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Bone Worm

One of the more... "creative" creations of the Warlocks, these immense purple tinged worms are a testament to the Brotherhood of the Abyssal's skill at Bonemolding and their collective creativity that walks the razor's edge between inspired genius and utter lunacy.   Unlike most of the Undead in vast the Legions of Doom, Bone Worms are artificial constructs rather than things raised from natural corpses. With a tough exoskeleton of overlapping plates wrought from purple hued Bonemold, these giant worms flex and undulate in ways that such a hard, brittle material really shouldn't be capable of. The difficulty of manufacture make these constructs rare within the Legions of Doom, with only a bare handful created every year.   Bone Worms have an unnaturally acute sense of smell, and are deployed primarily as trackers. Though slow, they are persistent and untiring hunters that can follow a trail that others would consider to have gone cold a month ago. However, they are blind, relying solely on their sense of smell to navigate, and are extremely unintelligent so that overlapping scent trails leave them confused more often than not. They are also deployed as sappers, their ossified mandibles make them efficient tunnelers whose capabilities rival even the secluded Dwarven miners.


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