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Green-Crested Genial

Artwork by Athavan
This species is irony given form. I can say for certain that there is nothing jovial about these dragons when one is standing over you.   --excerpt from The Magnificence of Dragons   Green-crested Genials (or Genial for short) vary the most in color amongst dragons, and are the second largest species of dragon, reaching heights of 90 in (229cm). Variants of the species have been seen possessing every known shade of green in the spectrum. This causes them to be often confused with Short-Snouts despite being larger. Their most notable feature is their heads which all have several small horns going around, resembling a crown—hence the name.   They are the most widespread and common of the dragon species. Ironically, they were given their name because of their calm and often friendly disposition. Recent studies have found that this is not true. Genials are no friendlier than any other species. This has not stopped many from believing they are "soft" or easy-going.    
Average Height
75 in (191 cm)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Green scales,

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