In Threads: Issue 004


The Mountain with Eyes
by Amy Winters-Voss
Life Lessons
by George Sanders
(On The Way) To Bunker 421
by LexiCon (WordiGirl)
Trinket Fairy
by DesdemonaRose
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    From the Editor

    Welcome to the second edition of In Threads! VssCollab challenge is in its 5th month and going strong. I am so grateful to each of you who participate and share your story snippets. It's a privilege to help you share your works with the world! Keep creating your stories and let your light shine!
    Where do stories begin? With an idea, a snippet, a picture. After that an author nurtures it into something that stands on its own–a story.
    How did the challenge start? A group of four friends took up the challenge of writing VSSes daily for a month and shared a Twitter poll to see whose story was best. vssCollab was born out of the desire to be able to include more authors, put less stress on ourselves if we had to miss a day, and to share participants’ work.

    About In Threads & VSS

    In Threads is a free zine of submitted entries from the vssCollab challenges. VSS stands for Very Short Story and is a Twitter length (280 characters or fewer) story snippet using daily prompt words. For vssCollab, we combine these original snippets into longer stories in Twitter threads. Thus the name of our zine. We also read the stories aloud in a special Twitch stream.
    The authors that submit to In Threads help promote and encourage each other. It’s more than a challenge. It’s a community where we lift each other up.

    Join Us!

    Would you like to join the challenge and our blossoming writing community?
    Each month, we write Twitter length story snippets using daily prompts and combine these snippets into longer stories. We have an active and supportive group and have gained attention in the wider VSS community.

    We award badge prizes for those who use every prompt for the month.

    Challengers may take part in the quarterly editing sessions, submit their best stories to In Threads issues, and participate in the read aloud Twitch streams that happen with each In Threads issue release.

    The community lifts each other up as we grow together.
    To learn more or read other issues of in threads:
    Visit: vssCollab


    Copyright of the stories in this issue belongs to the authors. In Threads makes no claim to the rights of the story contents. This zine also received author permission to publish each entry and gives full credits the authors. Please contact the authors, if you wish to learn about using their content.
    The remainder of this zine’s content and design is © Amy Winters-Voss 2022, unless otherwise specified.


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