms) that are destined to do good deeds to others. But of course this power has to be fully mastered so those blessed with magical powers must go to Sorcerer Academies in order to develop their power.   In case of the Elves, most of them are born with magical powers and only them and sometimes half elves can cast the most powerfull spells. According to their believes, every elf is born with the power of magic because they have been entrusted by the gods to protect nature and because they are the perfect rational creatures.   Also some faiths like the Followers of Yemmu have stated that magic is something that like the elves, resides in every human being, but it has to emerge within each one. They also developed an ethic code for those users of magic, on how they must use magic and how they have live their lives according to the principles of using magic for good.  

How to use Light Magic

Light magic can be used through multiple catalyzers such as wands,Elemental Reed pens, magical orbs and books or scrolls. Light magic can be used to create magical weapons for self defense (althought there is a bit of controversy as these weapons are used more to kill incomming enemies than for self defense). Usually these catalyzers can be bought in some cases in magic shops across Yeia, can be given by an Adventurers Guild (in case you become a member) or bought from magical sects or orders, such as the Order of the Knights of Light, who are the most famous producers of magical weapons across the human realms.  
Art.188: "No one aside from the Master of the Guild shall distribute elemental pens to the adventurers. Art.189: The Guild must have a list of the adventurers that have the aforementioned item granted by the Master.   Art.190: Although these items can be in possesion of the adventurers during their service time, they are considered as property of the guild, and because of this they can't be sold or traspass to any other person.   Art 191: Once the adventurer who is in possesion of the elemental reed pen ends his/her services as adventurer, he must return the pen to the Master of the Guild, so that other adventurer can make use of this item.   Art 192: No pen manufactured outside this Adventurer's guild can be bought or brought to the guild. Only elemental reed pens produced by this illustrious guild shall be distributed to the adventurers.   (Rules of Banias's adventurers guild about the use of the Elementary Reed Pen)
    The way to cast an spell using light magic is very simple. It can be  

How to distinguish it

  The colour of the letters and symbols of the spells and the aura of those using light magic can be distinguished from those using dark magic. Spells produced with light magic and the aura of its users is usually light blue, white or golden.     On the contrary, the aura, the colour of the spells and their letters and symbols produced by those who use Dark Magic are usually black, dark purple or maroon.  

What can Light magic be used for?

  Light magic can be used for a lot of purposes (depending on the skills and . To cure a person, to produce water or food, to create a defensive shield, to create a magical weapon, domesticate some wild animals such as Dragon Birds , and even ( and that is only achieved by the most powerfull wizards) summon people from the afterlife during a short period of time, usually to help the user fight a powerfull enemy that uses dark magic.   To the present day this only happened two times (in 1700 BP according to Elven Chronicles when a powerfull wizard was recall from the realm of the dead to in the kingdom of the Sun Elves in order to help them defeat a larger Dark Elf army. And the most recent one being the Battle of the Oronai Gates in 833 AP, when the Brirean sorcerer Leonatos casted an spell to bring back the great Oronai king Magas the Great and his guard to fight the combined nomad-Crorai army. His appearance in the battlefield frightened the enemy soldiers while encouraging the Oronai forces of the kingdoms of Oronia, Steplia, Brire and Stormitia.). In the first case the Sun elf sorcerer sacrificed his life in order to cast the spell while Leonatos managed to survive although it took him 5 months to get up from his bed and regain his magical powers, the fact that he didn't die after casting the spell is still a mystery.


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