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Wasteland of Ohm Meta (Summer Camp 2020 prep: Challenge 1)


As a novice artist and writer, there are a myriad of reasons I can pull motivation from to continue working on the setting.
  • Fun/Expression: It may sound silly but I find thinking and coming up with stories to just be fun on its own.
  • Self Improvement: I have had a fascination with storytelling and art since I was young. Wasteland of Ohm is a way of sharpening my creative teeth.
  • Worldbuilding from perspective: I find the idea of a setting written from the perspective of a specific character within the world to be a fun idea.
  • To create a world for future stories, and creative projects: I want something I can carry with me, and connect to stories I tell in the future.


Wasteland of Ohm is post-apocalypse science fantasy, specifically the events taking place after the fall of a cyber/bio-punk "Mecha" genre setting. These genres are being chosen specifically due to my familiarity with and interest in them.


I love the idea of writing this setting on a multi-universal/galactic scale. It is unrealistic to create such a world with the time I currently have available to write and draw with. To compensate for this, I am starting very small, and for the coming future will only be focusing on a single region. My goal is to build up as time goes on.


It is a massive departure from what people would expect from its genre, and despite the fact that the setting is supposed to be taken with seriousness, it is a "Noble Bright" setting. The places are supposed to invoke wonder in the reader, and the events should give a sense of adventure. The bright tone of the writing and art is intended to contrast with the darker events of the setting and make them seem all the darker. This is intended to support the themes of the setting.


Like any good setting, Wasteland of Ohm will have several major themes that remain in every story told in the setting, however, each story may have themes added to this small list.
  • Hardship is how we grow.
  • Nature is powerful, deadly, beautiful, and necessary.
  • Knowing the past is critical for society to grow.
  • Technology and science are the future.
  • The world doesn't care about us, so we have to care for each other.


The primary conflict in the setting currently is the various factions slowly expanding over the planet of Minerva, fighting against each other and nature itself. All the while, a young woman seeks answers to understand the world she has been born into - and the secrets that lie buried in the ancient mud and stone.


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