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Amusement park invitation

In the city, there is an area that seems to be impossible to access, its amusement park. Any tries to approach it end with failure as the area around it seems to be warped in such a way that instead of getting closer, one starts to make circles around it. And for some time, the park was just a landmark, something one can only look at. That was until a pass through the sewers was found that led to the amusement park (and with it the zoo, botanic park, and normal park around and between them). The explorers that got there encountered spirits and biomes not seen anywhere else. But whether it was that the spirits didn't like the intrusion inside the pass or in the area of the amusement park, whenever someone enters the pass now, it starts to fill with Leech spirits, leading to Skirmishes of Amusement park pass, making going through it way harder.   A few months after the first expedition to the Amusement park area, mysterious fliers started showing up around the city. Announcements of the opening of the park and the zoo appear on the walls near settlements, on people's doorsteps, and in their bags and pockets. They are colorful and covered with many images, some looking like normal amusement park attractions, while others look alien, weird, and bizarre.  

Mysteries of invitations

There are many things mysterious about those fliers. Who delivers them? Who is the Ringmaster and are they a Spirit, a human, or a Lord that doesn't use their title, something never encountered before. Why is every flier addressed toward the one reading it? And what are the prizes one can win?
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Dec 3, 2023 17:09 by Reanna R

Woah, how intriguing! Quite the mystery...very fascinating. I wonder if any other passages into the amusement park may be found.   Also the question of 'do you miss the childlike joy in the world that abandoned you' is too funny XD

May your worldbuilding hammer always fall true! Also, check out the world of the Skydwellers for lots of aerial adventures.