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Whakakoha, once a thriving world of many facets, now lies barren and abandoned. The vast ocean that covers most of the world's surface is heavily polluted, and the only supercontinent that emerges from it is largely desolate. In the midst of this desolation, however, the world still has many beautiful places that stand out. Some places even teem with life, as countless species have ingeniously adapted to the unforgiving environment.   The so-called civilized inhabitants of this world are locked in a never-ending struggle for existence. They face relentless battles against the harsh environment, hostile creatures, and even their fellow people, all in search of vital resources and a place to truly call home. These societies live within the fortified confines of colossal city-states, travel in convoys that traverse the perils of the wasteland, or ingeniously eke out a living in the unforgiving wastelands themselves.  
Post Apocalyptic
Science Fantasy
Science Fiction