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The Commander's Will

"Everyone in the unit knows their number could be up at any time on the battlefield, and I'm no different. So I made preparations in advance. I hope you can forgive me, Olivia, because you're the one who is going to have to sort this mess out."
— Mikell Sethan, Last Will
  During the final stand of the Ouroboros Sun, company records indicate Commander Mikell Sethan was killed by a breach of their cockpit. Due to not having pressurized suits, exposure to the trace atmosphere on the planetoid was fatal before any assistance could be given. After managing to clear the compound and settle contract payment with Hechek Reisel, Olivia Garrido and Reginald Brand were left as the ranking officers for Priam Company. As soon as word was received at Minos Base the old commander had died, his authorization codes had been locked until they could be transferred to the new commander. After they returned to White Reach, a recording was found on file within the computer system which was to be shared among all the officers if the commander were to die. The video was rather lengthy, lasting over twenty minutes and covering various aspects of the mercenary outfit which had to be dealt with in a legal fashion. The important highlights follow:

  • Transfer of Authority/Property: Olivia Garrido was given the position of Commander and Reginald Brand was explicitly placed in the second-in-command position. All property which was owned by Mikell Sethan with regards to Priam Company property is to be transferred to her ownership as soon as possible to maintain everything according to Commonwealth law. Associated ComStar accounts were prepared to have their balances transfered into Olivia's control, minus required processing fees.
  • Officers: As per previous arrangements, Chief Medical Officer Irene Dreissen was released from her contract and given a sizable bonus of 500,000 C-Bills to establish herself. It was left to Olivia to find a replacement, however. A second bonus of 500,000 C-Bills was to be paid to Chief Technician Louis Sands, for his extraordinary services during the campaign. Lastly, Otto Greene was to be promoted to command a Lance and fill the vacant position among the officers.
  • Subcontractors: The seven individuals who agreed to fight for Priam Company on a per-combat basis were formally released from their contracts, paid in full for the remaining balances. Any of them who wished to join as part of Priam Company were welcome, provided they were willing to undergo an assessment like any other new recruit.
  • BattleMechs: The BLR-1G BattleMaster previously owned by Mikell Sethan will have its ownership transferred to the company. Olivia Garrido, Reginald Brand, Casey Whiting, and Simone de Lagrande would receive full ownership of their commonly-assigned 'Mechs. (This would be a WHM-6R Warhammer, ON1-K Orion, GRF-1N Griffin, VLK-QA Valkyrie respectively.) BattleMechs owned by the subcontractors were, naturally, to remain in their keeping unless an arrangement was reached after the transfer of authority had been fully completed.
  When the changes were being processed, Olivia Garrido had a solemn gathering over her assumption of the Commander position and offering a "no-strings" option for those who wished to leave. No explanations would be asked for, but the company would pay out any related clauses of each individual contract in order to honor obligations set by previous leadership. Additionally there was a contract made with the new leadership of White Reach in order to provide services training new militia units, for which a significant number of mercenaries would be left behind.
Record, Transcript (Communication)

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