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Gykrete: Wood Factory

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The city is established on a bay. Before industrialization, thick arrays of trees made army formations impossible, and the small raiding parties that could pass through couldn't fend off the entire village's population. Though, the primary defense of Gykrete was the absence of anything to loot. During and after industrialization, the trees still protected the city, this time as massive palisades and watchtowers, staffed with T'kakou's finest warriors.

Industry & Trade

Gykrete produces lumber products, harvested from the ever-expanding forests of Retrougo. In the winter, they mix water and wood pulp in glass jars, mixing them outside in freezing weather to produce a melt-resistant, extremely strong material. In summer, they use the wood pulp to produce paper, using the better wood to make planks at a rapid rate.


At Welkwu's independence, Gykrete was a small fishing village encroached by massive taiga forests too intimidating to conquer. The T'kakou had developed a hegemony on their continent (Yatkaugo) and had begun acquiring tributaries on the western shores of Retrougo. Gykrete had no organized defense and so became one of the subjects.   Welkwu's Industrial Revolution brought great fame and wealth to the city, and the T'kakou lamented that trade had to pass through Keyrit waters to reach them. The Keyrit Order would tax the merchants, and purchase their supplies, and the sparingly little of the wealth of Welkwu would reach the northern continents. It was decided, then, that the T'kakou would have an Industrial Revolution of their very own.   The most obvious option was metalworking, due to Yatkaugo's natural resources, but that would intrude upon Welkwu's established market. Keyrit's production of glass similarly ruled out glassblowing. The T'kakou looked across the sea to their tributaries. Other nations had not invested much in wood products before, so investment might produce good results. They annexed Gykrete and began setting up camp for a new industrial center.

Natural Resources

The city is owned by the T'kakou, who, growing up without trees, do not have qualms with tearing them down in any capacity. Trees are felled by the dozens each day, their lands being used for local farmers. The wildlife is not used for any specific products for the city but is also hunted for sport, driving them southward.
Alternative Name(s)
Welkwu's Little Sister
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