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Chaos isn't some evil, antagonistic being. He's the true saviour of this world. Even if the world was created by the one so revered by the church's fanatics, their God is a cruel, awful being. It sets the rules about what to do and what not to do, and leads humanity like a shepherd leads his flock. Chaos isn't anything like that. He wants us humans to find our own ways, and he doesn't demand anything for himself. And how could sorcery, the ability to study and govern the very laws of reality around us, be something so bad that we are supposed to reject Chaos for creating it?
While God is considered to be the creator of Windrule, not much is said about Chaos. The teachings of both the Church of Three Prophets and the Old Church only say that Chaos has defiled the newly-born world by bringing in the impurity in the form of magic, something that was not originally meant to exist in it. Given that fact, Chaos is considered by many to be a being that came to Windrule from the outside, just like God did. However, the churches are very strict on the expression of any ideas about God and Chaos being some kind of competing beings of a similar origin, or generally putting Chaos in any sort of a positive light. Despite those efforts, there exist numerous sects worshipping Chaos, often having their own visions of what Chaos is like. One of the popular theories even says that Chaos was the initial creator of Windrule, whom God sealed away and erased all mentions of.
Divine Classification
Primordial Being

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