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Solier Empelle

The Golden Empire

Upon my Rule I shall take up my father's legacy and unite all Wesser people as one people. The Kenji have shown we can be more than animals, families, tribes, yet a Nation with roads and structure. To ensure the will of the people for every new province added to the glorious Solier Empelle another member to the First Senate will be made, not to the new province alone, No! To the old as well making for this is my first act as the new Empellor!
-2nd Empellor of the Solier Empelle, Liendeus Solmins   An empire forged through war and envisioned by philosophy. Much of their design and culture comes from the inspirations of the Kenji people and the Iggmo Septs. The grand experiment of Homin complex civilization shown in all it's gold and pride. The capital resides within the Tuly peninsula, yet operates seperate from the Tuly province. The empelle was divided into several provinces, each responsible for training and sustaining one of the legions of the Empelle.


The 9 provinces governed by the city of Sol;
  • Venia
  • Jupa
  • Merca
  • Sata
  • Nept
  • Uran
  • Tuly
  • Plu
  • Mar


The Empire is divided among 9 provenience. Each govern by a Grand Governor who at first was chosen by the 2nd and 4th Empellor on his conquest of the Wesser culture. New Grand Governors are chosen through means local to individual provinces alone. Each Governor acts independent on choosing the 9 members to voice their province in senate. For every Province added to the Empire another member from each province is added so proclaimed by the 2nd Empellor upon his first campaign. The Senate may outvote the Empellor's acts or laws, yet only as a majority standing. When not at war the Legions of the Empire act as government aid, building roads and structures alike. Often to make the legions on the side of the Empire or Provinces their Generals are chosen to seat as the voice of provinces in Senate. If the Empellor does not act upon a law or decision it remains to the Senate to conduct the Empire, yet if a member of senate is out of touch with the Empire's prosperity the Empellor may place them on trial under the authority of the Church court. To keep law in the Empire and to ensure the law is not hindered by the desires of the senate or Empellor trials and conducted by the Church of Igron within the Church Court. These courts manage the proccess of law upon any settlement a church is built.

Public Agenda

Longevity of Empire


Crop yield, Fish, Iron, pearls, clams, crab, dyes, cloth


A people of the Wesser race who were raided by their local neighboring tribes frequently. Through continues wars among their own the Sol tribe had one advantage that grew over time. the trade between them and the Kenji from the Iggmo Septs. Most of the Wesser tribes were against any contact with the strange fish people of Kenji, yet it was the Solien's that accepted them as traders and friends. Folk tales tell of a Merchant Kenji who saved a child from the rushing waters upon their coastline. Myth or not the Kenji were seen as a sign of good luck when arriving upon their shores. Over time the Kenji being a more civilized people of philosophers and complex myths embedded seeds of ambition into the Sol Tribe.   Upon raiding one of their local neighbors the Chieftain attempted a new method of interaction with his lesser neighbor. Instead of taking their supplies in large the Chieftain took little and instruct some of his men to stay in the tribe. Either losing their supplies or complying the lesser tribe agreed to take them in. Their elder was to send a speaker of their tribe to Sol and the lesser tribe was demanded to simply provide a small tribute upon every day after a full moon to Sol. Over time all their greatest warriors were also align with Sol's fighters and thus the beginnings of Sol's dominion over the Tuly peninsula began.   Tribe after tribe, using a similar form of assimilation the chieftain merged the tribes into one people known as the Empelle. From the word Empire deprived from the Kenji merchants' words, the Empelle began to take in some Kenji merchants as advisor's and the Chieftain of Sol was given the title Empellor. His simple ambition to unite the Tuly peninsula and make all Wesser who reside there rich with cooperation succeeded more than any expected. Forming a coheirent written language off the Kenji people's own, Kenjuit the Wessers of Tuly were the envy of Wesser tribes beyond. upon the first Empellor's death, the Kenji advisory's and the elders of the member tribes to the Empelle formed a council called the First Senate. Adopting much of the Iggmo governing practices the First Senate would advise the heir and next Empellor, son of the first, on his quest to bring more prosperity to the Empelle. With the First Senate, Kenji Advisers, and the Empellor the Empelle was proclaimed as the Solier Empelle by name for the first time. He would continue with his fathers work on united all Wesser tribes making one great Empire from the Hoboltin Platue to the Savanna's of Igolt.

Gold and Glory to Sol


Majority being Homin and a large minority of Kenji can be found throughout the cities within the Empire. The lesser minorities of Hobble and Droog mostly acting as slave labor, yet some Droog live free as they are a people seen as free thinking and not as much animals as the Hobble.

Races of Homin

With nearly 80% of the coastal region being Homin nearly all are native people of Wess, known as Wesser as the dominate term of native Homin inhabitants. Within the Wesser cultures the native people are split up into sub categories of Wesser native to the regions they reside such as Solien, Aurner, and other names original to the tribes that once ruled over the regions.

Races of Kenji

Kenji not truly native to the land and first simply being merchants who traded or reached out to the Homins the Kenji mostly comprised of Pures. Some Dhal's live among them and over the several hundred years of the Empire reigns a large amount of Pures that identify as simply natives of the Empire known as Wesskin. A title first used to insult Kenji settling in the empire, yet over time was seen as the proud name of those loyal to the Empire.
Founding Date
Solier Empelle formed by the Solien Wessers on the Tuly peninsula between year 1500 - 1600 on the Jut calendar.
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Sol Empire, Solier, The Empire, Wess Nation, Civilized
Civil Stage
Controlled Territories

Religious Alliance

The Solier Empelle is more align with the Church of Igron than the Iggmo Septs' themselves. The Church of Igron governs heavily the Iggmo Septs and in return act as a ally to the Solier Empelle.

Iggmo Vassal

Being a vassal of Iggmo thus makes Bessc open to common treaties Solier Empelle and Iggmo Share.

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