The hobgoblins are a proud people who once vied to become the dominant race on the planet. They allied with the human warlords of eastern Krosia under the rule of the Lich-King. They marched for the west, determined to conquer the continent and then the world. They could have won the Lichwars, but the majority of their adult population was wiped out in the first Kirinal Catastrophe.

After the Lichwars the remnants of their armies limped back to the East. They became a forgotten people. But the hobgoblins wait and they watch. They see the rise of the new age in the West and they hunger to take their rightful place in the world order.

Hobgoblin Fighter of Safara
by Chris L
Hobgoblin fighters of Safara battle to prove the ascendancy of their people and their fatherland. They give no mercy, nor do they ask for it.
Empire of Safara
Organization | Dec 26, 2020

The former empire of the Lich King reconsolidates and plots on the other side of the continent from the Pit.

Genetic Descendants

Cover image: by Chris L


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