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The Rakai is a versatile creature that can adapt to any environment. It is a product of genetic engineering, with each breed optimized for its intended purpose. All Rakai have an expected lifespan of about 25 years. They are four-legged creatures with paws that end in sharp claws. Their heads are quite large and their mouths are equipped with sharp teeth. Their senses are extremely well-developed with a tremendous resolution to capture any data. Finally, they have a long, furry tail that helps them keep their balance during acrobatic maneuvers.   They are immune to many poisons and can survive in very dangerous environments. The Rakai can survive as a solitary creature, but when given the choice, will live in colonies of several hundred creatures. Such colonies are rare, however, as the food situation in the wastelands rarely allows for them. The Rakai is a domesticated species that exists in the lives of all Sophonts on the planet.   The Rakai was a carnivore, but is capable of eating virtually anything with organic nutrients. Its stomach is rich in bacteria that can break down a wide range of resources, including some that should be inedible, and make them usable.   In the wastelands, the Rakai is primarily used as a rodent hunter, while in the city-states it is more of a pet for companionship.

Skilled Hunter

One of the dangers of the Wastelands is the presence of many different types of disease, many of which are fatal. These diseases are carried by rodents of all shapes and sizes that have adapted to the harsh conditions of the Wastelands. Having a Rakai nearby ensures that these rodents are kept to a minimum, as they are very effective hunters. Since the Rakai themselves are immune to most of these diseases, they will not suffer the same fate as their Sophont owner if they are bitten or even just eat some of these rodents.

Colorful Companions

As pets, the Rakai have undergone heavy genetic engineering to become everything their owners imagine them to be. These domestic breeds have disappeared from the wastelands, but have survived in the city-states. These breeds are known for their intricate fur patterns and extremely wide range of colors.   These phenotypic marvels have no negative effect on their health or survivability. Designed as companions, engineers have ensured that a Rakai will live a long and healthy life.

Apex Predator

These are the most dangerous and largest of the Rakai breeds. They hunt large creatures, including the Sophonts. They are very rare as they are often hunted, but their high intelligence and stealth have allowed them to survive in a few corners of the world. Only well-trained and armed Sophonts will survive an encounter with this creature.
Domesticated Pet
Geographic Distribution
Expected Lifespan
25 years
30 - 300 cm
Height (Shoulders)
10 - 210 cm


Author's Notes

"Rākau Matawhero" (pronounced rah-kow mah-tah-fer-oh) - "Rākau" means tree, and "Matawhero" can be interpreted as sharp-eyed or keen-sighted, reflecting the creature's agility and hunting abilities.

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