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Session 05: Sky Pirate Ambush and Greystone Vestiges Report

General Summary

Lucius returned to the Zone with a new squire in tow—Zernon the Paladin. PPAC traveled North out of The Zone in their loaner sky ship piloted by Soot just as the Pit tore open revealing a world of Shadow.

After about a days travel, most of the party was caught off guard by a sky ship of Gray Angels which rose out of the cloudy valley below. PPAC readied to make contact but watched in horror as a Hobgoblin Devastator threw a fireball the size of their sky ship toward them, but luckily Soot managed to rattle off a counter spell before a devastating impact. Nearly the entire party took a hit from longbow-wielding hobgoblin grunts. While trying to catch their breath and engage the combative sky ship, two Hobgoblin Iron Shadows rose up out of the mist atop flying carpets. One shadow peppered T-RO1D with shurikens imbedding shards in his armor, but did no damage. As his party was being targeted from every angle Lucius threw out his arms with shouts of divine words healing D’Wat.

Caught off guard Lucius and Thirteen were knocked from their sky ship by an enemy wind blast and at the last moment Lucius was able to grip the ship and Thirteen, but they lay dangling in the mist alongside the sky ship. D’Wat summoned his psychic blades and finished the Hobgoblin Devastator as Zernon worked to pull Lucius and Thirteen back aboard the ship. As the entire team found sure footing on their ship, Oyxuysi’s newly fashioned turret exploded dealing massive damage to the entire party and knocking Lucius to the deck bloodied and lifeless. Soot, fearing the worst, cast heal on the most bloody crew raising Lucius from what would have been a joyless death.

D’Wat, hiding in the clouds, took shot after shot with his psychic blades killing one Iron Shadow as the hobgoblin crew grappled PPAC’s sky ship and made their way toward the rest of the party. Zernon engaged the four plundering hobgoblins narrowly missing one, but scaring the three others in place. The Grey Angel captain attempted to disengage and pull their ship away but Lucius was able to animate a glowing hammer of light onto their deck, incapacitating the pilot. The last Iron Shadow tried to regain control of the vessel, but just as she reached the controls, her body shuddered with psychic energy filling the air with hobgoblin entrails. PPAC regained control of their new sky ship as the remaining hobgoblins leapt to safety, but Oyxuysi managed to pick one more off as they descended slowly into the valley below. As PPAC tidied up their new sky ship, Vinta, they found a small cache of treasure along with the two Iron Shadows’ Carpets of Flying.

The battered party made it safely to Greystone Keep, in their new sky ship, landing in the Beast Market. As the group explored the their new surroundings they were drawn through Ashin Rock and into the Museum of Greystone. A nearby docent recounted the tales of the Heroes of Greystone, and each party member felt immersed in the old stories and watched as their own equipment recoiled and mimicked an echo of the shape and ability of the legendary weapons wielded by the long lost Lords. Zernon’s sword reformed into a replica of the Katana of Holy Devastation. Lucius’ mace reformed into the longsword, Midnight's Bane. The tip of Oyxuysi’s thorn whip took the guise of the Back Stabbing Dagger. D’Wat watched as a new ring appeared on his hand and he felt his roguish skills heighten. The dark mark of Molak’s Scythe brandished itself on Thirteen’s throat. T-ROID’s hammer slimmed down taking the silhouette of the longsword Adamantine Fire.

Rewards Granted

2100 cp, 900 sp, 110 gp, 4 x diamond (50 gp), chrysoprase (50 gp), citrine (50 gp), quartz (50 gp), +2 Ammunition (50 blowgun needles) (rare, dmg 150), Potion of Fire Giant Strength (rare, dmg 187)

Small Skyship Skiff, 2 3x5 flying carpets

Greystone Vestiges

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
Fez the Jest
Report Date
11 Feb 2023
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Cover image: PPAC Campaign Tier 1 by Chris L - Heroforge


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