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4G Episode 10: Getting the Gang Back Together Report

General Summary

It's been a few weeks since the Fiddletwitchers left the Feywild behind and Irma Derglin in charge of Billy Fey Cyrus' Achey Breaky Cart-nival. They took their rewards with them and reported back to Grig's Grotto. In that time, the new Silversong Moon rose in the sky and the new god Jenevieve made herself known.

On the night of Heaven as the weekly dance wound down Edgey, Macon , Atticus, and Vashe were closing up the Grotto. The last straggler in the building was Paz Ionite, a wealthy heiress of House Ionite and a powerful sorceress in her own right. Atticus approached the lady with his usual type of request, but she rebuffed him. Karzon Ironfoot made his good nights and went upstairs.

Eager to take this opportunity with the drinks, Macon poured pints of Psychic Beer for himself and Jimbo. Jimbo gained the ability to speak to other animals while Macon took on the form of a giant ball unable to take more than one action a round while also being invulnerable!

As the rest of the group gathered around Lady Paz, Macon and Vashe heard the sound of intruders near the entrance. A group of warforged, similar in appearance to Bug Radley, crept in thinking that the lower floor was empty. They had snuck in and began placing bombs around the building as the Twitchers were distracted by Paz and Macon the fir-ball.

"Oh no, we are discovered!", the Bug Brothers proclaimed, "Boss says we must protect the bombs! Must protect bombs!"

As the Twitchers went into combat, their attack was complicated by an invisible force giving them orders directly into their minds. Atticus turned to attack Paz as the Twitchers unleashed fireballs and crossbow bolts on the Bug Bros. Jimbo tail whacked Macon the fir-ball into the center of the dance floor as Edgey flew through the shadows to the first bomb. As the fight raged around her, she managed to get the bomb off the wall, but dropped it. Luckily, it didn't blow up!

Macon and Vashe came up with a brilliant plan, "Edgey! Throw the bomb in my mouth!" She threw a perfect dunk into the fir-ball's mouth, Macon bit down onto it, and it exploded harmlessly inside his magically invulnerable form! They quickly gathered two more of the bombs as they inexorably counted down. Suddenly, the invisible Grag mind master dropped his invisibility to take over Macon himself. He ordered Macon to point his posterior at Atticus and bite down, enveloping Atticus in a blast of fiery gas.

The party downed the rest of the Bug Bros and Edgey grabbed the last bomb and approached Macon the mind-controlled. He refused to open his mouth and Edgey dodged around him to put it up his other end! The bomb went off and the Mind Master escaped in the stink of the explosion.

Luckily, Paz was able to pick up his trail and Vashe's ability to track in the dark allowed them to chase down the grag mind master before he could return to "The Forge" section of Tower Town. They brought him back to the Grotto and, through a mixture of threats, "torture", and "persuasion" they got the truth out of him. He had been sent by Grag Murdek Warfeast to damage the Grotto enough that Karzon would fail to make his mortgage payments. The grags wanted the land that the Grotto sits on and they were willing to do whatever they needed to do to get it.

With this news, Karzon, already barely able to pay his mortgage, rewarded the Twitchers by making them his partners in the Grotto. He gave them 49% ownership while keeping 51% for himself. Now, with their own stakin the Grotto, the Twitchers must decide how to deal with the threat of the grags.

Rewards Granted

Part ownership of the Grotto.

Created Content

Grag Murdek Warfeast
Grand Guignol at the Grotto
Vashe Stampede
Macon Grady Dawnstar
Edge of the World
Atticus Ashbury-Smythe
Bug Radley
Irma Derglin
Report Date
07 Feb 2022
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