Hound's Chase

General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Pursuit
  • Force Size: 3000 BV
  • Track Cost: 400 WP

Situation Overview

In a bid for more information on the attackers, Priam Company dispatches a very small strike team to try to shadow the escaping remnants of their attackers. The hope is to intercept enough of the units to get information and figure out where these enemies were coming from.  


Primary Goal: The escaping 'Mechs need to be stopped from escaping the far end of the engagement area. At least half (by BV) of the enemy 'Mechs must be destroyed or crippled before they can escape. (Reward: 500 WP)
Secondary Goal: Priam Company must not have any units forced to withdraw. (Reward: 100 WP)  


All four fleeing BattleMechs are set up within their movement speed from one edge of the combat zone. Priam Company sets up two-thirds of their force at the far edge. Two Rough terrain elements, one Shallow Water terrain element, and six assorted Rubble elements are placed on the field.  


Unknown Combatants

  • SHD-2H (4/5)
  • VL-5T (4/5)
  • STG-3R (4/5)
  • WSP-1A (4/5)

Priam Company

  • WHM-6R (Olivia) (3/4)
  • STG-3G (Simone) (3/4)
  • (Reserve)
  • WLF-1 (Kelly) (3/4)


Special Rules

Off-Board Reserve: Units in the off-board reserve enter from the edge of the board designated by the attackers at the end of turn two and may move on turn three.
Salvage: Whatever units do not escape from the board by the end of the match may be claimed as battlefield salvage.

Battle Report


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"Wolfhound, Sagittarius Three. Do you copy?" Olivia idly flicked the comm control over. "Stinger, I am going to need you to advance as fast as possible. Try to intercept them." The Stinger broke off into a run, off at an angle.

The comms came alive again with a squeal of interference, then a voice. "Sagittarius Three, Wolfhound." A static-distorted sound like a growl of annoyance. "Incoming. Should be in sensor range in thirty seconds. I'm not able to get a shot off yet, they got a head-start on me."

"Copy, Wolfhound, stick with them. Stinger, heads up. We have company. Herd them into my guns and I hope we can stop them from getting away. I'm not inclined to think so but . . ." Olivia shrugged and rolled her shoulders as much as she could. "Here we go."

Turn 1

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The Warhammer and Stinger from Priam Company began to move foward steadily, keeping their eyes out for the advancing enemies. They could see them, but the trick was going to be catching enough to make this gamble worthwhile. The fleeing BattleMechs began to split themselves off into two groups, leaving Priam Company with the decision of which group to try to stop.  

Turn 2

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The Warhammer finally was able to fire off a PPC shot, though it streaked past the Stinger on approach down the middle, while the Priam Company Stinger attempted to get closer to intercepting the Wasp and Vulcan. At this time, the Wolfhound entered the battle area, sprinting rapidly to catch up.  

Turn 3

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The Wolfhound continued its sprint, while the fleeing BattleMechs now attempted to shift and engage the Warhammer. The Shadow Hawk's Autocannon/5 put a round into the Warhammer's chest but that is all, while twin PPC bolts flashed past it. The Priam Company Stinger moving to engage the Vulcan, its Medium Lasers lacking the range and accuracy to do much more than waste power.  

Turn 4

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The Shadow Hawk has to close to the Warhammer, absorbs a twin PPC blast in the torso, yet it remained standing. The enemy Wasp and Stinger began to work their way through the notice, as the Vulcan was tagged by Medium Lasers. The Wolfhound continued approaching, but it was looking very likely it will fail to engage.  

Turn 5

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The Shadow Hawk decideed to jump over the Warhammer, clearing it but then being punished for that as various weapons savaged it across the back. Priam Company's Stinger now focused on trying to take care of the Wasp but couldn't quite succeed at doing much to it. The Vulcan sent a token shot off towards the Stinger, cracking it in the side but not doing any serious damage..  

Turn 6

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All the forces regrouped and hold off the Warhammer, the Shadow Hawk fell under the damage but it could stand and limp off the field. Similarly, the Stinger's attacks failed to do more than annoy the Wasp as the Vulcan and Stinger blocked the Warhammer from continuing pursuit immediately. Priam Company was nearing the edge of their combat area, and had no idea what was beyond or could be laying in wait; they made the decision to back off and let the enemy disengage.  


Unfortunately, bringing the heavy weapons was insufficient to stop the escape of the enemy, and they had seemed more willing to run than stand and fight. Priam Company retrieved their three BattleMechs, and plans were made in case they returned. Further efforts are made in the process to try tracking down the cause of the communication disruption.

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Report Date
16 Dec 2015


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