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Dracolings are the children of False Dragons and mortals. Unlike many of their kind - children of mortals and magical beings - they are rather unaffected by the race of their mortal parent. Rather, it is their draconic parent that most shapes their appearance.

Basic Information


They are born as more-or-less bipedal Dragons. Like Chimera, they have retroflexive legs, meaning they are actually walking on the balls of their feet with their heel as a "false knee" in the middle of their legs. They also have thick tails that generally have a scaly ridge down the center.

Genetics and Reproduction

Since they are not a naturally occurring race, they are only able to procreate with other Dracolings or a False Dragon. They do, however, conceive in utero, the same as their False Dragon parents. This is a large part of what differentiates them from a true Dragon  Their gestation period takes just shy of a year, but they are only able to become pregnant during the spring.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dracolings are born scaleless. Within the first six months, they will have their scales grow in. This is actually very similar to the Skyborn, though they don't have a middle stage. During this period, they will eat anything small enough to be swallowed whole or soft enough to macerate without teeth.   After six months, they enter the stage where they are considered a juvenile. They will likely start walking upright at this point, using their tails for balance. Their teeth will have come in completely, allowing them to begin eating the meat that will be the staple of their diet. They will also have horns begin to grow on their heads, and may have spikes come in on their bodies.   Once they are roughly fifteen years old, they will have reached maturity. At this point, some may begin growing hair - though this is quite rare - and should have their horns in completely.

Ecology and Habitats

Dracolings are considered to have "tepid blood". They are not truly reptiles, and thus aren't cold-blooded, but they also lack the magical affinities afforded to a true Dragon, and are not warm-blooded either. Rather, they are able to generate their own body heat, but are very easily affected by their environment, thus requiring a lot of liquids to help them regulate their temperature.   That said, they will prefer warmer climates. They definitely avoid deserts, as there is little water, but somewhere like Havan or the jungles of Yugawa, is perfect. The moderate temperatures of Aberia and Astozia are also perfect for them, as they tend to offer the best temperatures. They are perfectly capable of surviving in the cold, it's just not their preference.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Though carnivorous by nature, many also enjoy eating plants with a lot of liquid in them. This includes leaf vegetables and citruses. They are capable of eating nigh anything, but a proper diet is eighty percent meat - cooked or raw - and twenty percent other things.   They also eat a lot of food. As part of their high metabolism, they have high tolerances for alcohol, and they like the warm sensation of drinking it.

Biological Cycle

Dracolings have a seasonal shed at the end of summer. This is typically not unlike peeling off a sunburn, but will make the Dracoling extremely itchy - a generally uncommon sensation for them - until they are done.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Many have acted under the misconception that Dracolings are the kin of true Dragons, using them for all manner of things. Dracolings have been kidnapped in the hopes that they can be ransomed to a Dragon. They have been attacked and derided as monsters, despite having no relation to the Dragons. Worst of all, they have even been hunted for their skins and organs despite the fact that they carry none of the same properties as a true Dragon.

Facial characteristics

For the most part, their facial features are lupine, but with scales in place of fur. They have snouts much the shape of a wolf, and, in place of ears, have bony, fin-like appendages that behave in a similar manner and serve to detect vibration, giving them what little hearing they have. They also have horns on their heads.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are mostly centered in Yugawa, but they spread out significantly as a result of the Age of Exploration. Their largest presence outside of their homeland is in Astozia, but they have a strong presence in Uirsgeul and Kalastrad. The only place they are all but completely absent from is Clava.

Average Intelligence

Dracolings are of an average intelligence. They aren't as incredibly wise as they are expected to be by those that associate them with the true Dragons, but they are certainly not unintelligent. They are actually very much like Human in their generalist nature. They can be quite smart or they can apply themselves more to physicality.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The majority of their senses are quite keen, bearing a sense of smell on par with many Chimera, and have one of the best senses of sight of any race. Their hearing is not fantastic, but they are far from deaf. Unfortunately, a Dracoling's sense of touch is dulled by their hardy skin.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Bestia Draconis
Average Height
6ft 5in
Average Weight
Average Physique
The average Dracoling has a very prononced, barrel chest, and somewhat small waist. Their legs are usually pretty large, strong, and defined, while their arms are equally lean, but more within a "normal" proportion. They typically have very little excess fat as they burn a ton of calories trying to regulate their body heat.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their skin will look very similar to the draconic form of their parent. It won't be a one-to-one, but the coloration will be the same, and their patterning will be very similar. They will have the same identifying characteristics as their parent, as well. So, if their parent has a fin on their tail, so will the Dracoling. If their parent has horns like a ram, so will the Dracoling.
Related Ethnicities

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