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Otosan Uchi

Otosan Uchi, literally "The Father's Home," is the ancient capital of Rokugan.  Named for the first Hantei, Emperor and Father of Rokugan, the city is also called the Sprawling Giant.


Otosan Uchi is the seat of Imperial power.  In the rest of the Empire, the edicts of the Emperor are interpreted by daimyo, governors, and headmen.  Here, the Hantei's word is law.  While currently, the Imperial Regent Kakita Yoshi is filling in for the young prince till he comes of age, this fact still rules true.
    In a more specific sense, the city is divided into numerous districts.  Surrounding the Forbidden City and Imperial Palace are the four districts of the Ekohikei.  Separated from the Ekohikei by the Miwaku Kabe is the Toshisoto, comprised of eleven ever changing districts.  Each of these districts is in many ways an independent government.  In the Toshisoto, governors report to officials of the Imperial Families and deal with other district governments as much or as little as they please.
    Things are much more tightly monitored and controlled in the Ekohikei.  Governors here are handpicked by the Emperor, and the Otomo family keeps a close eye on the goings on of the inner districts.  Additionally, the Ekohikei is home to the Sentaku Tribunal, a council of eight representatives from the Great Clans.  The Tribunal's primary duty is controlling access to the Forbidden City, such as to maintain the propriety of the grounds and not to burden the Emperor and the Imperial Court with constant guests.
    Law enforcement is handled within the city by Imperial Magistrates, some assigned to particular districts and others given grander authority to roam the city with broad jurisdiction.  They oversee yoriki throughout the city, and report either to their governor if they are stationary or to the gokenin who oversees them if they are a roaming magistrate.

The Imperial Capital

Founding Date
23 IC
Alternative Name(s)
The Sprawling Giant
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Characters in Location
Toshisoto Districts
The Hayasu District
The Hidari District
The Higashikawa District
The Hinjaku District
The Hojize District
The Juramashi District
The Kosuga District
The Meiyoko District
The Ochiyo District
The Toyotomi District
The Tsai District
Ekohikei Districts
The Kanjo District
The Chisei District
The Hito District
The Karada District

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