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Tanso Wagoneers

The Tanso are a secretive and isolationist people, centered around the great lake of Lago Tanso in the North. They have made their homes on boats and barges since time immemorial, except for a select few clans/family groups that roam the lands of Weirth in caravans of covered wagons.   The Tanso are known for very fair skin; eyes of blue, hazel, lavender; and hair that is wavy, dark auburn through red. They are shorter in stature, than any of the other Human races on Weirth, being wiry and strong with long, dexterous fingers.   The land-going Tanso, known as Wagoneers, are excellent entertainers, putting on shows: plays, music and acrobatics. They are always welcome, even in the smallest villages (where they usually will perform for food and shelter), as their presence lightens the heart and they often have news from away.   The Wagoneers will often have unusual or exotic trade goods they will exchange for Gold or Food.   The Barge-people of Lago Tanso are rumored to be magicians, or have esoteric secrets, which is why they keep to the waters and only interact with the shore-folk to trade. It is widely believed that there is a castle or fortress made of crystal in the center of Lago Tanso that rises and submerges with the waxing and waning of the moons.

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