Bait the Dragon

General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Timed Skirmish
  • Force Size: Unlimited
  • Location: Grid D21
  • Weather: Clear
  • Time of Day: Afternoon

Situation Overview

Priam Company detected a Draconis Combine recon force moving along the southeast edge of the city, apparently having picked up some data about Minos Firebase. Pegasus Lance was dispatched with the Condor Tanks and Stinger to intercept them and attempt to take out their scouts. There is a limited time and space to engage them before the Combine command learns of the attack, as Pegasus Lance was more geared for quick strikes and scouting. If the damage is done great enough, maybe they will leave behind salvage.  


Primary Objective: Priam Company must survive for six turns without all their units being destroyed or forced to withdraw.
Secondary Objective: Destroy or force 50% of the enemy forces to withdraw.  


There is a soft elevation change near one side of the field, raising it one level in height. This can not be navigated in part, only from one flat hex to another flat hex. One long mesa element is placed along one of those soft changes, blocking the top from view. There are 1d6+2 rough elements, 1d6+2 water elements, and 1d6 hill elements. (5 rough elements, 5 water elements, and 5 hill elements.) The DCMS forces enter from the low side of the battlefield, and the Defender sets up on the higher end of the battlefield.
Priam Company has chosen the intercept point where a gentle slope leads down into tidal flats, where a few pools remain and small rises make it easier to maneuver. The Draconis Combine units stick together on seeing the enemy on the rise, intending to spearhead directly into them.  


Draconis Combine Forces

  • LCT-1V (4/6)
  • PNT-9R (4/5)
  • GRF-1N (5/5)
  • SHD-2K (4/5)
  • Packrat (5/6)
  • Scimitar (4/6)

Priam Company

  • VLK-QA (Casey) (3/3; Jumping Jack, Hopper)
  • WLF-1 (Kelly) (1/3; Blood Stalker, Marksman)
  • LCT-1V ("Vandal") (3/4; Human TRO: Mechs, Lucky 1)
  • RVN-1X (Otto) (3/4; Lucky 2)
  • STG-3R (Simone) (3/4; Range Master: L)
  • Condor A (Crew 12) (4/4; Maneuvering Ace)
  • Condor B (Crew 86) (4/4; Maneuvering Ace)


Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal: When certain conditions are met, the defending units will surrender in position. These conditions are as follows:
  • If a BattleMech expends all their ammunition and has no more available weapons.
  • If a BattleMech loses one side torso location due to damage.
  • If a BattleMech sustains internal damage in two torso locations or three limb locations.
  • If a BattleMech suffers two Engine hits or one Engine hit and one Gyro hit.
  • If a BattleMech is rendered immobile or otherwise unable to escape the battlefield.
Salvage: At the end of six turns, what has not made it off the field in forced withdrawal will be left behind for salvage.  

Special Abilities

Blood Stalker: Once per scenario, this pilot may focus entirely on one target unit. They receive a -1 to hit bonus against that target, but have a +2 to hit penalty against any other target. These modifiers last until the end of the turn after the specified target has either retreated or been otherwise defeated.
Hopper: This pilot has trained hard to keep their BattleMech balanced on one leg. If the leg is destroyed, this unit may stay upright if it succeeds at a Piloting check with all applicable penalties. This unit's Movement cannot be reduced below 2MP.
Human TRO: Not all pilots focus on the task of combat, but instead on knowing the weaknesses of one class of units ('Mechs, Vehicles, etc) so they may be exploited. For the chosen class of units, this pilot adds +1 to their roll to determine Critical Hits.
Jumping Jack: This pilot is more accurate after jumping, having only a +1 modifier to the target number when attacking as opposed to the usual +3.
Lucky: Sometimes you just find luck when you least expect it. For each point of Lucky, this pilot may reroll one Gunnery or Piloting roll per scenario.
Maneuvering Ace: This pilot has practiced a lot concerning movement, and can make their units do some truly amazing stunts. This pilot can employ the "lateral shift" maneuver at +1 MP if they are a MechWarrior. They also receive a -1 bonus to rolls to prevent skidding/sideslipping.
Marksman: This pilot has trained to be able to pick out a target area on their enemies rather than merely trying to hit. If the pilot does not move, and fires only one weapon on its turn, they may make a called shot as though it has a Targeting Computer. (Consult TW, p.143)
Range Master: This pilot has trained to fire more accurately at a different range than normal. They swap their short range penalty for the designated range penalty (either medium or long range this means their short range is now less accurate but their chosen range is more accurate.

Battle Report


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"Pegasus Lance, we're expecting trouble today. Snakes have a recon force, which means mostly Lights and maybe some mediums. I only have partial data showing they have a Locust and Panther, and two fast-moving vehicles. We're going to get in their way and keep them from getting to scan the firebase directly, maybe take a few of them out. The goal here is to hold them for a while, then pull back."

Turn One

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Priam Company proceeded to the edge of the slope, getting a chance to see the approaching scouts. The Condor Tanks proceeded to move together, intending to go flank targets. The DCMS Scouts moved to their left, intending to go for some of the shallow tidal pools.  

Turn Two

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The vehicles enter engagement range, and yet fail to really capitalize on the efforts. The DCMS Locust moves to support them and the Priam Company Locust now hides behind the ridge intending to dart around and hunt vehicles. Meanwhile, the rest of Pegasus Lance begins to spread out a bit, hoping to not be caught where they can't maneuver freely since their strength is in maneuvering.  

Turn Three

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The battle begins in earnest as the Valkyrie takes the top of the ridge to snipe at the enemy Locust, while the Stinger moves to take on the Scimitar and Packrat. Those two vehicles have decided to get behind the Priam Company Locust, which had wanted to flank the Panther. The Raven swings around, holding back in case it needs to dive in and cover anyone.
Shots fly wide, mostly, except for a Condor getting a piece of the Panther's rear armor. Amusingly, the DCMS Griffin falls as it enters the tidal pool but immediately stands up.  

Turn Four

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Everything becomes chaotic as the Stinger attempts to take the enemy Locust but it darts behind the Wolfhound to open up into its back. This leaves the Raven in position to take shots at it, while the Condors proceed to swing around at fast speeds and take shots where they can. A full barrage from the Wolfhound puts the enemy Griffin in a bad place as its arm is destroyed, and it barely stays upright. The Shadow Hawk attempts to kick at the Priam Locust, but misses and lands on its back.
Meanwhile, between the Valkyrie and Condor harassing it, damage to the Panther begins to add up rapidly. The Packrat and Scimitar quickly stick to the Priam Locust, who can't move quickly enough to evade them and is savaged in the rear armor. A plan is made to swing around and see if the Raven and other Condor can clear that pursuit.  

Turn Five

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Things continue to be chaotic, as the Condor harassing the two Medium 'Mechs takes a shot into the front from the Shadow Hawk's LRMs and its hoverskirt is too damaged to continue movement. In return, however, combined fire from it and the Wolfhound force the Griffin to the ground.
The Raven and Locust meet up to try to clear the way, but the Packrat manages to land a blast of missiles into the Locust from the side and core through its center torso. The Locust, Raven, and Condor join damage on the Panther to try to cripple it, but the Raven's SRMs light up the Panther's ammunition and cause it to explode violently. While the Locust's pilot escapes his 'Mech, the Panther's pilot cannot get clear of the explosion.
The Stinger and Valkyrie are on the other side of the battlefield, hounded now by the enemy Locust and Scimitar. Luckily, the damage continues to be minimal. Heat warnings are left unheeded on the Wolfhound, as it climbs to extremely high levels.  

Turn Six

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The DCMS Medium 'Mechs withdraw to focus fire into the Wolfhound, but it remains unfazed and simply unloads its laser arsenal into the Griffin, making it crumple and the 'MechWarrior inside surrender before his ammo goes up. The Scimitar slides in behind the overheating Wolfhound and lands a series of hits which culminate in damage to the engine housing, which tips the scales and sends the Wolfhound into automatic shutdown.
The Raven turns itself around to savage the Scimitar, managing to land a hit on its motive system to force it to surrender. Together the Valkyrie and Stinger both crack the enemy Locust, forcing it to surrender as the Stinger's hands grab on intending to rip it apart.
In the end, the DCMS withdrew with half the force it had arrived with, and Pegasus Lance began recovery operations quickly.  


"Minos Command, Pegasus One. Mission successful. Send recovery crews for the wreckage. Have Lorelei Team standing by, and repair crews on hand." A glance around the field, as the DCMS Packrat sped off after retrieving the few people who had abandoned their equipment. At least they'd lost most of a lance, even if it cost Pegasus the Locust.
The comms crackled back. "Pegasus One, Minos Command. We copy. Anything more?"
"Not at this time. See you for debriefing." As the comm channel closed, she sighed and looked upwards. "And I really wanted that Panther. Damn."

Damage Report

  • STG-3G: Left Leg (4 Armor), Right Torso (3 Armor, 50% Structure)
  • WLF-1: Right Arm (2 Armor), Left Torso (4 Armor), Center Torso (6 Armor, 50% Structure), Engine (1 Hit)
  • RVN-1X: Right Arm (2 Armor)
  • VLK-QA: Left Leg (7 Armor), Left Torso (2 Armor)
  • LCT-1V: Right Arm (Destroyed), Right Leg (5 Armor), Left Torso (2 Armor, 75+% Structure), Right Torso (7 Armor, 25% Structure)
  • GRF-1N B: Left Arm (14 Armor, 75% Structure), Right Arm (Destroyed), Left Leg (5 Armor), Right Leg (18 Armor, 50% Structure), Left Torso (20 Armor, 75+% Structure), Right Torso (20 Armor, 75% Structure), Center Torso (13 Armor)
  • Condor A: Right (4 Armor), Rear (10 Armor), Motive Hit
  • Condor B: Front (3 Armor), Right (10 Armor), Motive Hit
  • Scimitar: Front (12 Armor), Left (5 Armor), Right (5 Armor), Turret (10 Armor), Motive Hit


  • RVN-1X: SRM 6 (1 ton)
  • VLK-QA: LRM 10 (1 ton)
  • GRF-1N B: LRM 10 (1 ton)
  • Scimitar: AC/5, SRM 4 (2 tons)
  • Condor A: AC/5 (1 ton)
  • Condor B: AC/5, Machine Gun (2 tons)

Parts Not In Stock

  • GRF-1N B: Structure (55t, Right Arm)
  • LCT-1V: Structure (20t, Right Arm)

Salvage Report

  • GRF-1N B: Salvaged. Sent to Repairs.
  • LCT-1V: Salvaged. Sent to Repairs.
  • Scimitar: Salvaged. Sent to Repairs.
  • LCT-1V: Destroyed. Value at 50 SP.
  • PNT-9R: Destroyed. Value at 88 SP.

Components Salvaged

  • Structure (20t; LA, LL, RL, RT, LT, H)
  • Structure (35t; LA, RA, LL, RL, RT, H)

NPC Report


  • LCT-1V (4/6): Recovered. 'MechWarrior escaped.
  • GRF-1N (5/5): Recovered. 'MechWarrior escaped.
  • Scimitar (4/6): Recovered. Vehicle Crew escaped.


  • PNT-9R (4/5): Destroyed through torso damage. 'MechWarrior escaped.


  • SHD-2K (4/5): Escaped the field.
  • Packrat (5/6): Escaped the field.


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