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Session 04: Titans & Grottos Report

General Summary

It's been a few days since the Pit Patrol cleared out the mines and word of their exploit has started to spread around the Zone. They have yet to follow up on the lead in Tower Town at Grig's Grotto. They have duty on the Pit Wall for Prime before they can get away.

Attack of "Titans"

As the new Prime plane snaps into existence, the Patrol sees another walled city in the center of the Pit under assault by hordes of misshapen naked giants. As the Zone materializes around the "titan" horde, the lumbering monsters turn their attention to the new prey that has appeared before them.

Horn 2 Unknown Prime Giants and Humanoids Population 6 Magic 1 Tech 4

Horn 2 means it's a Day of War. The Manifest is full of giants and mortals. On a scale of 1 to 10, the population, magic, and tech levels are as listed.

The Eight Armies of the Kirinal Defenders spring into action. The soldiers on the walls prepare to turn back the horde of giants. The great dreadnaught skyships take to the air and begin laying down fire. The flying galleons and quetzal mounted Red Lancers of the Kirinal Garrison take their positions.

The Pit Patrol ready themselves along their small portion of the Pit Wall a few miles from their base, the Fortress of Kirinal. An immense gold and red titan hurls a metal ball at their section of the Wall before being engaged by a sky galleon. The Patrol nervously prepare when suddenly the ball splits apart revealing 5 misshapen ogre-sized "titans" that land on the Wall with them and begin to attack.

There are three smaller titans led by a larger chain wielding brute and another on a mobile gantry shooting massive crossbow bolts into their group. The fight is short but intense. Thirteen and D'Wat take some damage. T-R01d grapples a "titan" and throws it off the wall and Oyxuysi thorn whips another and jerks it off the other side. Fez's new owlbear proves its worth by savaging and killing the big chain "titan."

After successfully defending their section of the Wall, the Patrol watches as the rest of the Armies contain the "titan" threat until the next morning dawns.

A Night at the Grotto

On their night off, the Patrol makes their way north to Tower Town and the legendary Grotto. They enjoy a night of dancing, drinking, and misdemeanors. D'Wat and T-R01d work the crowd, picking pockets, including those of an awakened canine professor and Vashe Stampede, one of the owners of the Grotto. D'Wat pulls a document granting lifetime membeship in the Grotto and, more importantly half-off all drinks.

They encounter mix-o-mancers for the first time. Oyxuysi uses the new discount to buy a Psychic Beer, with a slice of Hexocybin Mushrooms. He gains the short-term ability to eat anything for as long as he's buzzed. He also engages with another owner of the Grotto, Edge of the World. Oyxy tries to grift Edgy's skyship away from her over drinks, but Vashe comes over to stop them.

Vashe good naturedly recognizes another group of adventurers and gives them 3 psychic beers to go and takes the tipsy Edgy away to sober up.

Finally they make contact with the dwarf Varrin Axebreaker. He hires them to retrieve a key from a prisoner locked away in the far north. He arranges travel for them, which will take three days by skyship. They will break into the prison called Revel's End to question Prisoner Thirteen. She has the key to a vault containing the treasure of Clan Axebreaker. In return for getting the key, Varrin agrees to give them 3% of what they retrieve.

Rewards Granted

Missions/Quests Completed

Stop the "Titans".

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
Fez the Jest
Report Date
04 Feb 2023
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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