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Tyang: Eternal Cloud


The galaxy around Wouraiya runs closer from north to south than from east to west. The hair of the Battle Maiden flows around the galactic stream of stars, and the Maiden herself lies to the west of the stream. The Tyang lies in the center of the Battle Maiden, around the gut area. At a certain point of the night and season of the year, Tyang lies directly above the equator of Wouraiya, at the highest point in the sky.

Fauna & Flora

Entire species of plants died because of the Weeks Without Sleep, but assortments of fungus grew in their stead. Animals and sapient species across Wouraiya grew weary across the board in equal amounts, meaning that neither prey nor predator levels changed over that period.


The star that produced the Eternal Cloud was originally an unassuming star in the sky. It was a visible but nameless and secondary star in the middle of the "Battle Maiden" constellation. The explosion of Tyang put the star on the map, quite literally. The supernova that ensued started the Weeks Without Sleep, a period of great heat and well-lit nights. Most thought it was the end of the world, but others (including the T'kakou) used the turmoil to make large geopolitical gains against their fatigued enemies.   Because of the location in the Battle Maiden constellation, many joked that the Battle Maiden was pregnant. After the supernova left behind a red cloud as residue, however, the story was that the Battle Maiden was wounded or killed. Constellations hold no religious or symbolic value to the peoples of Wouraiya, so the matter was a moot point.   The cloud colored a patch of black sky red for the first time, and the splotch remained a marvel for the rest of Wouraiya's history. People rightly called it a cloud, but they incorrectly assumed that the gas was blood mist, as opposed to hydrogen and helium.
Galactic Nebula
Related Tradition (Primary)

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