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The Living Tunnels

This article is going through changes and all info here is irrelevant for some time.
    The world after the Extinction can be sometimes hard to traverse.
Directions can change and known places become distorted.
Some of dominia created by the Lords can completely prevent any sort of travel through them.
  Happily, there are shortcuts.
Unhappily, they aren't the most pleasurable way of traveling.
  The living tunnels are the holes between two (usually) distant points connected with the tunnel that is similar in its structure to the intestines.
It smells bad, it looks bad, it can kill you, but sometimes it's the only way forward.


When one is getting close to the living tunnels, the environment starts to change slowly.
First, the lumps of flesh start to show up in the surrounding area.
The closer you get, the bigger stretches of flesh you will see until you see the tunnel itself.
It could be 1 meter wide or it could stretch for up to 50 meters.

Fauna & Flora

Technically, every wall of the living tunnel is fauna.
When entering the tunnel, sometimes the one who traverses it is considered an intruder.
While the intruder is still inside, the walls and the villi on them will try to crush them.
They can also start to secrete substances that are toxic to living beings.

Cave System

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