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Prince of Porteria's Marriage

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Celebrity announcement for a noble wedding


Much of the vnou nobility broadcast their lives like reality tv stars and/or celebrities. This means a lot of what they do in the public eye does have real world importance, but it is often buried in the glitz, glamor, and propaganda of the event. Weddings are one of the major things the nobility use as a way to include the common vnou, as a way to pretend at transparency. They play up the idea that they’re all just old money, involved in nothing more than their celebrity lives.  

Public Involvement

For major actors in the nobility’s families, they make a big deal out of events that might have a shift in power. One such event was the Prince of Porteria’s wedding. Though the Prince is not directly related to Sid'Thovaych, he is a member of their Fa. Thus, his marriage was arranged by the family behind the scenes and then it became a public spectacle when it was finally announced - when the Prince proposed at an open social event. A parade followed by an open party at the Prince’s grounds led up to the grand wedding and became a source of gossip for weeks. Common vnou all speculated on the nature of his bride – they wanted to know where she came from, who she was, and what she would be like as the new Princess of Porteria. Though it was a position that held no real political power – it’s almost all behind the Prince – the Princess has always been a public figure-head and face the people of Porteria connect to. The Princess, an unknown face before then, became a celebrity almost overnight.

Behind the Scenes

There are a lot of moving parts and vnou behind noble public events. Almost every one will either have a Sid'Vyouz planner or propaganda overseer, to ensure that anything that is printed, televised, or put on the internet is consistent with the narrative they want to present. From there, it’s a cadre of vnou associated with the nobility – likely Fa or adjacent – that supervise the specific planning of the parade, the party at the Prince’s grounds, and the televised wedding. All of this is a show. None of this means anything to the nobility except for the show that it is – a way to distract the public with a spectacle, to make them feel included in their Prince’s life, and involved in the happenings of the upper class.  

The nobility hold their own gathering before, during, and after the paperwork is filed out and filed. It tends to be a serious, formal affair – depending on the families involved – and not a spectacle. Marriage in the noble families is quite serious, especially one that is made public. The vnou that become actors for the nobility then lead double lives – one where they act for the public and then the inverse, where they are told what to do and what is expected by their families.  

Porteria in Specific

As a nation controlled thoroughly by Sid'Thovaych, the royal affairs are always a big deal. The Prince is one of the most popular vnou in the country - well loved and respected for his apparent concern for his peoples. The Prince is half of their governing body, having denounced any monarchy title above the current in favor for a representative Parliment. This tradition and supposed deference to the Parliment, and thus the will of the people, has made the royalty of Porteria very popular. The Princess has thus taken on an unofficial place as ambassador to the public. She appears in social functions, accessible to the populace, and is meant to be another way for the people of Porteria to connect with their royalty. This makes the wedding not only incredibly important, but extremely popular. An event that the people of Porteria expect to be open to the public.

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