Cliffside Ruin

Deep within the rainforest Beast Lands, at the edge of a cliff, lies a former Ork settlement of unknown age. It was encountered during an exploration 57 years ago, when a scout noticed a reflection coming from the forests on top of the cliff. The explorers managed to climb the cliffside, giving them easy access to the fortified settlement.   While initial analysis did not reveal much detail into the original builders of the ruin, later discovery of Orks let us realise. Our understanding of the ruins has deepened in the years since, thanks to multiple lengthy explorations. Furthermore, analysing the ruin has taught us how to better our defenses against rainforest Beasts.  


To improve our knowledge of the rainforest, Wayfarers have been sent to explore many times in the past. Large explorations were sent out to find suitable locations for longer observations. While the rainforest still cannot even be considered part of the Frontier, nevermind civilisation, the exploratory camps do serve as useful waypoints.   During one exploration, scouts climbed a patch of large trees to oversee the nearby terrain. Noticing the cliffside, as well as seeming traces of a river near it, the scouts studied the cliffside in detail to verify if any winged animals were nested there. It was then that the reflection was noticed. The commander of the exploration, more foolish than brave, chose further investigation.   After a lengthy journey, the explorers reached and climbed the cliffside. This was easier than expected, due to the lack of Beasts in and around the cliff. Discovering Haervy on top, the exploration members took nine days to fully clear the ruin and make sure no threats were present. They stayed for another 62 days before withdrawing.  

Suspected History

While some carvings were found in Haervy, translation attempts failed until several Ork Wanderers chose to assist an exploration there. They told us the name of the settlement, as well as its meaning (Worthy of Battle). While they did not speak of their own theories, as all Orks tend to do, their translations did help us figure out a suspected history.   Haervy seems to have been settled roughly three centuries ago, lasting 35 years before being abandoned. Its location chosen to be easily defended, the settlement heavily depended on its wells. Unfortunately, an underground river changed course and the wells ran dry, leading to the settlement's abandonment.   Careful investigation of the underground river revealed old traces of Mole Beasts, whose tunnels pierced the river and changed its course. Some skeletons were discovered, crushed by the sudden influx of water. The Beasts died a miserable death, after having caused the imminent demise of the settlement.


Former Population Estimate: ~900
Primary Race: Ork


Slope Plateau
Elevation: 403 meters above sea level

Water Features

Underground River
  • Depth: 37 meters
  • Navigable: No


Tropical Rain Forest
Avg. Annual Temperature: 27C
Avg. Annual Precipitation: 3.83 m
Seasons: Dry Season & Wet Season
Prevailing Winds: Northeast to Southwest


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