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Aquarian Short-Snout

Artwork by Athavan
As seen in
Only the foolish watch the skies when looking for dragons. As the hunters told me, "they will strike from anywhere and when you least expect it. That's why you never approach the water without a gun in your hand. And never enter the mist."   --excerpt from The Magnificence of Dragons   Aquarian Short-Snouts (or Short-Snouts for short) are named for their aquatic nature and shorter snout compared to other dragon species. They are the smallest of the dragons, with sizes reaching 50 in (127 cm) in height. Short-Snouts are the only species of dragon known to prefer living near water, so they are most often found in marshes, bogs, or lakes. They are They have webbed claws and large dorsal fins on the end of their tails. They also have pectoral fins on either side of their heads to allow for easy movement underwater. Although they have fins, they do not possess gills and cannot breathe underwater. They can however hold their breath underwater for as long as 42 hours.   Short-Snouts are known by another name, Mistwalkers, for their unique combat style.   In combat with another dragon, they will spray any body of water with their fire breath, creating steam. They then use this smokescreen to ambush and subdue their opponent. How they track their opponents so easily is still a mystery. It is believed they use a form of echolocation but it has not been proven.  
Average Height
50 in (127 cm)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Sea-Green Scales

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