Act 2 - Repair Round

Campaign Notes

This round came about because there was a re-envisioning of a fair amount of rules we were running the campaign by. During the endless cycle of trying to figure out how to fix holes in the document, we agreed on doing a round with no actions except for the medical/maintenance/repair cycle as a test case for the changes. And as a result of this and some mistakes in notes discovered later, we wound up having quite a few data errors which wound up becoming solidified. Put plainly, we made mistakes throughout most of Act Two and the notes weren't complete enough to actually backtrack and sort all of them cleanly. Therefore, there were anywhere from minor glitches to major oversights which wound up becoming "canon" for lack of a better phrasing.

Primarily this is focused in a few areas.
  • Firstly, the organization of the Harbingers' tech teams wound up being changed to move the Elite team up to the top of the listing, and there was some minor shuffling caught between Round Eight and the 'Repair Round'. Since these changes became less of an issue later on, tracking was done much better, and everything became consistent, I'm simply moving forward with what notes say in Act Three.
  • Secondly, the Quality rating of units had been something I was working on but we wound up changing from a reverse order (F being the highest, A being the lowest) to a more intuitive system for us (A being the highest, F being the lowest). In the process we discussed a few changes about salvaged units but didn't make it official (and I thought we had). So many units had their Quality Rating become C when it should have been D according to our campaign document. Again, since we kept it mostly consistent through Act Three I let it go.
  • Lastly, because the notes on this "round" were a mess after I tried correcting details by what I could deduce - to where they made no sense - I'm going to gloss over what the results are. They are going to be written as a few paragraphs of recap-style work, referencing characters which have been in the fiction and generally blending the simplified and factual Reports with the more fluffy Fiction parts.
I hope nobody minds, but realistically I wasn't facing many options other than having to completely fabricate results to force everything to meet up. And that's not something I feel like doing to cover my mistakes.  

The Harbingers

  The primary medical team for the Harbingers was able to treat Nicole "Sassy" Schwartz and Trevor "Bones" Spiegel, the latter being cleared to return to duty while "Sassy" remained seriously injured. The Crew 9 commander remained unresponsive, and Patricia "Patty-Cake" Drillben did not clear physical exams either.

Maintenance was performed almost exclusively by Captain Kreiss' elite crew, and it wound up making a significant difference. The Awesome AWS-8Q, Hatchetman HCT-3F C, and both Mongoose MON-67 'Mechs all were able to be improved upon with the deep maintenance performed. The primary vehicle team proceeded to assist with putting the recovered and repaired Robinson 'Mechs through their paces and allowing the Ostsol OTL-4D to benefit from an improvement in quality.

Repair crews were instructed to focus the best efforts on the Cataphract CTF-1X and Hatchetman HCT-3F B, allowing them to return to duty with all problems fixed. The Javelin JVN-10F had enough time for armor replacement and was likewise cleared to return to active duty. The Robinson Hatchetman recovered had far too extensive damages to truly recover again, with a massive amount of time sunk into it and the right torso still not having been replaced.

Priam Company

Irene's medical team take more time to work, clearing Kelly Sedda for active duty but being unable to certify Calvin Schrade or "Vandal" yet. For the most part, this is blamed on the trauma caused Calvin during his ejection and landing. Tech Team I in the meantime was put to work handling maintenance for the units which had been finished repairing, managing to successfully prevent their quality from dropping. Unfortunately, they also were unable to improve on any of the units.

Louis was able to push the technician teams hard to return several of the units to combat readiness. The Jenner JR7-D, Raven RVN-1X, Wolfhound WLF-1, Victor VTR-9B Shadow Hawk SHD-2H, all were restored to full operational strength. Unfortunately, the Black Knight BL-7-KNT remained out of operation with the left arm replacement failing and the right arm's armor not being ready yet. The Manticore and Condor Alpha combat vehicles had their final touches finished with armor being replaced.


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